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Why not use these Valentines Treasure Hunt Clues to send yourย teen one on a trail to find their gorgeous Valentine's Day Gift

These Valentines Scavenger Hunt riddles can be printed out and cut up then place inside the house in all the secret places.

Watch as your kids, tweens, pre-teens and teenagers work them out and solve the riddle, these are a loads of fun. Each clue contains a puzzle/riddle that must be solved to work out the location of the next clue.

Perfect for pre-teens, teenagers or older kids to make their Valentine's Day loads of fun.

Use individually for your child or play at a Valentines party in teams to solve the riddles and find prizes.

Download and print off these 12 Tricky but fun Valentines Treasure Hunt clues: Cut out the clues and place them in the places supplied on answer sheet.

Teens will love to try and solve the clues to find the next one.

We have supplied the answers so you can easily place the gifts or surprises around the house.

What a great idea to for kids, tweens and teen to have a little fun.

The 12 clues come as a PDF, then you can print them off.

They come in US letter size 8.5" x 11" Answers / suggested hiding places supplied


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