Costumes Starting with N

Costumes Starting with N

Whether you’re prepping for Halloween, a themed party, or just a fun dress-up day, here is a fun list of costume ideas all starting with the letter N. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and make costume planning a breeze!

Fun Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning with letter N

1. Ninja

Ninjas are always a hit! Grab some black clothing, a face mask, and maybe a toy sword. You’ll be ready to sneak around and show off your stealthy moves. Plus, it’s a comfy and easy costume to put together.

ninja costume

2. Nurse

A classic and easy-to-recognize costume.  Find a white dress or scrubs, add a nurse’s cap, and carry a toy stethoscope. It’s a great choice if you want to look helpful and caring.

3. Napoleon

Feeling a bit historical? Napoleon Bonaparte might be the perfect pick. Look for a blue military-style jacket, white pants, and a bicorne hat. You’ll be ready to conquer any costume contest!

4. Narnia Characters

Step into a magical world with characters from “The Chronicles of Narnia.”  Whether it’s the brave Aslan, the noble Peter, or the wicked White Witch, there are plenty of options to explore. Plus, it’s a great excuse to rewatch the movies for inspiration.

5. Neanderthal

Go prehistoric with a Neanderthal costume. Think animal print fabric, faux fur, and maybe a club. This one’s fun and lets you get a bit wild with your look.

Neanderthal costume

6. Nutcracker

Perfect for the holiday season!  A Nutcracker costume is festive and fun. Look for a soldier’s uniform, a tall hat, and add some face paint to mimic the classic Nutcracker doll look.

7. Neptune

Channel the power of the sea with a Neptune costume.  Think trident, blue robes, and maybe a crown of seashells. You’ll rule the party like a true sea god.

8. Nefertiti

Go for a regal and elegant look with a Nefertiti costume.  Find an Egyptian-style dress, a statement necklace, and a headdress. You’ll feel like royalty in no time.

Nefertiti costume

9. Nerd

Embrace your inner geek!  Think suspenders, plaid pants, and a button-up shirt. Add some thick-rimmed glasses (bonus points for tape in the middle) and maybe a few pens in your pocket protector. It’s a classic and super easy costume that’s always a hit.

10. Nun

A nun costume is simple yet striking. Find a black robe or dress, add a white collar, and finish with a headpiece. It’s a recognizable and easy-to-assemble outfit.

11. Nudist (with a Twist)

Want a cheeky and humorous costume?  Go as a nudist on strike! Wear a flesh-colored bodysuit and carry a sign that says something funny like “Nudists on Strike” or “Clothing Optional.” It’s a playful way to keep things PG while getting a good laugh.

12. Naval Officer

Look sharp and authoritative with a naval officer costume.  Find a white or navy-blue uniform, complete with epaulets and a hat. Add some medals for extra flair. You’ll be ready to set sail and command the party.

13. Nemo

Channel the beloved clownfish from “Finding Nemo.”  Look for an orange outfit with white stripes, or find a Nemo-themed costume. Add some fins and you’re ready to swim into the spotlight.

14. Nancy Drew

Become the famous teenage sleuth!  Wear a vintage dress, carry a magnifying glass, and maybe a notebook to jot down clues. It’s a great choice for those who love a good mystery.

15. Ninja Turtle

Cowabunga!  Dress as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Find a green bodysuit, add a shell, and pick your favorite turtle’s colored mask (red, blue, orange, or purple). Don’t forget the corresponding weapon—swords, nunchucks, a staff, or sai.

16. Nanny

Channel Mary Poppins or a funny Nanny McPhee look. Find a vintage-style dress, add an apron, and carry an umbrella or a carpet bag. You’ll be practically perfect in every way.

17. Nacho Libre

Get your wrestling game on as Nacho Libre.  Wear a blue and red wrestler’s outfit, add a cape, and don’t forget the signature mask. You’ll be ready to rumble!

18. Norse God/Goddess

Channel the power of Norse mythology.  Dress as Odin, Thor, Freya, or Loki. Look for Viking-inspired clothing, armor, and accessories. Don’t forget the mighty hammer or a horned helmet!

19. Navy SEAL

Honor the elite naval special operations force with a Navy SEAL costume.  Wear camouflage, tactical gear, and maybe some face paint. You’ll look tough and ready for action.

20. Newscaster

Get your news anchor groove on!  Dress in professional attire, hold a microphone or clipboard, and maybe wear a name tag with a catchy news station name. You’ll be ready to report the latest scoop.

newscaster costume

I hope you found some inspiration with these fantastic costume ideas starting with the letter N. Whether you’re aiming for stealthy, historical or magical, there’s something here for everyone. Have a blast at your next costume event. 

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