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Get ready to turn your kids' party into an adventure with this super-cool Mermaid Escape Room! There are 12 fun puzzles that lead to discovering a secret code. Sounds like a blast, right?

Perfect for the little detectives in your family aged 8 to 13, this printable game is a surefire way to add excitement to any party. It is the ideal choice for a birthday party, a pajama party, or just an ordinary day turned extraordinary.

Setting it up is a piece of cake! No need for any fancy props or scratching your head over complicated instructions. Whether your kids want to tackle the challenges solo or team up with their buddies, this game is a fantastic pick for a birthday party, classroom fun, youth group activities, or even as a cool team-building adventure.

Everything you need to whisk them away on an exciting quest is right in your hands, all from the cozy comforts of home. So, why wait to sprinkle some extra fun into their day? Download this escape room game now and watch the fun begin.

If you want an at home escape room that provides all the fun without the hassle of prep work, you've hit the jackpot with our escape room game! No scissors, tape, or origami skills required – just pure, no prep fun ready to print and play.

EASY to set up, No PREP required, NO PROPS required, and NO LOCKS needed! Just print and play!


  • PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
  • 12 puzzle challenges
  • Answer Recording sheet (print one for each player or group)
  • Set up instructions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Hint cards (these are hints you can give players if they need a little extra help to solve the puzzle)

Gameplay: Estimated 40-60 minutes
Ages: 8 - 13
Number of players: As many as you want!
Basic math skills required.

A mysterious water-soaked letter appears at your doorstep one stormy night. As you unfold it, you see it's signed by none other than Queen Marina of the Mermaid Kingdom! She writes with urgent news: the Magic Pearls, which sustain the magic of her kingdom, have been taken and are now locked away in a hidden chest. This chest is sealed with a secret code, and the pearls cannot be retrieved without it.


How long will this escape room take to finish?
For kids aged 8 - 13, we estimate this will take around 40-60 minutes to complete. This timing does depend on a few things such as the kid's experience with puzzles, their decoding skills and group size.

How many people can play?
As these puzzles can be completed in any order, you can play this game with as many people as you choose. We have found that kids working alone or in small groups of 2-3 people works best. Each person or group will need one answer sheet.

Does it take long to set up this Escape Room Game?
This game is super easy to set up as it has no complicated steps, just print the pages and you are ready to play! You do not need to have any other special equipment such as envelopes or locks.

If you want to make the fun last longer, you can hide each puzzle sheet around the house for the kids to find. Turn this into a fun scavenger hunt escape room by leaving additional clues to solve which will lead to each puzzle. Or simple place the puzzles in fun hiding spots such as in a drawer, behind the TV, under the table.

Do I need to provide locks, envelopes or any other special equipment?
You will just need to provide players with a pen to write their answers and nothing else! This makes our Birthday Escape room the perfect last minute party activity. All you need to do is print and you are ready to play. We have included the answers and hint cards so it could not be easier!

What happens if they can not solve the puzzle?
If the kids get stuck on one of the puzzles, try not to rush in. Let them try to work it out by themselves first. These puzzles are designed to make them think, and this is part of the fun. If you do have someone really struggling, you can show them the hint card for that puzzle. Usually this is all they need to guide them through the puzzle.

You can also set a rule at the beginning of the game that each person or team can only ask for a certain number of hints during the game. This way, they will spend more time trying to work out each puzzle. We would suggest allowing 3 clues per person/team.

How do you Start the Escape Room?
This is really up to you. The puzzles do not have to be completed in any particular order. You can either leave the puzzles on a table to be completed at random or you can choose to hide them around the house.

How to check the answers?
When all of the puzzles have been completed, each player/team will have a final 4 digit code. They can check their code with you to see if it is correct. If not, you can either tell them which number or puzzle is incorrect or just send them off to try to solve it themselves.

Although not necessary, you can also provide your own 4 digit lock that perhaps locks a box containing some candy or party treats. Pre-set this lock with the correct 4 digit code. Players can then try their answer on the lock to see if it opens to reveal the 'treasure'

What age is this game for?
We recommend ages 8-14 for this game. However older kids will still enjoy the challenge.

What size area do I need to play this Escape Room?
You can play this game using just the kitchen table or you can hide the puzzles throughout your house. It is entirely up to you!

What do I have to print?
You will need to print just 1 copy of each puzzle. This is not to be written on and will be used by everyone playing the game.
Each person or team will then need 1 copy of the recording sheet. This will be used to write their answers for each puzzle.


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