How to Play the Whisper Challenge Game

How to Play the Whisper Challenge Game

Have you ever heard of the Whisper Challenge? It’s an incredibly fun game that can be played anywhere, anytime. It's a great way to get a group of people laughing and having a good time.

This game is great as an icebreaker, to play at a sleepover party or any time you are wanting a fun easy to play game. All you need is at least two people and the willingness to try something new! Let’s dive in and learn how to play.

How do you play the Whisper Challenge Game?

This game is similar to the classic Telephone Game where you whisper a sentence in someone's ear and that sentence gets passed around until it gets back to the original person. This Whisper Challenge takes that original game and adds a fun twist.

The goal of the Whisper Challenge is for one person to try to read the other person's lips and guess what words or phrase they are saying. The catch is this person must be wearing noise-canceling headphones which are playing loud music.

The Whisper Challenge Game

The person who isn't wearing headphones must whisper a sentence or phrase, while the other person tries to guess it correctly. The person wearing headphones will then repeat what they thought their team mate was saying out loud, so everyone can hear it. This part is often where most of the laughs come from as some guesses can be quite creative or funny!

Decide on how you will allocate points before you start. You can give something like 2 points to the person wearing headphones for each correct guess, 1 point for a partially correct answer and no points for something completely wrong.

To make sure everyone has a chance to play, switch up who is wearing headphones and who is whispering. The game ends when everyone has had a turn or when one person or team has reached a set number of points.

The Whisper Challenge is a great game to play with your friends but you don't want to make it too easy to guess the words you are whispering. So try to find phrases and sentences that would be hard to guess.

Easy Whisper Challenge Phrases

Start the game out with some slightly easier phrases before moving onto the more challenging ones.

  • I am happy
  • Hello
  • Smile
  • Burger and fries
  • Sunshine
  • I like tacos
  • Swimming Pool
  • On the ball
  • Watermelon
  • How are you?

How are you

  • Pineapple
  • I like you
  • Easter Egg
  • Baby Shark
  • Christmas present
  • Santa Claus
  • Pizza
  • I love you
  • Colorful balloons
  • Football game
  • Throw a ball
  • Beyonce
  • Reece Witherspoon
  • Walk the dog
  • Monster Truck
  • Trick or Treat
  • Merry Christmas

Harder Whisper Challenge Sentences

You could also try making up your own phrases. This might sound silly but it will definitely give your game an extra twist that everyone will enjoy.

  • I saw an elephant in a tutu
  • Balloon filled with jellybeans
  • Colorful circles
  • Spongebob Square Pants
  • Eating strawberries
  • Goodnight Grandma
  • I don't understand
  • A penny for your thoughts
  • Chocolate covered oreos
  • Can you hear me whisper
  • Please answer the telephone
  • Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the Little Things

  • Salty and spicy
  • Swimming with turtles
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • You have big feet
  • Jack and Jill went up the hill
  • Jingle all the way
  • Colorful candyfloss
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  • I know Kung Fu
  • Once upon a time
  • Driving my car
  • Best vacation ever
  • I want to climb a mountain
  • I like to swim in the ocean

Whisper Challenge Questions

  • What do you mean?
  • Do you want eggs for breakfast?
  • What do you think?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What time is dinner?
  • Why are we playing this game?
  • How many brothers do you have?
  • Who is the oldest here?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Are you ready for a challenge?
  • Do you want to go shopping?
  • How many cows are in the field?
  • Did you see that butterfly?
  • Does my hair look great today?
  • When did you last brush your teeth?
  • Have you had a shower today?

Adding Variations for More Fun

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add some variations to make things more interesting. For instance, instead of using words and phrases, you can use song lyrics or nursery rhymes, this will make it much harder for your partner to guess!

Another variation,if you have more than two players in your group, is to try playing in teams. Split yourselves into two groups, one with headphones and one without and take turns trying to guess each other’s words, phrases and sentences and keep score until one team wins!

The Whisper Challenge Game App

If you’re looking to take your Whisper Challenge game to the next level, why not try the Whisper Challenge game app? The game is available for both iPhone and Android devices and features over 1000 phrases in 20 different categories so that you can find something for everyone. Plus, it even includes a scoreboard so you can keep track of how many points each team has.

Hasbro Hearing Things Game

If you’re looking for an even more official way to play the Whisper Challenge game, then why not try Hasbro’s Hearing Things Game? This game comes with two sets of special headphones and a deck of cards with over 400 different phrases.

Hasbro Hearing Things GameHasbro Hearing Things GameHasbro Hearing Things Game


The game is designed for four players and can be played in teams or as individuals. With this game, you just need to connect the headphones and start guessing!

Teen wearing headphones

Any way you play it, the Whisper Challenge game is a great way to have fun with your friends and family. It’s easy to learn, but incredibly fun and will keep everyone entertained. Plus, there are plenty of variations available so that you can always mix things up and make

Whether you're looking for a quick laugh with friends or want something more challenging like team play, there are plenty of options available so don't be afraid to get creative. This game is really popular on Tik Tok right now.

So grab some noise-canceling headphones, pick out your words, phrases and sentences, and let the laughter begin! Happy whispering everyone!

How to play the whisper challenge game

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