Costumes that Start with Q

Costumes that Start with Q

Are you ready for a quirky and fun challenge? You will need to get creative with a costume party where every outfit begins with the letter 'Q'! It's not the most common letter for costume ideas, which makes it even more exciting to explore.

Imagine all the giggles and surprises as everyone shows up in their unique 'Q' costumes. Whether you're hosting the party or just attending, and are asking yourself, so, what can you dress up as that starts with a 'Q'? Don't worry, I've got you covered with some cute and quirky ideas that are sure to be a hit at any party.

From queens to quokkas, this list has something for everyone who wants to bring a little extra fun to the costume game.

Fun Letter Q Dress up Party Costumes

Queen of Hearts:

Embrace your royal side with a Queen of Hearts costume. Don a regal gown, a sparkling tiara, and maybe even some heart-shaped accessories to really stand out.

Quidditch Player:

For all the Harry Potter fans, why not zoom into the party as a Quidditch player? Grab a broom, a Quidditch robe, and don’t forget the goggles to complete your magical look.


This adorable Australian marsupial makes for a super cute costume. Wear a brown outfit, add some big, round ears, and don’t forget the happiest, smiley face mask you can find!


Sports fans can show off their love for football by dressing up as a quarterback. Put on some shoulder pads, a jersey, and carry a football to toss around at the party.

Quarterback costume


For those who like classic characters, dressing up as Quasimodo from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" can be both unique and memorable. A hunched back and period costume will bring this character to life.

Quiz Master:

Channel your inner game show host by becoming a Quiz Master. Wear a smart suit, carry a microphone, and maybe have some trivia cards handy to quiz your fellow party-goers throughout the night.

Queen Bee:

Buzz into the party as a Queen Bee. Yellow and black stripes, glittery wings, and an antenna headband make this a fun and easy outfit to put together.

bee costume

Queen Elizabeth I:

Step out as one of England’s most famous monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I. Dress in a lavish Elizabethan gown, complete with an elaborate ruff and a red wig. Don't forget the regal makeup to highlight your royal demeanor.

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile:

Channel ancient glamour as Cleopatra. Adorn yourself with a shimmering gold dress, a striking headdress, and lots of bold, dramatic eye makeup. Adding accessories like a golden asp armlet or a royal staff can make your outfit even more majestic.

cleopatra costume

Queen Amidala from Star Wars:

For the sci-fi enthusiasts, dressing up as Queen Amidala will definitely be a showstopper. Her outfits are iconic, especially her red ceremonial gown with the intricate gold detailing and the unforgettable face makeup.

Queen of the Damned:

For a spookier take, go as the Queen of the Damned. Think gothic with a dark, twist, black lace, velvet, and some fang-tastic makeup to complete the undead look.

Dairy Queen:

On a lighter and punnier note, how about going as a Dairy Queen? Wear a dress designed like an ice cream cone or sundae, and maybe even carry around a little crown topped with a cherry, sweet and fun!

Queen of Spades:

Get card-carrying creative by dressing as the Queen of Spades. Wear a black dress and fashion a cape or shawl that mimics the spade symbol. Face painting to resemble the card face can add an extra wow factor.

Quality Control Inspector:

This is a quirky and humorous option. Wear a lab coat, carry a clipboard, and hang a badge that says "Quality Control". Inspect items at the party and make sure everything is up to standard, it’s a great way to interact with other guests!

Each of these 'Q' costumes not only sticks to the theme but also adds a dash of creativity and fun to your dress-up party. So pick your favorite, get creating, and prepare to have a fabulous time celebrating all things 'Q'!