90s Party Games

90s Party Games

Are you ready to step into a time machine and zoom back to the 90s? Imagine those neon colors, the funky music, and yes, the unforgettable party games.

Whether you're planning a nostalgic birthday bash or just a chill hangout with friends who adore the 90s as much as you do, I've got some awesome game ideas that will make your party totally rad!

Fun 90s Party Games: A Throwback Celebration

Name That '90s Tune

Do you ever find yourself randomly humming a tune from the 90s? Well, it's time to put that talent to good use! In "Name That '90s Tune," your guests will race to identify songs from quick snippets. Here’s how to play:

  • Create a playlist of iconic 90s hits from various genres, think grunge, pop, R&B, and those unforgettable one-hit wonders.
  • Play just a few seconds of each song.
  • Whoever guesses the most songs correctly wins a prize! Maybe a CD mix of 90s hits or some cool 90s-themed stickers.

90s Music Trivia

A music trivia game is essential for any 90s party. This game will test your guests' knowledge of 90s hits, bands, and iconic music moments.

How to Play:

  • Write out trivia questions related to 90s music. Include questions about different genres like pop, rock, R&B, and hip hop.
  • You can conduct this as a written quiz or read out the questions for a live contest.
  • Offer points for each correct answer and tally up at the end to find the music master!

Sample Questions:

  • "Which song features the lyrics 'I don't want no scrubs, a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me'?"
  • "Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990?"
  • "Name the band responsible for the hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'." 

90s Music Trivia Printable Game 

90s TV Show Charades

Charades is a classic party game, but let's spice it up with a 90s twist! Instead of movies or books, use popular 90s TV shows. Here’s your quick setup:

  • Write down names of 90s TV shows on slips of paper, everything from "Friends" to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."
  • Divide your guests into teams.
  • Players act out the title or scenes from the shows without speaking, and their team must guess what it is.
  • The team with the most correct guesses wins! You could award them with 90s-themed snacks like Pop Rocks or Gushers.

Fashionista Dress-Up Relay

The 90s were all about unique fashion statements, baggy jeans, crop tops, and those unforgettable platform shoes. Here’s a game that combines fashion and fun:

  • Gather a bunch of 90s clothes and accessories.
  • Create teams, and each team picks a "model."
  • Set up a relay where team members have to run to a dressing station, put on a 90s outfit as quickly as possible, and sprint back.
  • The fastest team wins, and of course, the model gets to strut their stuff on an impromptu runway while everyone cheers!
90s outfit

90s Slang Quiz

The 90s had its own lingo, and a 90s slang quiz is a hilarious way to see who really remembers the decade.

How to Play:

  • Create a quiz sheet with 90s slang phrases and words. Guests must match them to their meanings or use them in sentences.
  • This can be individual or team-based.
  • The person or team with the most correct matches wins a 90s-themed prize!

Sample Slang Words:

  • Phat
  • As if!
  • Talk to the hand
  • Da bomb

Match the 1990s slang term with correct answers

Pogs Tournament

Remember Pogs? They were everywhere in the 90s! Bring back this classic game by hosting a Pogs tournament. If you need to refresh your memory on how to play, it's pretty simple:

  • Each player has their own stack of Pogs.
  • Players take turns using a heavier "slammer" to flip as many Pogs as possible.
  • The player who flips the most wins, and yes, gets to take their opponent's Pogs!
  • Hold a tournament to see who becomes the ultimate Pogs champion.

Celebrity Couples Match-Up

The 90s were full of celebrity drama and memorable couples. This game will test your guests' memories of who was dating who.

How to Play:

  • Make a list of celebrities from the 90s and pictures of their partners at the time.
  • Guests must match the celebrity with their respective partner.
  • The guest with the most correct matches wins!

Sample Couples:

  • Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
  • Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
  • Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Printable 90s Party Game celebrity couple

Video Game Marathon

No 90s party is complete without video games. Classics like Mario Kart, Street Fighter, and Sonic were all the rage.

  • Set up a gaming station with whatever 90s console you can get your hands on (think Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis).
  • Hold a gaming marathon with prizes for the highest scores or fastest times.
  • Include multiplayer games so everyone can get in on the fun!

Slinkies and Yo-Yos: Old-School Skills Challenge

This game is perfect for those who love a little challenge. Get your hands on some Slinkies and Yo-Yos, and have a blast from the past:

  • Set up stations where guests can show off their Slinky stair descents or Yo-Yo tricks.
  • Have a contest to see who can come up with the most inventive trick or who can walk the dog the longest.
  • Award 90s-themed prizes like neon bracelets or Beanie Babies.

Scavenger Hunt: Decade Edition

Create a scavenger hunt that's all about the 90s. Include clues related to popular 90s culture, technology, and news:

  • Create a list of items and clues associated with the 90s for guests to find.
  • Mix physical objects with trivia questions for a varied hunt.
  • You can use Polaroid cameras to capture clues or items if you want to make it extra thematic.
Guess the 90s Product

The 90s were filled with memorable products, from snacks to tech gadgets. This game brings those products back into the spotlight.

How to Play:

  • Collect images of various 90s products, or describe them vividly if images are unavailable.
  • Guests have to identify the product by name. For an extra twist, ask them to guess the year it was released.
  • This can be played individually or in teams, with points awarded for correct answers.

Sample Products:

  • Tamagotchi
  • Surge soda
  • Beanie Babies

90s Dance-Off

The 90s were known for their unique dance moves, so why not host a dance-off? This is perfect for getting everyone moving and grooving.

How to Play:

  • Make a playlist of dance hits from the 90s, including songs from artists like MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and the Spice Girls.
  • Call guests to the dance floor to show off their best 90s moves.
  • Either let the crowd choose the winner based on applause or select a few impartial judges.

90s Sitcom Trivia

Sitcoms ruled the 90s TV scene, providing endless quotes and memorable moments. Test your guests' memories with a trivia game focused on these shows.

How to Play:

  • Prepare questions based on popular 90s sitcoms like "Friends," "Seinfeld," and "Full House."
  • Players or teams answer questions to earn points. Multiple-choice or true/false questions can help keep the pace lively.
  • The person or team with the most points at the end could win 90s-themed goodies like a sitcom box set or themed merchandise.

Sample Questions:

  • "What is the name of Ross’s second wife in 'Friends'?"
  • "On 'Seinfeld', what is Kramer's first name?"
  • "Which city is 'Full House' set in?"

90s Karaoke Battle

Nothing says party like karaoke, and the 90s had some of the best sing-along hits.

How to Play:

  • Set up a karaoke machine with a selection of 90s hits.
  • Let guests sign up to perform their favorite 90s songs, either solo or as a group.
  • If you’re feeling competitive, have a panel of judges score the performances, or let the audience decide who gave the most stellar show.
90s karaoke

DIY 90s Music Video

Let your guests star in their own 90s music video. This activity is not only a game but a fantastic party favor that they can look back on.

How to Play:

  • Set up a "video shoot" area at your party with a camcorder or smartphone ready to record.
  • Provide props like inflatable guitars, microphones, and 90s-style sunglasses.
  • Choose a 90s song and let guests lip-sync and perform as if they were in a music video.
  • Share the videos with your guests after the party as a fun memento!

Printable 1990s Party Games

Hosting a 90s themed party is not only a blast from the past but also a fantastic way to reconnect with the simplicity and excitement of the decade. These games will ensure everyone has a fabulous time, filled with laughter and maybe a little friendly competition.

So put on your favorite 90s outfit, crank up the Spice Girls or Nirvana, and get ready for an epic throwback party that no one will forget!