Picnic Games

Picnic Games

Picnics are so much fun.Whether you're basking in the sun at a local park, lounging by a pretty lake, or just chilling in your backyard, picnics are the best way to soak in some vitamin D while enjoying good food and even better company.

But what's a picnic without some fun and games to keep everyone entertained? From energetic kids who can run for hours to teens who are too cool for school (but not for games), and adults who just want to have a good time, I've got lots of game ideas to make your next picnic a hit!

Games for Family Picnic

Fun Picnic Games for Kids

1. Duck, Duck, Goose - The Classic Chase: An age-old favorite! Kids sit in a circle, and the "it" person walks around tapping heads saying "duck" until they decide to call someone a "goose." Then, it's a mad dash for the goose to catch the "it" person before they take their spot in the circle. It's simple, it's fun, and it's a great way for the kiddos to burn off that energy.

2. Sponge Water Bombs Away: Forget water balloons; sponge water bombs are where it's at! They're reusable, eco-friendly, and oh-so-fun to make and play with. Just cut some sponges into strips, tie them together, and voilà, you've got yourself a water bomb. Toss them around or aim at targets for a splashing good time.

3. Treasure Hunt - X Marks the Spot: Who doesn't love a good outdoor treasure hunt? Hide some "treasure" around your picnic area and draw a map or write out some clues. Kids will love deciphering the clues and racing to find the hidden goodies. You can tailor the difficulty level based on the age of the participants.

4. Bubble Chase: Is there anything more magical than bubbles? Arm yourself with a couple of bubble guns or wands and let the kids chase and pop the bubbles. It’s simple, enchanting, and sure to get lots of giggles from the little ones.

5. Animal Relay: This game will have the kids laughing non-stop. Set up a relay race where each child has to imitate a different animal. Think hopping like a bunny, waddling like a duck, or galloping like a horse. It’s a great way for kids to burn off that picnic energy and embrace their wild sides!

Fun Picnic Games for Teenagers

Group of teenagers

1. Ultimate Frisbee: It's like football, but with a frisbee - and without the heavy tackling. Ultimate Frisbee is a hit among teens, requiring just enough skill to be competitive but easy enough for newcomers to join in. Plus, it's a fantastic way to get everyone moving and grooving.

2. Picnic Blanket Volleyball: No net? No problem! Use picnic blankets as makeshift nets, divide into teams, and use a balloon as the ball for a hilarious twist on volleyball. The rules are fast and loose, and the focus is on fun. Just try not to let the balloon touch the ground!

3. Photo Scavenger Hunt: This one's for the tech-savvy teens. Create a list of items or scenarios they need to capture on their smartphone cameras. Think "a photo with a dog," "a selfie with a stranger wearing sunglasses," etc. It's a great way to encourage creativity and get them to explore their surroundings.

4. Human Knot: Gather the teens in a circle, have everyone reach in and grab someone else's hand, and then try to untangle themselves without letting go. It's a test of flexibility, strategy, and teamwork, and it's guaranteed to result in some close encounters and lots of laughter.

5. Capture the Flag: This classic game is perfect for larger groups and can get quite competitive. Divide into two teams, set up your territory, hide your flag, and then strategize how to capture the opposing team’s flag without getting tagged. It’s a thrilling game that combines strategy, stealth, and speed.

6. Tug of War: This fun game never goes out of style! Get your groups together and see which team will win at this classic picnic game.

Tug of war game

Adult Games for Picnic

1. Lawn Twister: Bring the classic game of Twister outdoors with a twist,paint the circles directly on the grass or use large colored placemats. It's a hilariously tangled game that's sure to result in laughter and maybe even a bit of competitiveness among adults.

2. Wine Tasting Relay: For a more refined adult game, set up a wine tasting station with various bottles covered or in brown bags for a blind tasting. Divide into teams, and each person must taste, then run back to their team to describe the wine, with the team guessing the variety. It's sophisticated, fun, and you might just discover your new favorite wine!

3. Karaoke Battle: Bring a portable karaoke machine or use a smartphone app, choose your battle songs, and let the performances begin! Whether you're a shower singer or a karaoke king/queen, this is a fantastic way to let loose and show off those vocal chops (or lack thereof).

