Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve is a magical time of year for many people, and parents often try to find ways to make it extra special for their tweens. One exciting tradition that has become popular in recent years is the Christmas Eve Box – a gift filled with delightful goodies to help make the most of the evening.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve boxes are a relatively recent phenomenon, first popping up in the early 2000s. They are a fun and exciting way to get families ready for Christmas Day and make memories that will last a lifetime.

As the name implies, Christmas Eve boxes typically contain items to enjoy on Christmas Eve, including pajamas, festive films and hot chocolate – though other surprises can be added as well.

The items might also reflect family traditions or be tailored to the tastes of each individual recipient. Either way, Christmas Eve boxes can give everyone something special to look forward to before Santa arrives!


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Tween Christmas Eve Box Ideas

You can wrap up the Christmas Eve box and let your tween find it under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Or if you are doing Elf on the Shelf, you can have your elf leave the gift for your Tween before they fly back to the North Pole.

Family Christmas Eve Box

If you have a large family, you could make one larger Family Christmas Eve box instead of individual ones for each family member. The Family box could include things like;

  • Favorite Christmas Movie
  • Popcorn and toppings
  • Holiday themed puzzle or board game
  • Hot chocolate mix and festive mugs
  • Matching family Christmas pjs

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Tween Christmas Eve Box

If you are going to make your tween their own Christmas Eve Box, you can include their favorite festive items or even get some of them personalized.

Ideas For The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box! You can include things like;

  • A festive movie – Choose a classic Christmas movie or find a new favorite to watch on Christmas Eve. Elf,” “The Polar Express,” and “Home Alone” are all classics that tweens will love watching on Christmas Eve (or any night!).
  • Fun snacks and treats – There’s nothing like some yummy treats to make the evening even more enjoyable! Fill up your box with all kinds of goodies, from classic Christmas cookies to hot chocolate mix or festive popcorn.
  • Craft supplies – Encourage your tween to get creative with a selection of craft materials they can use while watching their movie or reading their book. Include stickers, markers, paper, and any other items you think they might enjoy using!
  • A good book  You could also include a special holiday-themed book your tween will enjoy reading that night. Whether it’s a classic like “A Christmas Carol” or a new favorite like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway,” tweens need a good book to curl up with on Christmas Eve.
  • A Christmas Activity book. From crosswords to Sudoku to mazes, an activity book will keep tweens entertained for hours. And if they don’t finish all of the activities, they can use it again next year.
  • A festive pair of socks. If your tween is anything like ours, they live in their socks! Why not add a festive pair to the box, so they can be extra cozy on Christmas Eve?
  • A journal or diary. A journal can be an ideal addition to your tween’s Christmas Eve box. They can use it to document their thoughts and feelings about the holiday season, or even start a yearly tradition of writing in their journals every Christmas Eve.
  • Holiday themed beauty products – Everyone loves to pamper themselves, so why not include some holiday themed beauty products in their box? From festive scented lotions to glittery nail polishes, your tween will love getting a little extra special something just for them.
  • Cute Holiday Accessory – Reindeer antler headbands or Santa hats are always a hit with tweens during the holiday season. They’re sure to love wearing their festive accessories while they open gifts on Christmas morning.
  • A cozy pair of pajamas. You can never go wrong with new PJs and you will get bonus points for finding some festive ones! Try Old Navy or Target for some great options.
  • Their favorite candy or snacks – No Christmas Eve is complete without some sweets! Stock up on their favorites—chocolate, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, etc.—and include them in the box.
  • No matter what you decide to include in your tween’s Christmas Eve box, it’s sure to be a special and memorable gift! From books and movies to crafts and snacks, your
  • A small toy or game. A deck of cards, a Rubik’s Cube, travel-sized games—anything that will fit in the box and provide some entertainment
  • A guide to making reindeer food – This is a fun activity for your tween to do and is a must for any self-respecting Christmas Eve box! Include a note advising your tween to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn before heading to bed.
  • A special Christmas ornament – Another great addition to the box is a special Christmas ornament that your tween can hang on the tree each year. You can find some really unique ones online or in stores
  • Glow sticks – because what’s more fun than playing with glow sticks at night. You can get some Christmas themed ones from the dollar store.

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Creating an ultimate Christmas Eve Box for your tween doesn’t have to be difficult and is a great way to make the evening extra special for your tween. Just include items that will make them happy and excited for Christmas Day and that will bring some extra magic to the festivities.

We hope these ideas help you put together the ultimate Christmas Eve box for your tween! Merry Christmas!