Costumes that Start with R

Costumes that Start with R

Hey there, party animals and costume lovers! Are you wanting to get dressed up for a party, but find yourself stuck choosing a costume? There are so many options to choose from and nothing screams "unique" and "memorable" like a costume that starts with a specific letter.

We have some fun fancy dress ideas for costumes starting with "R"! From the crazy and wacky to the regal and radiant, we've got you covered. So, let's roll out the red carpet for our top picks that will have you ruling the costume realm in no time!

Costume Ideas Beginning with Letter R

Robin Hood

Channel your inner outlaw with a Robin Hood costume! Picture yourself in forest green tights, a feathered cap, and wielding a bow and arrow. Not only is this costume iconic and instantly recognizable, but it's also a hit for those who love a mix of heroism with a dash of mischief. Plus, it's an excellent excuse to practice your British accent and charm the masses at any gathering.


For those who dream of fairy tales and enchanting towers, dressing up as Rapunzel is a magical choice. With a long, flowing wig (the longer, the better!), a beautiful princess dress, and perhaps a frying pan (for those who know the tale), you'll be set to captivate any prince or party-goer. Bonus points if you can convince a friend to go as Flynn Rider for the ultimate duo!


Robot costume

Get ready to transform into a walking, talking (or beeping) masterpiece of technology. Creating a robot costume can be as simple or as complex as you like, with options ranging from cardboard boxes and silver spray paint to LED lights and sound effects. This is your chance to let your creativity and inner engineer shine. Plus, who doesn't love making robot dance moves on the dance floor?

Renaissance Royalty

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the opulence of the Renaissance era. Whether you fancy being a dashing knight, a noble lady, or even a cunning court jester, the Renaissance offers a range of costume ideas that are both glamorous and historically fascinating. Don't forget the intricate details like lace, velvet, corsets, and capes to truly embody the spirit of the past.

Rock Star

Rockstar costume

Unleash your inner rock legend with a rock star costume that screams "center stage"! Think leather jackets, band tees, tight jeans, and an air guitar that never misses a note. Whether you're channeling the vibes of classic rock icons or the edgy allure of modern-day musicians, this costume is your ticket to the limelight. So, tease that hair, practice your mic swing, and get ready to rock the night away.


Who says costumes can't be cute and cunning at the same time? Dressing up as a raccoon combines the best of both worlds, with its distinctive black mask and striped tail. This costume is not only easy to pull off but also incredibly fun. Just try not to rummage through the trash cans at the party!


For the romantics at heart, why not choose a costume that has stood the test of time? Romeo offers a chance to dive into the world of Shakespearean drama and timeless love. With velvet doublets, and poetic flair, you'll surely capture the hearts of fellow party-goers. And if you're attending with a partner, this theme provides a perfect opportunity for a Romeo and Juliet couple's costume that's both elegant and tragic.

Red Riding Hood

Red riding hood costume

Bring to life a beloved fairy tale by dressing up as Red Riding Hood. This costume is iconic with its red cape and basket, perfect for a stroll to grandma's house (or, in this case, the next party). It's a fantastic pick for a quick and easy costume.

Rey (Star Wars

For the sci-fi fans and space adventurers, dressing up as Rey from "Star Wars" is a fantastic way to channel the force. With her signature look of wraps, a belt, boots, and a lightsaber, you'll be ready to take on the dark side—or just have a great time at the party. This is also a comfortable costume option that's perfect for moving around and enjoying the festivities.


Embrace the hip-hop culture and step into the party as a legendary rapper. Think oversized clothing, flashy jewelry (hello, bling!), cool sneakers, and maybe even a microphone accessory to complete the look. Whether you're channeling old-school vibes or drawing inspiration from today's hip-hop icons, this costume is all about expressing yourself and maybe busting some rhymes if you're up for it!


Transform into one of Santa's trusty reindeer for a costume that's both adorable and seasonally versatile. A brown outfit, antler headband, and a cute little nose (red if you dare to be Rudolph) will make you the cutest creature at any event. It's a fantastic choice for those who love Christmas or just want an excuse to be extra cute.

Raphael (Ninja Turtle)

Channel your inner ninja by dressing up as Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With a green base outfit, red eye mask, and those signature sai weapons, you'll be ready to fight crime or just party hard. It's a great group costume idea too—if you have friends willing to dress up as Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo, you'll be the squad everyone wants to hang with.


Robber costume

Pull off the ultimate heist... of the best-dressed award! Dressing up as a robber can be as simple as donning a black and white striped shirt, a mask, and a swag bag (bonus points if it's marked with a dollar sign). This costume is easy to put together, comfortable to wear, and instantly recognizable. Just remember to play nice and only steal the spotlight!


Jump into the party as the most adorable rabbit with a costume that's bound to get everyone talking. A white, grey, or even colorful bunny suit, complete with ears and a fluffy tail, will make you the center of attention.


Take control of the game (or party) by dressing up as a referee. With a black and white striped shirt, a whistle, and maybe even a yellow penalty flag, you'll be ready to make the tough calls or just ensure everyone's playing fair. It's a fun, interactive costume idea that's perfect for sports fans or anyone who loves being in the middle of the action.

Rainbow Brite

Bring a burst of color to any party as Rainbow Brite, the iconic character known for spreading joy and color to the world. With her signature rainbow dress, arm and leg warmers, and a colorful hairdo, you'll be a walking ray of sunshine. This costume is not just a throwback to the '80s but a fantastic way to light up any room. Don't forget her magical belt and star scepter to complete the enchanting look!

Robin (Batman's Sidekick)

Leap into action as Robin, the Boy Wonder, and Batman's trusty sidekick. With his iconic red, green, and yellow outfit, complete with a cape and mask, you're all set to fight crime (or party till dawn). This costume is perfect for those who love superheroes. Going as a duo with someone dressed as Batman? Even better! You'll be the dynamic duo everyone will be buzzing about.


Ringmaster costume

Take center stage and dazzle the crowd as a ringmaster. With a top hat, a red tailcoat, a gold vest, and a commanding whip or baton, you'll exude the charisma and authority of a true circus leader. This costume is all about fun, making it perfect for those who love to entertain and take charge. It's your show, and as the ringmaster, you're sure to keep everyone captivated from start to finish.

Rag Doll

Transform into a cute rag doll with a costume that's both sweet and nostalgic. Think patchwork dress, striped stockings, and yarn hair to capture that classic, handmade look. Adding rosy cheeks and freckles will further add to the doll-like theme.

I hope you have had fun checking out all these cool "R" costume ideas. From the colorful Rainbow Brite to Batman's buddy Robin, the show-stopping Ringmaster, and the cute Rag Doll, we've seen some awesome outfits that are perfect for any dress-up day or fun party.

Dressing up is all about having a great time and letting your imagination run wild. So, pick your favorite "R," mix it up with your own style, and get ready to show off your fun side.

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