4. Picnic Pictionary: Bring the classic game of Pictionary outdoors. Use a large pad of paper or a whiteboard, and take turns drawing while your team guesses. The catch? The person drawing can only use natural materials found at the picnic site to create their masterpiece. It’s Pictionary with a rustic twist!

5. Blindfolded Food Tasting: Turn your picnic into a gourmet adventure with a blindfolded food tasting game. Prepare a variety of foods, some delicious and some... interesting. Participants are blindfolded and have to guess what they're eating. It’s a great way to get some laughs and maybe even surprise your palate.

6. Giant Jenga: A larger-than-life version of the classic game, giant Jenga is made with big wooden blocks. It's perfect for all ages, requiring a steady hand and a strategy to keep the tower from tumbling down. The suspense of each move and the inevitable crash of the blocks provide endless entertainment.

Picnic Games for Groups

1. Picnic Olympics: Create a series of mini-games like a three-legged race, sack race, spoon and egg race, or a tug-of-war. Make sure there are games that everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can enjoy. The focus is on fun and teamwork, making it a perfect group activity.

Egg and spoon race

2. The Great Picnic Bake-Off: Encourage everyone to bring a homemade dish or dessert to the picnic. Have a tasting contest with fun categories like "Most Creative," "Best Presentation," or "Yummiest." It's a delicious way to engage everyone's culinary skills and taste buds.

3. Story Circle: Gather around, and each person starts a story with one sentence, then passes it to the next person to continue. It's a simple, inclusive game that sparks creativity and can lead to some hilariously unexpected storylines.

4. Charades: A game that needs no introduction, charades is fantastic for groups of any size and age. It’s all about acting out a word or phrase without speaking, while your team tries to guess what it is. It’s a wonderful way to break the ice and get everyone involved in the fun.

5. DIY Mini Golf: Get creative and set up your own mini-golf course. Use picnic items, natural obstacles, and a little bit of imagination to design each hole. Whether it’s putting through a tunnel of shoes or around a bend of picnic baskets, it’s a uniquely fun challenge that everyone can get a kick out of.

Picnic Games for Seniors

Seniors Picnic games

1. Bocce Ball: This timeless lawn game is perfect for seniors as it requires strategy, skill, and a bit of friendly competition. Bocce ball is easy to learn, can be played at a leisurely pace, and is excellent for socializing. Plus, it's a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and engage in a little light exercise.

2. Chair Volleyball: Who says you need to stand up to enjoy a vigorous game of volleyball? Chair volleyball is a seated version that uses a beach ball and a net set at a lower height. It's a fantastic way to get everyone involved in some physical activity without the strain, promoting teamwork and lots of laughter.

3. Memory Lane: This game is not only fun but also a beautiful way to share stories and reminisce. Prepare cards with different years or decades written on them. When a participant draws a card, they share a memory or a significant event from that time. It's a heartwarming way to connect and learn more about each other's lives.

4. Name That Tune - The Classics Edition: Create a playlist with popular songs from their youth or classical hits. Play a few seconds of each song, and let the participants guess the title or the artist. This game is great for jogging memory, and it can turn into a sing-along, adding an extra layer of fun.

5. Bingo with a Twist: Bingo is a perennial favorite, but why not add a picnic twist? Instead of numbers, use picnic-related words or objects. It's a relaxed, engaging activity that can be enjoyed sitting down, making it perfect for seniors. Plus, you can offer small, fun prizes to add to the excitement.

6. Lawn Bowling: Gentler than bocce but equally engaging, lawn bowling is another fantastic game for seniors. It can be played at a relaxed pace and offers a blend of physical activity and precision. The goal is to roll a ball as close as possible to a smaller target ball, which can lead to some friendly competition.

7. Trivia - Decades Edition: Prepare trivia questions that span the decades, focusing on history, music, movies, and significant events. This game is excellent for stimulating the mind and can spark discussions and shared memories among participants.


Picnics are all about enjoying the great outdoors, indulging in delicious food, and making memories with friends and family. With these fun picnic games for kids, teens, and adults, your next outdoor gathering is sure to be a blast. So, pack your picnic baskets, grab your game faces, and let the fun begin!