Cake Ideas for Teenagers

Cake Ideas for Teenagers

It seems like only yesterday they were born. You held them in your arms, watching them take their first breath, their first steps. Time has flown by so quickly and now they’re suddenly a teenager!

And with this new milestone comes a new set of choices, including what kind of cake to serve at their birthday party.

You want to make sure you get it right, but how can you please a moody teenager who seems to change their mind every day?

Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how to choose a birthday cake for your teenager that will be sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Teen girl holding cake

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a birthday cake for your teenager:

What’s Their Favorite Flavor?

This one is pretty easy. If your teen has a favorite flavor of cake, go with that! Nothing says “happy birthday” like their favorite treat. One word of caution, though: if your child is requesting a flavor that you’re not familiar with, be sure to do your research. You don’t want to end up serving something that nobody likes.

Go for Something Simple

Teens can be notoriously picky eaters. They might love chicken nuggets one day and hate them the next. The same goes for cake, one day they might love chocolate, and the next they might be all about vanilla (or some other flavor).

To please everyone, we suggest going for something simple, like a classic yellow or white cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting.

These flavors are tried and true for a reason, almost everyone loves them! And if you’re really looking to score some points, use homemade frosting instead of store-bought. Trust us, they’ll love it.

Make It Fun!

One thing’s for sure, teenagers love anything that’s fun and cool. So why not put together a cake that reflects their unique personality? If they’re into fashion, consider decorating the cake with fondant designer handbags or shoes.

Or if they’re into sports, try creating a jersey out of fondant or using sports-themed edible decorating items. Get creative and have fun with it! After all, it is their special day.

‘Themed’ Cakes

If you really can’t decide on a design or flavor, why not go with a themed cake? This can be anything from unicorns and mermaids (perfect for younger teens) to Harry Potter or Marvel characters (great for older ones).

Just do a quick search online and you’ll find tons of great ideas that are sure to please even the most finicky eaters among us.

Cake Ideas for Teen Girls

A birthday is an exciting time for any teen, so why not make it even more memorable with the perfect cake? Finding a birthday cake that will suit a teenage girl may seem daunting at first, but luckily there are tons of choices out there.

From simple designs to intricate and detailed works of edible art, you can work with the birthday girl to find a design that’s just right.

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that your teen will have an incredible time on her special day when there’s a birthday cake she loves waiting for her.

Flower Cake

Flower Birthday Cake

You can not go wrong with a birthday cake covered in beautiful flowers. This is perfect for the teen girl who loves nature and all things pretty. You can use a variety of different types of flowers, like daisies, roses or even sunflowers.

If you have time you can make fondant flowers in coordinating colors or pipe on some roses to the top and sides of the cake. But if you are looking for a quick and easy but no less stunning flower cake, just frost the sides of the cake and top with fresh flowers.

Girly Cake

pastel colored cake

What teenage girl doesn’t love pastel colors? Celebrate her special day with a cake made in her favorite hue! Use a range of pastel colors, cute decorations and lots of sparkles to create a cake she won’t soon forget.

Emoji Cake

Emojis have become an integral part of the teenager language, so why not celebrate her special day with a cake adorned in these fun little images? You can use fondant cut-outs or even edible images to create the perfect emoji cake that she will adore.

Music Cake

Do you have a teen who loves to play music? Celebrate her special day with a cake that reflects her passion! You can decorate the cake with fondant instruments, pipe on some music notes or even use edible images to create the perfect birthday treat.

Fashion Cake

For the fashionable teen, why not make a cake designed like their favorite clothing item or designer? You can use fondant, buttercream or even chocolate decorations to make a cake that looks as stylish as it tastes.

Donut Tower

If your teen does not love cake, why not try a donut tower. Simply stack the donuts into a tower and add a few decorations like sprinkles, candy or flowers. This is perfect for the teen who loves something a little different!

Donut Tower

Cake Ideas for Teen Boys

It can be difficult to decide on the perfect birthday cake for a teenage boy. Finding that balance between something they will enjoy, but is also appropriate for their age, can be tricky. Thankfully, there are endless possibilities when it comes to cakes for teenage boys!

Whether you go with a classic chocolate or vanilla cake to let them pick their own decorations or explore more creative options such as sports-themed cakes with footballs and baseballs – they’ll be sure to have plenty of fun during the decorating process.

Whichever direction you decide to go with, a thoughtful cake made just for him will make any teenage boy’s day an extra special one.

Color Theme

For a simple option, try matching the cake to the color theme of the party. A darker cake with colorful decorations looks fun but is also grown up enough for teens

Blue and Black Birthday Cake

Sports Cake

What teenage boy doesn’t love sports? Celebrate his special day with a cake made in the colors of his favorite team or shape it into their favorite sport. You can use fondant to create soccer balls, basketballs and more.

Sports birthday cake

Video Game Cake

For the teen who loves video games, why not make a cake that celebrates all his favorites? You can use fondant to create characters from his favorite game or even decorate the cake with edible images from the game.

Drip Cake

Drip cakes are a popular choice for teens – and they look amazing! Let your teen pick the colors and flavors, then go wild decorating the cake with candy bars and sprinkles. With just a bit of creativity and imagination you can create something they will never forget.

Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake

Car Cake

Every teenage boy loves cars – what better way to celebrate his special day than with a car-themed cake? You can make a race car out of fondant and have it “race” around the cake. You can also use edible images to create car logos or even a replica of his favorite car.

Character Cake

For the teen who loves movies, why not make a cake that celebrates this? Use fondant or buttercream to create figures from his favorite movie, TV show or comic book. You can also use edible accessories to make the perfect cake for his special day.

Or for a super easy option you can frost the cake in the matching colors and place a character figurine on the top.

No matter what your teen loves, there is sure to be a perfect birthday cake for them! With a little creativity and some inspiration from this list, you’ll create a cake that’s sure to please even the pickiest of teens! So get baking and enjoy the special day!