March Party Themes

March Party Themes

March is a fantastic month to host a party, and what better way to embrace the month than with a variety of exciting party themes? We've got you covered with themes that celebrate many of the fun National days this month holds.

Thanks to daysoftheyear we have some great party ideas for March

Blue Party

March celebrates National Dress in Blue Day. Turn your party into a sea of blue by encouraging guests to wear their favorite blue outfits. Decorate with blue balloons, streamers, and tablecloths for the best blue themed party

You could have a blue-themed fashion show or a "Best in Blue" costume contest. Don't forget to serve refreshing blue drinks and treats to keep the color scheme alive!

Wildlife Party

World Wildlife Day is in March and is a day to celebrate the incredible flora and fauna on our planet. Transform your space into a wild jungle with animal prints, greenery, and wildlife-themed decorations.

Play some Jungle party Games and ask your guests to dress up as their favorite animals. You can also include educational games and activities to highlight the importance of wildlife conservation.

Plant Power Party

March is all about embracing the power of plants on Plant Power Day. Go green with your party by incorporating potted plants, leafy decorations, and eco-friendly party favors.

Serve plant-based snacks and drinks, and organize a DIY terrarium station where guests can create their mini green sanctuaries. This is the perfect eco friendly party theme.

Trivia Party

International Ask a Question Day is celebrated in March so why not host a trivia party and ask questions all night!

There are so many trivia themes you can choose from. Try to pick one that suits your party guests such as Seniors Trivia, 90s Trivia or Trivia Questions for Teens

Maths Themed Party

March celebrates not only Pi Day but also the International Day of Mathematics. So have a fun math-themed party. Decorate with mathematical symbols, and challenge guests with brain-teasing math games and puzzles or play some maths board games

Senior Citizens Party

Celebrate the joy of youth and the spirit of feeling young at heart on "As Young As You Feel Day"  Deck out your space with vibrant colors, balloons, and nostalgic decorations that evoke fond memories.

Plan fun activities and senior party games  a DIY craft station, or even a friendly game of cards. Don't forget to serve up classic comfort foods and sweet treats that transport everyone back to their younger days!

Cocktail Party

What better way to celebrate National Cocktail Day than by hosting an epic Cocktail party.

Transform your space with dim lights, stylish décor, and a designated cocktail mixing station. Ask your guests to dress in cocktail clothes, and set up a DIY cocktail bar with a variety of spirits, mixers, and garnishes.

Shake, stir, and sip on signature cocktails, and add some flair with cocktail themed party games and a dance floor to keep the party spirits high.

Host a Mermaid Party

International Mermaid Day is in March, the perfect time to unleash your inner sea creature and dive into a mermaid themed party.

Transform your party space into an underwater wonderland with shades of blues and greens, shimmering decorations, and twinkling fairy lights. Ask guests to dress as a mermaid or even host a costume contest.

Create a photo booth with mermaid props, and serve ocean-inspired treats like seafood bites, sea salt caramel popcorn, and blue-hued beverages. 

Science Party

National Science Appreciation Day is held in March and calls for a celebration of all things scientific! Turn your party into a fun-filled laboratory with beakers, lab coats, and science-themed decorations.

Host interactive experiments, trivia challenges, and a DIY slime-making station. Create a "mad scientist" photo booth for quirky snapshots, and play some science board games

St Patricks Day Party

March 17th is all about the luck of the Irish, and what better way to celebrate than with a St. Patrick's Day party? Transform your space into a green haven with shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold.

Ask guests to wear green, and serve up traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage. Don't forget to include Irish music, dance, and maybe even a jig competition for an unforgettable Irish celebration.

Happiness Day Celebration

March marks the International Day of Happiness, a perfect occasion to spread joy and positivity. Decorate your space with cheerful colors, funny jokes, uplifting quotes, and happy faces.

Host activities that promote laughter and good vibes, such as a happiness-themed photo booth, gratitude journaling station, or a dance floor with feel-good tunes. 

Color Party

Celebrate International Color Day, with a color party or Rainbow party. Transform your party space with bold decorations and a rainbow-inspired theme. Have guests wear their favorite colors, and organize color-themed activities like a paint station, colorful photo booth, or a DIY tie-dye corner. 

What's Your Name Party

March hosts two fun name days, Unique Names Day and Name Tag Day. So celebrate by playing a fun What's your Name game. You can theme this game to your party with things like 'whats your taco name' and 'whats your donut name'

Or you can encourage guests to wear name tags with their unique nicknames or fun facts about themselves. Host games that highlight the uniqueness of names, such as a "Guess the Name" quiz or a "Create Your Unique Name" station. 

Pretzel Day

Late in March is Pretzel Sunday, a day dedicated to the deliciousness of this twisted treat. Create a pretzel-themed party with various pretzel shapes and flavors, from classic salted to heart shaped pretzels and sweet cinnamon twists.

Set up a pretzel bar with a variety of dips, and host a pretzel-making competition for some interactive fun. 

Flower Party

March has National Plant a Flower Day, the ideal opportunity to celebrate with a cute flower themed party. Create a garden-inspired party with floral decorations, potted plants, and flower-themed activities.

Set up a DIY flower planting station, where guests can pot their own flowers to take home. 

As you can see, March is a super fun time for parties with lots of different themes. Whether you're dressing up for St. Patrick's Day, enjoying the elegance of National White Day, or munching on popcorn for Popcorn Lovers Day, there's something for everyone.

So, grab your pals, have some fun, and make cool memories. Here's to a March full of laughs, happiness, and awesome party moments!