Winter Activities for Teenagers

Winter Activities for Teenagers

Winter offers an abundance of activities for teenagers to enjoy! Whether they prefer active options like ice-skating or skiing, or calmer activities like star-gazing or snow shoeing, there’s something for every teen.

For those who live in colder climates, winter can be the perfect opportunity to try out a new sport or even explore nature with a hike through a snowy trail.

And don’t forget all of the holiday festivities that become available this time of year – from festive markets and shows to holiday concerts and parties. Despite any weather inconveniences, winter is sure to bring tons of fun activities for teens.

There are plenty of fun activities out there that teens can enjoy during the wintertime. You can even make a Winter Bucket List to make sure you fit in all these wonderful adventures. Here are some ideas that will help your teen beat the winter blues. 

Teenagers sliding on the snow

Outdoor Winter Activities For Teens

Getting outside in winter doesn’t have to be miserable; in fact, there are lots of fun outdoor activities that teens can try. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating—all of these activities offer great exercise and fun times with friends.

And if your teen is feeling competitive, they can even challenge their friends to a snowball fight or a game of snow fort wars! 

Ice Skating

Get the family together and go ice skating! It’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time.

Ice skating is an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family. You can keep active and learn a new skill. Plus, with so many different rinks available, it’s easy to find one close to you!

The skills learned from ice skating are beneficial for any age group – from improving coordination, balance and flexibility – to giving a confidence boost when you land that big jump.

For a day of family fun, head out to the rink and enjoy the rolling waves of joy that come from spinning on the ice.

Teenagers ice skating

Building a Snowman

Bundle up and turn your backyard into an artist’s canvas of creativity! Have some friendly competitions between family members to see who can build the best snowman.

Building a snowman with your family is an activity that generates lots of winter fun. First, bundle up and head outside to pick the perfect spot for your snow sculpture. Then, find the most suitable balls of snow for your base and begin constructing your creation.

Have some friendly competitions between family members to see who can create the most creative or unique snowman!

A few helpful accessories such as sticks, stones, carrots, a scarf or even an old hat will help bring life to your sculpture as well.

Enjoy this classic winter activity that takes you back to happy childhood memories while creating new ones with your loved ones.

Friends building snowman

Going Sledding

Pick out the best hill in town and have an afternoon of sledding with your friends or family! You can make it even more fun by having races down the hill or playing games at the top while you wait your turn.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend the day with your friends or family, sledding is always a blast! The key to getting the most out of your sledding day is to pick out the best hill in town.

Whether you prefer something with a lot of twists and turns that challenges your skills or a nice, gentle slope for little ones, be sure to select one that will bring joy and excitement to all.

Once you’ve selected your hill, it’s time to start racing down! Once you’ve had enough of competition, take some time at the top of the hill to get creative with games like tag or even some snowman drawing contests.

With these activities, everyone is guaranteed to have a fun and memorable sledding day!

Building an Igloo

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try building an igloo with your friends or family! There are plenty of tutorials online that will help guide you through the process, plus this activity will keep everyone occupied for hours on end.

Building an igloo is a great way to bring your family and friends together! Not only is it an educational experience that teaches you more about life in the Arctic, but it’s also an activity that provides lots of entertainment.

Spending time together to construct the structure brings everyone closer, plus the sense of accomplishment once it’s completed is unbeatable. With the help from tutorials available on the internet, you’ll be able to gain all the know-how required for success.

So if you’re up for a unique challenge that can teach you about life up North and entertain for hours on end, grab some willing friends or family members and start building your very own igloo today!

Skiing or Snowboarding

Hit the slopes with your friends and family and try skiing or snowboarding! For some extra fun, have an impromptu race down the mountain after you’ve had enough practice.

Hitting the slopes with your friends and family can be an exhilarating experience! Not only is it a great opportunity to build strong bonds and lifelong memories, but you can also make the ultimate sport’s day special by having an impromptu race down the mountain.

Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding that you prefer, both activities guarantee tons of fun in the winter wonderland.

Skiing or snowboarding offers a unique way to challenge yourself as you tackle different stages along the mountain – perfect practice material in preparation for your awaited race!

Gather up your closest friends and family members and embark on an adventurous ski or snowboard weekend – who knows, maybe even find out who is more daring when it comes to taking risks while at it – good luck!

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a fun, invigorating and physically demanding experience that anyone can participate in. You’ll need to find a frozen lake or pond and get equipped with the proper supplies, such as an auger.

Once you have those two pieces in place, the adventure begins! Fishing with friends or family can be a great bonding activity, but it can also become a friendly competition if you so choose.

If you’ve ever considered trying your hand at ice fishing, now is the time. Who knows – you might just surprise yourself with your newfound angling skills and become a pro fisher in no time!

Making Snow Angels

What could be more fun in winter than making a beautiful snow angel? This activity is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the snow. For an extra special moment, grab a few friends and family to join in – sprawling out with arms and legs akimbo makes it all the more magical.

Make sure to break out your camera and capture this fun memory! Sure, they won’t last very long once the sun starts melting away the snow but take solace knowing that you have a beautiful photograph to remember this winter adventure.

 Making snow angel

Indoor Winter Activities For Teens 

Winter days don’t have to be spent only outdoors, there are plenty of indoor activities that teens can enjoy too. If your teenager loves playing video games or watching movies, why not make it a group activity?

Invite some friends over for a night of gaming or movie marathon-ing; this will give them an opportunity to socialize while also enjoying their favorite hobbies.

Or if they’re looking for something more creative, encourage them to try hot glue gun crafts or take up a new hobby like drawing or knitting. 

Hosting a Hot Chocolate Party

Invite your friends over for a hot chocolate party, complete with all the trimmings! Put out different toppings, cookies, marshmallows, and anything else you can think of.

Looking for a fun way to spend some time with your friends? Hosting a hot chocolate party is the perfect solution! Invite your buddies over, put on some music and get ready for a night of funny stories, laughter and most importantly, delicious hot chocolate!

Teen girl drinking hot chocolate

Keep it cozy with blankets, comfy chairs and of course an abundance of marshmallows, cookies and other yummy toppings that each guest can customize the cup to their liking. Plus, who doesn’t love a quality “Gram-worthy” photo op among friends?

A hot chocolate party with all the trimmings is sure to be a hit. So grab your closest pals and settle in for an evening you won’t soon forget.

Hosting a Games Night

Hosting a games night on a winters night for teenagers is a great way to liven up your winter days. With the winter months often bringing gray skies and cold temperatures, spending time together in such an active manner can be the perfect antidote to any stir craziness growing amongst young people.

Give them a chance to get together, have some snacks, and beat each other at board games! Invite friends over for a night of fun competition where it’s impossible not to have a good time.

Pull out your favorite winter printables and board games, break out the cards and corn chips, and let the games begin!

Community Events   

Winter is also a great time to explore all that your local community has to offer. Check out nearby museums and art galleries; many offer discounts on admission fees during this time of year. Or look into volunteer opportunities at local charities, helping others is always rewarding!

And if you want something entertaining but educational too, look into any upcoming plays or concerts put on by local schools or churches, these often feature talented teenage performers who would love an audience!  

Girl sliding on the snow

No matter what kind of activities your teen enjoys, there’s sure to be something perfect for them this winter season! Whether they prefer being outdoors in the snow or staying warm indoors with friends, there are plenty of ways for them to beat the winter blues and have some fun in the process.

So go explore all that winter has to offer and make some memories with your teen today!