Things to do in Nashville with Teens

Things to do in Nashville with Teens

Nashville is a great city for music lovers of all ages, but it especially appeals to teenagers. There are plenty of things to do, whether you're into music, sports, or just hanging out with friends. The city is home to a variety of music venues, from country bars to jazz clubs, and there's always something going on.

Sports fans can check out a Nashville Predators game or catch a minor league baseball game. There are also plenty of parks and outdoor activities to enjoy. And if you're looking for something a little bit different, there are plenty of unique shops and restaurants to explore.

No matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something to do in Nashville. So come on down and see what all the fuss is about! With so many things to see and do, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Here are some fun things to do in Nashville with teenagers.

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Nashville Attractions For Teens To Explore

Take a Tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-see for any country music fan. The museum chronicles the history of country music, from its roots in the Appalachian Mountains to its current status as a global phenomenon.

There are interactive displays that allow visitors to experience the music for themselves and also houses records, photographs, and other artifacts that document the evolution of country music.

A visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a truly unique experience that any fan of country music will enjoy.

Visit the Johnny Cash Museum

Situated in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Johnny Cash Museum is a must-see for any Cash fan. The museum tells the story of Cash's life and career, from his humble beginnings in Dyess, Arkansas, to his meteoric rise to stardom.

Visitors can see Cash's stage costumes, musical instruments, and personal belongings, as well as interactive exhibits that bring his songs to life. The museum also houses a café and gift shop, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon immersed in the world of one of America's greatest musicians.

Ride the Hop on Hop off Bus

The Hop on Hop Off Bus is a great way to see all that Nashville has to offer. The bus takes you to all of the major sights and attractions, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum, and many more.

You can hop on and off the bus as often as you like, making it the perfect way to sightsee at your own pace. The bus also has a guide who will provide commentary about the city and its history, making it a great way to learn more about Nashville.

Go on a Backstage Tour of the Grand Ole Opry

This is fun for teens who are interested in country music or who just want to see what goes on behind the scenes of one of America's most iconic radio shows.

The backstage tour gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the Grand Ole Opry House and allows them to see where the magic happens. The tour includes a visit to the dressing rooms, the control room, and the stage itself.

Visitors will also learn about the history of the Grand Ole Opry and get a chance to see some of the most famous props and memorabilia from the show's long history.

Explore the Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is a historic music venue in Nashville that was once home to the Grand Ole Opry.
The Ryman Auditorium is a historic music venue in Nashville that was once home to the Grand Ole Opry. Today, the Ryman Auditorium is a popular tourist destination and hosts a variety of musical acts throughout the year.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the auditorium and see where some of music's most iconic performers have graced the stage. The Ryman Auditorium is also home to a museum that chronicles the history of the venue and its place in American music.

Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is a historic plantation located just outside of Nashville. The plantation was once home to one of the largest thoroughbred horse farms in the country and today is a popular tourist destination.

Visitors can take a tour of the plantation house, see the stables, and learn about the history of the plantation and its owners. The Belle Meade Plantation is a perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying the outdoors and learning about Nashville's rich history.

Take a Walk Through Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a large park located in downtown Nashville. The park is home to a variety of attractions, including an outdoor amphitheater, a lake, and walking trails.

Parthenon, a replica of the ancient Greek temple

The park is also home to the Parthenon, a replica of the ancient Greek temple. The Parthenon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nashville and houses a museum that tells the story of Nashville's history.

Take a Selfie With The "I Believe in Nashville" Mural

The "I Believe in Nashville" mural is one of the most iconic pieces of public art in the city. The mural was created in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that hit Nashville in 2010 and has become a symbol of the city's resilience.

The mural is located on 12th Avenue South and is a popular spot for visitors to take photos.

Walk along Lower Broadway and Check Out all the Honky Tonks

Teenagers will love exploring Lower Broadway, the heart of Nashville's music scene. Lower Broadway is home to a variety of honky tonks, which are live music venues that typically feature country music.

Many of the honky tonks on Lower Broadway offer free live music, making it a great place to explore if you're on a budget. You never know who you might see playing at one of the honky tonks on Lower Broadway.

Get Some ice cream at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Famous for its unique flavors and high-quality ingredients, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is a must-visit for any ice cream lover.

Jeni's has locations all over Nashville, but the flagship store is located in 12South. Visitors can tour the kitchen and see how the ice cream is made, or simply enjoy a scoop (or two) in the shop.

Check out a show at the Bluebird Café

The Bluebird Café is a world-renowned music venue that has been featured in films and TV shows such as Thelma & Louise and Nashville.

The Bluebird Café is known for its intimate setting and its role in launching the careers of many famous singers and songwriters. Seeing a show at the Bluebird Café is a truly unique experience that any teenager would love.

Take a scenic drive down Natchez Trace Parkway

It may not sound exciting but trust us, this is a must-do for any teenager visiting Nashville. The Natchez Trace Parkway is a scenic drive that goes through some of the most beautiful countryside in Tennessee.

The drive takes about two hours, but there are plenty of places to stop along the way to take in the scenery or go for a hike. This is a great activity for any teenager who loves being outdoors.

Go hiking at Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park is a beautiful nature preserve that offers hiking, biking, and fishing. The park is located just a short drive from downtown Nashville and is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Teenagers will love exploring the nature trails and getting some fresh air.

Teen with guitar and cowboy hat

Nashville is a great place for teenagers to visit. There's a lot to do and see, and it's a perfect city for music lovers. There are plenty of live music venues to check out, as well as museums and historical sites. And if you're a fan of country music, there's no better place to be than Nashville!

So whether you're looking for a fun place to visit or a place to stay, Nashville is definitely worth considering.