Camping Scavenger Hunt Fun

Camping Scavenger Hunt Fun

You might be thinking, why would I want to go camping? Sleeping in a tent, cooking over a campfire, dealing with bad weather… sounds like more trouble than it’s worth! But trust us, once you experience the joys of camping as a family, you’ll be hooked for life.

There’s something about being in nature and disconnecting from technology that helps people connect with each other. When you go camping as a family, you have the opportunity to bond with each other in a way that’s simply not possible when you’re at home. From pitching the tents to exploring the great outdoors together, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

Family enjoying camping

And what better way to have some fun while camping then by having a camping scavenger hunt! Camping scavenger hunts are a great way to explore the great outdoors and they're a lot of fun! Here are some scavenger hunt ideas to get you started.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt around your campground. This way the kids can stay close to your campsite and explore the area safely. Have your family look for items such as a pinecone, an acorn, a rock with holes in it, or a piece of wood shaped like a heart.

Make sure the items are things that are safe and easy for kids to spot so that everyone can join in on the fun!

You could include things like

  1. Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Find five things that are red.
  3. Find a stick that is at least two feet long.
  4. Find an acorn.
  5. Look for animal tracks and try to identify what kind of animal made them.
  6. See if you can find a feather.
  7. Collect four different kinds of rocks or stones.
  8. Find something that smells nice.
  9. Find something glittery
  10. Find a red leaf  

Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you are camping somewhere scenic, take your scavenger hunt to the next level by exploring nature! Create a list of items that can only be found in nature and have your family searching for things like animal tracks, a feather, a fungus, and flowers of different colors. This is a great way to identify plants and animals around you!

Night-time Camping Scavenger Hunt

Another great scavenger hunt idea is to have your family search for items at night. This puts a new fun twist onto the scavenger hunt. Put everyone into groups, making sure some of the younger campers are with an adult, and give them all a flashlight. Then let them search for items such as a shooting star, an animal’s eyeshine in the dark, stars, the moon, shapes of trees or even a frog croaking!

Beach Scavenger Hunt

If you are camping near a beach this scavenger hunt is a perfect daytime activity. This hunt will have everyone splashing in the water and digging in the sand to find items such as a shell, seaweed, sand dollars, a starfish and more!

Color Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is perfect for the younger campers who may not be ready to read a list of items. Send them off around the campground to take photos of as many different things as they can find in a certain color such as green or brown.

A-Z Scavenger Hunt

Older kids and adults will find this scavenger hunt fun as it will really put them to the test or your could do this hunt as a family or in groups. This game is easy to play, to finish this scavenger hunt you have to find things that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Go around the campground looking for things like an acorn (A), a bird (B), and a caterpillar (C). Some of the letters will be tricky to find so look for labels on your tent, clothing or camping equipment which might help with some of the difficult ones.

Kids doing a scavenger hunt outdoors

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Little ones in particular will enjoy this type of scavenger hunt. For this camping scavenger hunt you will give clues either verbally or written down such as 'I am looking for something shiny', 'I am looking for something that smells good', and the players will have to search for something at the campsite that matches your clue.

This type of game is great for toddlers and children who don't have the ability to read yet as they can still play along. It also teaches them about the 5 senses, smell, sound, sight, touch, and taste.

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt

Depending on which season you are camping in, you can tailor your scavenger hunt to the season. You can do a Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring Scavenger Hunt which will help everyone learn and explore the animals and plants in the different seasons.

No matter what kind of scavenger hunt you decide to do while camping or what age your campers are, there is sure to be a fun scavenger hunt that will get them out of their sleeping bags and exploring the campground. it's sure to be a fun family activity that your kids won't soon forget. So pack a few items for the scavenger hunt and get ready to have some camping fun and make some truly unforgettable memories. Happy camping!

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