Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for many teens. They’re a chance to stay up late, eat junk food, and gossip with friends. But what if you want to do more than just the same old sleepover activities?

If you’re looking for some new and exciting ideas to make your next sleepover the best one yet, look no further! Here are some great ideas to get you started.

teen sleepover ideas


Have a Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is the perfect activity for a group of friends who love to watch movies. Pick out a few of your favorites in advance and have them ready to go for when everyone arrives. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Have a DIY Spa Night

Pamper yourself and your friends with a DIY spa night! Set up stations for facials, mani-pedis, and massages. You can even make your own sugar scrubs using ingredients from your kitchen.

Teen Spa Night

Do a Scavenger Hunt

For something a little more active, try organizing a scavenger hunt. You can do this inside or outside, depending on where you live and what time of year it is. Hide clues around your house or neighborhood and see who can find them all first.

Play Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is always a classic sleepover game. But if you want to mix things up, try playing with a twist. For example, you could play “Never Have I Ever” or make up your own rules for the game.

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Set up an Indoor Campsite

If you can’t go camping, bring the campground to you! Set up a tent in your living room and sleeping bags for everyone to use. Make s’mores in the microwave and tell scary stories around a flashlight.

Have a Games Night

A games night is a great way to bond with your friends and have some laughs. You can play classic board games, printable games, video games, or even make up your own rules for party games like charades or Twister.

Give Each Other Makeovers

A sleepover is the perfect time to experiment with new styles. Give each other makeovers and try out different hairstyles, makeup looks, and outfits. You can even take photos or videos of your new looks to remember them by.

Pancakes and Pajamas Party

What could be better than pancakes and pajamas? Have a pancake breakfast for dinner and spend the night in your comfiest jammies. You can even have a pajama fashion show or make your own pair of custom PJs.

Do a Tik Tok Challenge

If you and your friends are obsessed with TikTok, spend the night doing challenges together. You can even film your own videos.

Have a Pillow Fight

One of the best things about sleepovers is that there are no rules. You can do whatever you want! So if you and your friends are feeling spontaneous, have a pillow fight. It’s sure to be a night you’ll never forget.

Pillow fight

Have a Baking or Decoration Competition

Get competitive with your friends by seeing who can bake or decorate the best treat. You could make cupcakes, cookies, or even gingerbread houses. The possibilities are endless!

Have an Unplugged Night

In today’s world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in technology. But sometimes it’s nice to disconnect and just enjoy each other’s company. So, for one night, put away your phones and laptops and have an old-fashioned sleepover. Play board games, tell stories, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Food to Serve at a Sleepover

Yummy food is a must for any sleepover. Things like chips and dip, hamburgers and hot dogs and macaroni and cheese are generally popular options.

Popcorn Bar

You are probably going to end up watching movies during your sleepover, so why not have a popcorn bar? Set out a variety of toppings and let everyone customize their own bowl of popcorn.


Pizza is always a good idea, especially when you’re feeding a group of people. You can order delivery or make your own pizzas from scratch. Either way, everyone will be happy.

teens having pizza at sleepover

Fruit Platter

A fruit platter is a healthier option that will still be popular with your guests. Cut up some of your favorite fruits and arrange them on a platter. Add some dipping sauces if you want to get fancy.

Vegetable Tray

If you’re looking for something a little more savory, try a vegetable tray. Arrange some of your favorite veggies on a platter with some dip. Your guests will appreciate the healthy option.

Ice Cream Sundaes

For a sweet treat, make ice cream sundaes. Set out a variety of toppings and let everyone build their own sundae. Don’t forget the whipped cream and cherries!

Hot Chocolate Bar

If you’re having a sleepover in the winter, a hot chocolate bar is a must. Set out a variety of toppings and let everyone make their own hot chocolate.

hot chocolate bar

What to Pack for a Sleepover

When you’re packing for a sleepover, there are a few essentials you’ll need to bring. First, be sure to pack a set of comfortable pajamas. You’ll want to be able to relax and get a good night’s sleep, so make sure your pajamas are soft and cozy.

Secondly, don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste! You’ll want to make sure your teeth are clean and sparkling before you go to bed. Finally, don’t forget to pack a few snacks.

Fuel up for the night with some of your favorite snacks so you can have energy for all the fun ahead! With these essential items packed, you’ll be ready for an amazing sleepover.

Sleepover Party Favors

Party favors are a fun way to thank your guests for coming to your sleepover. Here are some fun ideas.


One of the best things about sleepovers is getting to wear your pajamas all night. So, why not give your guests a pair of their own to wear for the night and take home? You can find cheap pajamas online or at your local store.

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Eye masks

Eye masks are great for helping you sleep, especially if you’re trying to sleep in a new place. They also make great party favors. You can find them at your local store or online.

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Slippers or socks

Slippers or socks are always a nice gift, especially in the winter. They are cost effective and there are many cute options to choose


Keychains are a useful and thoughtful party favor. Make them more fun by personalizing them with the guests’ names or initials.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a great time with your friends! Sleepovers are all about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Sleepovers are a great way to spend time with friends and have some fun without having to go anywhere. With these ideas, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time at your next sleepover!