Prayers for Teenagers

Prayers for Teenagers

As our children grow up and enter their teenage years, it can be difficult to know how to best support them. They are going through so many changes, both physically and emotionally, and it can be hard for us to keep up. However, one thing we can always do is pray for them. Here are five prayers for our teenagers. 

Why is Prayer Important?

Prayer is an important part of any parent-teenager relationship. It gives us the opportunity to express our love and concern for our teenagers, as well as giving us a chance to ask for guidance in helping them navigate their teenage years.

Through prayer we can remind ourselves why we are here and that God has a plan for each of us. Not only does it allow us to talk directly to God, but it also gives us the opportunity to connect with our teens in a more meaningful way.

Teenage Girls Praying


Daily Prayers for Teenagers

For many teens, daily prayer can be a calming and reflective activity to start or end the day. Prayer is a simple but powerful way to connect with your spiritual side and grows deeper with practice. It can help bring clarity, release fears and worries, interact more fully with your faith, create positive energy in the universe and boost creativity.

Reading the bible or meaningful devotional readings together can be a great way to connect with your teen and share your faith.

Prayer also helps to strengthen relationships with others so that communication lines remain open as you explore what it means to become an adult. By partaking in prayer each day, teens can develop their own way of connecting deeply with their beliefs while nurturing their emotional well-being over time.

Establishing a sense of trust and comfort within themselves helps them stay resilient during challenging times and continues to foster personal growth. Daily prayer can serve as an effective tool in teenagers’ mental health journeys. To find solace in one’s mind each day is something not only beneficial for internal peace but brings greater understanding of oneself.

No matter one’s age or religion, daily prayers are beneficial for all who are seeking emotional harmony. Becoming acquainted with and finding comfort in prayer is something no teen should hesitate to do! With dedication and sincerity, there’s much self-growth teenagers can gain through this lifelong practice of spiritualism! That’s why we should encourage our youth to take up praying every day as part of their healthy life routine!

1. Thank you, God, for this new day. Thank you for the opportunities that await me, and for the people who will be a part of it. Help me to be kind, understanding, and forgiving today.

2. Give me strength when I am weak, courage in the face of fear, and wisdom to make the right decisions. Guide me on my journey today and help me to stay positive and upbeat throughout the day.

3. I am grateful for all the good in my life, big and small. Thank you for my family, my friends, my home, and everything else you have given me. Help me to appreciate all of it today.

4. Let me be mindful of your love and guidance throughout each moment of my day. Remind me that no matter what happens, you are always with me.

5. Peaceful and loving God, thank you for hearing my prayers. Guide me in the direction that is best for me, and help me to follow your path with joy and enthusiasm. Amen.

Teenage Boy Praying

Morning Prayers for Teenagers

Praying in the morning is a great way for teenagers to look forward to a bright and positive day. It provides an opportunity for them to pause, reflect and ask for guidance. Morning prayers can be extremely powerful; even a few minutes of prayer can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of teenagers.

By praying in the morning, they can take time out to be thankful for what they have and express gratitude for friends, family or teachers that made an impact in their lives.

Praying can also foster feelings of stability and assurance, leading teens to feel more grounded throughout the day. While long documents often arise as thought-provoking sources of spiritual discussion and reflection, short prayers are helpful, too: simple meditations can help teenagers stay focused before facing difficult tasks or social situations.

Even if it’s just a few moments of prayer each day, allowing teens to connect with something greater than themselves is sure to bring blessings into their lives in ways they could never anticipate.

Prayers for Troubled/Rebellious Teens

Prayer can be a powerful tool for teens in difficult situations, whether it’s dealing with depression, stress, peer pressure, or any other challenge that might arise. Praying allows us to express our feelings and thoughts directly to God, which brings solace in difficult times. Regular prayer also increases our peace of mind and allows us to find a sense of calm amidst life’s storms.

Furthermore, praying helps us to stay focused on the important things in life; it gives our problems perspective and outs them into order of importance. When we talk to God through prayer it’s like releasing a weight from our shoulders as He takes some responsibility off of us and gives us strength and hope when we need it most.

Therefore, if you know a teen who is facing challenges, is rebellious or has troubles in life, encourage them to take comfort in prayer: It is an invaluable source of strength for young people in trying times. 

