Exploring Washington DC with Teens

Exploring Washington DC with Teens

For parents of teens, finding fun and interesting activities that can keep their kids entertained can be a challenge. But if you’re in the nation’s capital, you’re in luck.

Washington DC is packed with amazing places to explore and activities for teens, allowing them to learn about history and culture while having an exciting time. Let’s take a look at some fun things to do in Washington DC with teens.

Washington skyline

Museums Galore

Washington DC is home to some of the most impressive museums in the world. The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, National Zoo, and National Portrait Gallery are popular choices for families visiting the city. In addition, there are numerous other museums dedicated to specific topics such as science, art, history, and more. It’s easy to spend an entire day exploring the exhibits in each museum.

Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. is a one-of-a-kind museum that showcases the fascinating world of espionage throughout history. Guests can explore the dark, daring and mysterious stories of spies and their techniques as they learn about covert operations through interactive exhibits and artifacts from around the world. From historical case files to modern day spying tools, visitors can experience first-hand what it’s like to be an international spy.

At the International Spy Museum, visitors can explore hundreds of items from spy gadgets such as cameras disguised as everyday items to actual vehicles used by intelligence agencies throughout history.

Through personal accounts from former agents, guests can gain a deeper understanding into motivations behind undercover operations during times of war and peace alike, making for an educational but thrilling visit all in one!

Take a Tour of the City

DC has plenty of unique sites to explore. From iconic monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument to lesser-known landmarks like the U.S. Botanic Garden or Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens there’s something for everyone. Taking a tour is one of the best ways to experience all that DC has to offer. You can choose from guided bus tours or self-guided walking tours depending on your preference.

Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument

Eastern Market

Eastern Market Washington DC is the perfect spot for teens to explore and connect with the local community. Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, it offers an eclectic mix of art, culture, and food that teens are sure to love. At Eastern Market, visitors can browse artisanal goods, watch street performers and take part in delicious activities like cooking classes and outdoor picnics.

White House Tour

Washington DC’s Whitehouse Tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US. Visitors from across the country and around the world come to experience a breathtaking tour of America’s most iconic landmark.

The Whitehouse tour provides visitors an opportunity to learn about our nation’s history and its government through a guided walking tour of the grounds, public rooms, and even some areas that are off-limits to the general public.


The tour includes stops at several points of interest such as President’s Park, which offers views of both The Washington Monument and The Lincoln Memorial; The East Wing, which houses offices for first family members; The State Dining Room, where many state dinners take place; and more.

During your visit you will also learn about presidential traditions such as Easter Egg Rolls on the South Lawn, Christmas tree lighting in December and summertime concerts on the North Lawn.

Get Active Outside

Washington DC also offers plenty of outdoor activities for teens who want to get active. There are several parks throughout the city where you can go bike riding or jogging along scenic trails or even enjoy a picnic lunch by one of its many ponds or lakes. If your teen is into sports, they’ll find plenty of options including softball fields and basketball courts.

Shopping in Washington DC

Shopping in Washington DC with Teens can be a fun and educational experience. It’s the perfect way to explore the vibrant city while engaging in some retail therapy. From high-end boutiques to unique local shops, there is something for every type of teen shopper in DC.

From Georgetown’s M Street to Union Station, teens will find an abundance of stores that offer clothing, accessories and even other items such as books and toys. For those looking for designer pieces, there are plenty of luxury merchants that offer collections from around the world.

Group shopping

Whether your teen wants to shop at upscale department stores or browse through vintage finds, they’re guaranteed to have a great time shopping in our nation’s capital!

Go on a Segway Tour

If your teen loves adventure, you might want to consider going on a Segway Tour of DC. This is an exciting way to explore the city and have fun while doing it! Tours usually take place at night or during the day depending on what your preference is. During the tour, teens will be able to go on a guided tour of the city while learning about the history and culture of Washington DC.

Segway Tours are a great way for teens to explore the city in an exciting and unique way, while also getting some exercise at the same time. What’s more is that teens can even join group tours with their friends if they want to make it even more fun.

Scavenger Hunt

Washington DC is an amazing city, full of historical sights and landmarks. It’s no wonder why locals and tourists alike love to explore this unique city! For those looking for a fun way to sightsee in Washington DC, a scavenger hunt is the perfect activity.

A Washington DC Scavenger Hunt will bring out your inner explorer as you search around the city for clues and answers. Companies such as Scavenger Hunt DC offer a wide range of options, from themed hunts to photo scavenger hunts. Teens can explore the city and learn about its landmarks in an exciting and unique way!

Participants can choose to tackle one of four routes, each with its own set of challenges and tasks to complete. You could spend days getting lost in the streets of our nation’s capital while searching for hidden gems or uncovering secrets about the area’s past.

As you go on your journey, you’ll have a chance to learn more about landmarks like The White House, The Smithsonian National Zoo & Aquarium, The Lincoln Memorial and more!

Washington DC has so much to offer families looking for something fun and educational to do with their teens! From exploring amazing museums and landmarks to getting active outdoors, there’s never a dull moment in this vibrant city! So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure when visiting Washington DC with your teens!