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Happy Holidays ❄🎅

Find the candy canes all around the house with this wonderful Candy Cane Treasure Hunt.

Kids will shriek with delight as they try to find the candy canes hidden in secret places around the house, they will need to follow the clues and locate the candy canes.

We have supplied a sheet of 9 candy canes you can print off as many copies as you like, cut them out and use instead of real candy canes if you prefer.

Having a scavenger/treasure hunt around the holidays can fill in some time, you can also hide gifts with the candy canes or do a treasure hunt the night before Christmas to get the kids even more excited that Santa is coming, so many great ideas you can use this Candy Cane Christmas Treasure Hunt for.

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas🎅🦌🎄

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17 pre written clues, 4 blank cards to write your own clues, answer sheet and a sheet of 9 candy canes you can print off as props
8.5 x 11" US Letter size pdf - 5 pages 



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