Prayer For Teenager Sons

Dear Lord, We are grateful for our teenage son and the unique blessings he brings to our family. We pray that you will guide and protect him during these challenging years, and help him to grow into a man of character and integrity.

Please give him strength in times of temptation, courage in the face of adversity, and wisdom to make the right decisions. Guide him on his journey and help him to stay positive and upbeat throughout the day.

Most importantly, we ask that you shower him with your love and guidance at all times. Remind him that no matter what happens, you are always with him.

Thank you for hearing our prayers and we ask all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dear Lord, Thank you for our teenage son. He is a big blessing to our family. Please help him to grow into a good man who is strong and has integrity. Please guide him through these challenging years and help him to make good decisions. Most importantly, please shower him with your love and guidance always. We pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For Teenage Daughters

Heavenly Father, as we send our teenage daughter into the world, we pray that you will be with her every step of the way. Protect her from harm and give her strength in times of difficulty.

Help her to find friends who will lift her up and support her on her journey, and give her mentors who will guide and teach her in the ways of your truth.

We ask that you shower her with your love and grace daily, and remind her that she is never alone in this big world. Thank you for hearing our prayer and helping us raise a beautiful young woman who will make you proud. Amen.

Dear Lord, we pray for our daughter as she enters into teenage years. Please be with her during this difficult time in life, and help her to grow through all the challenges she will face.

Give her strength when she is tempted to do wrong, courage when she is feeling down, and wisdom to make good decisions when it matters most. Surround her with people who will love and support her along the way and remind her constantly that you are always with her.

Loving Father God, As we send our teenage daughter into the world, please be with her every step of the way! Protect her from harm & give her strength in times of difficulty! Help guide & protect & provide for every relationship she forms! Give wisdom to make good decisions especially when it matters most! Remind our daughter constantly that she is never alone because You are always with HER! In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Teenage Girls Praying

Prayers for Parents of Teenagers

Prayer for Protection

Father God, we lift up our teenagers to you and ask that you would protect them. Shield them from harm, both physical and emotional. Help them to make wise decisions and steer clear of danger. We trust you to keep them safe. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom

Lord, we know that our teenagers are bombarded with choices every day. Help them to discern your will for their lives and to make wise decisions about the people they spend time with, the things they do, and the words they speak. Fill them with your wisdom and guide their steps. Amen.

Prayer for Strength

Heavenly Father, we know that being a teenager is not always easy. There are pressures at school, from friends, and even from family members. Give our teenagers the strength they need to stand firm in their convictions and to resist negative peer pressure. Help them to be bold in sharing their faith with others. Amen.

Prayer for Hope

Lord Jesus, we thank you that you offer hope to us in times of trouble and despair. Thank you that our hope is not based on our circumstances but on who you are, our unchanging, ever-faithful God. Give our teenagers hope when they are faced with difficult situations or when they feel like they don’t fit in. Help them to remember that you are with them always and that you love them unconditionally. Amen

Prayer for Salvation

{If teenager is not yet a Christian} Heavenly Father, we come to you today with heavy hearts, asking that you would save our teenager. They are lost without you. We pray that they would realize their need for a Savior and turn from their sinfulness. Draw them close to you, Lord, and lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Amen.

{If teenager is a Christian} Heavenly Father , thank you that our teenager has surrendered their life to you. Thank you for the hope of eternal life we have because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. We pray that our teenager would grow in their faith, living each day for your glory. Use them, Lord, as a light in this dark world so that others may see you through their actions and words. Amen

Dear Lord, we thank you for blessing us with our teenager. Please guide and direct him/her as they transition into adulthood. Help them find their own voice and identity. Show them the paths they should take and provide them with guidance and understanding throughout their teenage years.

Dear Lord, we ask that you protect our teenager from any harm or danger. Guard him/her against any negative influences or temptations they may encounter. Help them make wise decisions and resist peer pressure.

Parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, mentors — anyone who plays a significant role in a young person’s life, let’s take these prayers seriously. Let’s commit ourselves to lifting up our teenagers in prayer on a regular basis. It is only through God’s power working in their lives that they will grow into the adults he intends them to be.