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QR Code Hunt - Easter Treasure/Scavenger Hunt for Teens and Kids 

Welcome to the ultimate Easter adventure! Get ready for a treasure hunt like no other with our QR Code Easter Treasure Hunt printable game!

It’s not just any hunt – it’s high-tech, super fun and will have your kids and teens buzzing with excitement! Imagine them running around on Easter morning, eager to crack the codes and discover their hidden treasures.

Here’s how it works:
Simply set up the hunt by placing the Easter Eggs (with QR codes) in different locations inside your home. Each QR code holds a clue leading to the next spot! It's like a digital map guiding them to their Easter surprises.

Let the kids go on this fun Easter Egg treasure hunt, scanning QR codes and cracking each clue.

Who will be the first to reach the end? With our QR Code Easter Treasure Hunt, the race is on! A short congratulation video waits them at the end.

Don't miss out on the Easter excitement – grab your printable game now and make this holiday one to remember!

This hunt is very quick to set up, you can have it done in minutes which makes it perfect for a last minute Easter Egg hunt. Full instructions are supplied but you will basically print and cut out the Easter eggs and hide them in the suggested hiding places!

  •  20 Colored Easter Eggs with QR code printed on (you will need to print these eggs, cut them out and hide in the suggested hiding places)
  • 20 Treasure Hunt Clues - these are hosted online so you do not print these out. Your child will access each clue by scanning the QR codes.
  • Answer sheet - this contains the correct answer for each treasure hunt clue
  • Instructions Sheet - this has some more information to help you set up this Easter Scavenger Hunt
  • Set Up Sheet - this will tell you which place to hide each clue
  • Short letter to give to your child to start the Easter Egg hunt
  • Short Congratulations letter to leave at the end of the hunt

Hiding places are

  • CLUE 1 - Bookshelf
  • CLUE 2 - Near TV
  • CLUE 3 - Sock Drawer
  • CLUE 4 - Freezer
  • CLUE 5 - In a cup
  • CLUE 6 - Laundry
  • CLUE 7 - Front Door
  • CLUE 8 - Bed / pillow
  • CLUE 9 - Night light / lamp
  • CLUE 10 - Bath / shower
  • CLUE 11 - Mirror

  • CLUE 12 - Washing machine / laundry basket
  • CLUE 13 - Pot
  • CLUE 14 - Closet
  • CLUE 15 - Toothbrush
  • CLUE 16 - Teaspoon
  • CLUE 17 - Table
  • CLUE 18 - Lounge suite / chair
  • CLUE 19 - Pen
  • CLUE 20 - Hairbrush

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