Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Game Ideas: Fun Family Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and fun. This year, why not add some excitement to your Thanksgiving celebration with some Minute to Win It games? These games are perfect for all ages and can be played with just a few simple supplies. Whether you're playing with friends or family, these Minute to Win It games are sure to add some extra fun to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Thanksgiving family dinner

What are minute to win it games?

Minute to win it games are perfect for when you need a quick and easy way to entertain a group of people. The premise is simple: each game has to be completed in under a minute, using only the materials provided. This can range from moving objects around using only your face, to stacking apples to make a tower. Minute to win it games are perfect for all ages and skill levels, and they will keep everyone entertained for hours! So next time you need a bit of light-hearted fun, remember that minute to win it games might just be the perfect solution.

Here are some fun Thanksgiving Minute to Win It game ideas:

Shoot the Turkey

Decorate some plastic cups with turkey stickers and stack the cups into a pyramid shape at the end of the table. Players must try to knock the cups off the table by shooting rubber bands at the cups. Whoever can knock the most cups off the table in under 60 seconds wins.

Shoot rubber bandsCandy Corn Hunt

The aim of this game is to find all 6 candy corn in under one minute. Sounds easy? Well the candy corn is hidden on a plate under a mountain of whipped cream, and to find the candy you can not use your hands! This game is going to get messy!

Candy corn game

Blow the Feather

Players must try to get their feather from one side of the room to the other. They are not allowed to touch the feather but must blow it to the finish line. If you can do that in under 60 seconds you get a point.

Flying Turkey

Draw a turkey face onto some orange or brown balloons. Each player must now try to keep 3 balloons in the air for one minute. The balloons are not allowed to touch the ground or walls but you can use your hands and body to keep the balloons afloat.

Thanksgiving Decoration BalloonThanksgiving Decoration BalloonThanksgiving Decoration BalloonThanksgiving Balloon GarlandThanksgiving Balloon GarlandThanksgiving Balloon GarlandThanksgiving Turkey BalloonThanksgiving Turkey BalloonThanksgiving Turkey Balloon



Try to build an apple stack by stacking 5 apples on top of each other. Your apple tower must remain standing unaided for at least 3 seconds. 

Stack of apples

Shake the acorns

This game is played similar to Junk in the Trunk. Place 6 acorns into an empty tissue box and secure the box onto a belt or ribbon. Tie this around the players waist and they must shake and shimmy to try to get as many acorns to drop out of the tissue box as they can in just one minute

Cranberry Bounce

Did you know that fresh cranberries will bounce like a rubber ball? In this game players must try to bounce a cranberry into a cup. The cranberry must first bounce on the table then land in the nominated cup. The person or team who gets the most cranberries into the cup in one minute will win.

Candy Scoop

Holding a spoon in their mouth, players must transfer as many pieces of candy corn as they can from one bowl to another in under one minute. They will scoop out the candy corn then walk across the room and tip the candy corn into the other bowl being careful not to drop any.

Brach's Candy CornBrach's Candy CornBrach's Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornJelly Belly Candy Corn


Candy Straw

Using a straw players must suck up a piece of candy corn and then transfer it to another plate They can not touch the candy corn with their hands at any point during the game and can only use the straw. Whoever moves the most amount of candy in one minute will win.

Chopstick candy

This game is similar to Candy Straw, but this time players use chopsticks to pick up one piece of candy corn at at time and transfer it to another plate. This is harder than it sounds!

Turkey Bowling

Looking for a fun and festive way to get everyone in the holiday spirit? Look no further than Turkey Bowling! This quirky game is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Simply gather some plastic cups and a foam ball, stack the cups up into a pyramid, and take turns rolling the ball to knock them down.

Get creative with your decorations and make the cups look like turkeys for an extra fun touch. This is the perfect activity for a family gathering or Thanksgiving part.

Thanksgiving Party CupsThanksgiving Party CupsThanksgiving Party Cups


Football Toss

For this game you can use mini plastic footballs or just scrunched up some paper into a ball. Players line up at one end of the room and place an empty bucket in the middle of the room. Players will face the wall and turn their backs to the bucket. The aim of the game is to toss your football over your shoulder and have it land in the bucket. Players can have as many turns as they want to in sixty seconds. Whoever gets the most footballs in the bucket will win. 

Mini Football BallMini Football BallMini Football BallMini Foam Sports BallsMini Foam Sports BallsMini Foam Sports Balls


Bobbing for Apples

Get ready for some wet and wild fun with the classic party game of bobbing for apples! Fill up a tub with crisp, juicy apples and fill it with water until they start to float. Then, the challenge is on, as players attempt to grab as many apples as they can in just one minute, using only their mouths. It's a competition that requires skill, speed, and a willingness to get a little bit messy.

So let the games begin and see who will come out on top as the ultimate apple bobbing champion!

Pie Eating Contest

No Thanksgiving-themed Minute to Win It would be complete without a "Pie Eating Contest." Put your competitive eaters to the test and see who can devour a slice of pie the fastest time.

Thanksgiving Pie

Printable Thanksgiving Games 

These Thanksgiving printable minute to win it games are the perfect way to keep your family entertained. They're festive, challenging, and a whole lot of fun. Print out these printable game cards and get ready to have some Thanksgiving fun!

These are just a few ideas for Thanksgiving Minute to Win It games, but there are endless possibilities that the whole family will enjoy.

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