Costumes that Start with P

Costumes that Start with P

Ever heard of a letter party? It's a fun dress-up party where everyone picks a costume starting with a specific letter. 

So why are dress-up parties are so much fun. There's just something magical about transforming into a different character for a night. Plus, it's a fantastic way to get creative and let your imagination run wild. Whether you're hosting a party or attending one, dressing up makes everything more memorable and exciting.

Now, let's get into some awesome costume ideas starting with the letter P! These are perfect for adding some pizzazz to your next party.

Costume Ideas Beginning with Letter P

1. Pirate

Ahoy, matey! Dress up as a pirate and set sail for a night of adventure. Grab an eye patch, a pirate hat, and maybe a toy parrot to sit on your shoulder. Don’t forget to say “Arrr!” a lot!

Pirate costumes

2. Princess

Feel like royalty for the night as a princess. Choose your favorite princess from any fairy tale or movie, wear a sparkly gown, and add a tiara. You'll feel like you've stepped right out of a fairy tale.

3. Penguin

Waddle around as a cute and cuddly penguin.  Find a black and white costume, add a beak and flippers, and you're ready to slide into the party with style.

4. Pilot

Take to the skies as a pilot. Wear a sharp uniform, aviator sunglasses, and a captain's hat. You’ll look ready to fly everyone to fun-town!

5. Pikachu

Go electric with a Pikachu costume. Get a yellow outfit, add some black stripes, and make those adorable red cheeks. Pika Pika!

6. Painter

Channel your inner artist by dressing up as a painter. Wear a beret, carry a palette and brush, and maybe splatter some paint on an old shirt to complete the look. You’ll be a walking masterpiece!

7. Pumpkin

Get into the autumn spirit with a pumpkin costume.  Find a round, orange outfit and add a green hat for the stem. You'll be the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

8. Panda

Be the life of the party as a panda.  Wear a black and white costume and add some panda ears. You'll be irresistibly huggable.

9. Pop Star

Shine like a superstar as a pop star.  Think glittery outfits, bold accessories, and maybe a microphone. Channel your favorite music icon and get ready to rock the night away.

popstar costume

10. Peacock

Strut your stuff as a beautiful peacock.  Wear bright, colorful feathers, and add some peacock accessories to really stand out.

11. Police Officer

Keep the peace as a police officer. Wear a uniform, a badge, and maybe some handcuffs. You'll be ready to serve and protect the party!

12. Popcorn

Be a snack sensation as a box of popcorn. Create a red and white striped outfit, and add some "popcorn" on top. You'll be a hit at the party!

13. Peter Pan

Fly to Neverland as Peter Pan. Wear green tights, a tunic, and a hat with a feather. Don’t forget your pixie dust!

14. Popeye

Be the sailor man, Popeye!  Wear a sailor outfit, a sailor hat, and don’t forget your can of spinach to show off those muscles.

15. Pharaoh

Rule the party as a pharaoh. Wear a regal Egyptian outfit with a headdress and plenty of gold accessories. Walk like an Egyptian!

Pharaoh costume

16. Punk Rocker

Rock out as a punk rocker. Wear a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and lots of studs. Don't forget the wild hair and makeup!

17. Power Ranger

Transform into a mighty Power Ranger. Wear a Power Ranger suit and a helmet. Get ready to save the world!

18. Pterodactyl

Fly high as a prehistoric pterodactyl. Find a dinosaur costume with wings and a beak. You'll be a dino-mite hit!

19 Pac-Man

Chomp your way to fun as Pac-Man.  Wear a round yellow costume and add some ghosts chasing you. Bonus points if you bring some power pellets (aka candy)!

20. Peasant

Go medieval as a peasant. Wear simple, rustic clothing, and maybe add a basket of fruits or vegetables. It's a humble yet charming costume.

21. Plumber

Fix up the party as a plumber. Wear overalls, a tool belt, and maybe add a plunger as a prop. You could even go as the famous plumber, Mario!

22. Pig

Oink oink!  Dress up as an adorable pig. Wear pink, add a snout and ears, and maybe a curly tail. You'll be hogging all the attention!

23. Paparazzi

Snap away as a paparazzi. Wear a trench coat, carry a camera, and act like you’re always looking for the next big shot. Say cheese!

24. Pocahontas

Channel your inner Pocahontas. Wear a fringed dress, add some tribal jewelry, and braid your hair. You'll be ready to paint with all the colors of the wind.

25. Pebbles Flintstone

Be the adorable Pebbles Flintstone. Wear a green shirt with black spots, and add a bone in your hair. You’ll be a prehistoric cutie.

26. Professor

Look smart as a professor. Wear a tweed jacket, glasses, and maybe carry a book or a chalkboard. You’ll be ready to share some knowledge.

27. Prisoner

Keep it simple as a prisoner. Wear black and white striped clothing and maybe add some handcuffs. You can be a classic jailbird.

prisoner costume

28. Poison Ivy

Turn heads as the villainous Poison Ivy. Wear a green outfit, and add some fake leaves and vines. Practice your best villainous laugh.

29. Phantom of the Opera

Be the mysterious Phantom of the Opera. Wear a black cape, a half mask, and maybe a white ruffled shirt. You'll add a touch of drama to the party.

30. Pippi Longstocking

Become the quirky and fun Pippi Longstocking. Wear mismatched clothes, and braid your hair into those iconic, sticking-out braids. Add some freckles for the full effect.

pippi longstockings

Why Dress-Up Parties are the Best

Dress-up parties are like stepping into a different world for a few hours. You get to be someone (or something) completely different and have a blast doing it. Plus, seeing everyone else's creative costumes is always a hoot. It's a perfect way to break the ice and get everyone talking and laughing.

So, next time you're planning a party or heading to one, think about making it a letter party with costumes starting with "P." It's a guaranteed recipe for fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

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