Fishbowl Game Ideas

Fishbowl Game Ideas

Looking for an engaging and fun game to play with your family or friends? Look no further than the Fishbowl Game! It’s a thought-provoking game that is sure to get everyone talking, laughing, and having a great time. We’ll show you how to play so you can have your own fishbowl game night.

What is a Fishbowl Party Game?

Have you ever heard of the Fishbowl game? If not, it’s time to learn about this fun and challenging game! It is ideal any number of players but you will need as least 3. The Fish bowl Game is easy to learn, and it requires no special materials or equipment. Let’s explore how it works. 

How To Play The Fishbowl Game 

To start playing the Fishbowl Game, you will need at least three players, though there is no upper limit on how many players can participate.

Fishbowl is a team game filled with excitement! There are three rounds to this game and the object is to try to guess the words. Players give clues in three unique ways – by providing clues, acting it out, or saying a single describing word.

Before you start the game, the host needs to write lots of different words onto slips on paper and place them in a bowl. It is called the Fish bowl game or Salad Bowl game because all of the words are placed into a glass bowl.

Fishbowl Game

Fishbowl Game Rules

Before you get started, be sure to explain the game rules before each team takes turns guessing the word from the bowl.

The idea of the game is simple. One person picks a slip of paper from the bowl and then must try to get their team mates to guess what the word is. This is done differently in each round. Each player has just one minute to see how many words their team can guess.

If a player breaks any of the rules for each round, then their turn is over and play passes over to the next team.

Round One - Taboo

The person playing this round is only allowed to give clue using words or sentences. They are not allowed to act it out or give any physical clues. They are also not allowed to say the word on their slip of paper, any variation or part of the word or say things like 'it starts with the letter A' or 'Rhymes with ...'

Using descriptive words and phrases will help your team to guess the word. For example if the word was 'Cloud' you might say ' They are white but sometimes gray, you see them in the sky especially when it is raining'

They have a full minute to try to get their team to guess as many words as they can. Once your team has guessed correctly, you may choose another slip of paper from the bowl and give clues on that word. Continue this until your time runs out.

Then the other team is allowed to choose one person from their team to play this round. Allocate one point for each correctly guessed word in this round.

Round Two - Charades

In this round you will be acting out the word on the slip of paper. You are not allowed to make any sounds or point to objects in the room but must act out the word.


Round Three - Password

This is one of the more difficult rounds as you are only allowed to say one word to describe the word on your paper.

Before you start this round, all of the slips of paper from previous rounds are put back into the bowl. So if your team was paying attention in the earlier rounds you might be able to use a word from a previous clue to help them guess this one. For example if your word was 'Cloud' you could say 'Rain' and hopefully your team remembers when this word was guessed in a previous round.

Bonus Rounds

If you want the fun to continue you can add bonus rounds. Some of these can be:

  • Drawing Round - this is played like pictionary with the player drawing a picture to represent their word
  • Sound Effects Round - here the person playing has to make sound effects to help their team guess the word. Remember no speaking or acting in this round

Words for the Fishbowl Game

Here are some ideas that you can use when selecting words for your Fishbowl game. It would be a good idea to make sure the words are age appropriate depending on who is playing.

Choose a word from these categories to write on the slips of paper

  • Animals
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Sports
  • Countries
  • Holidays
  • Colors
  • School Subjects
  • Instruments
  • Celebrities
  • Mythical Creatures

Or you can write down random words such as;

Once you have chosen your words, write them onto slips of paper and place them into the bowl. You are now ready to play the Fishbowl game! Have fun!

The Fishbowl Game is a great way to bring people together while having fun! Its adaptability makes it suitable for all ages and is perfect if you are looking for something fun for family game night or just want something new to do with your friends. So gather your friends together and get ready for some exciting rounds of Fishbowl!

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