Costumes Starting with G

Costumes Starting with G

Creative Costume Ideas Beginning with the Letter G

Have you been invited to a themed party that requires you to dress up in something that begins with the letter "G"? Or maybe you're attending an alphabet-themed event and you've been assigned this reliably grandiose letter? Either way, you're in luck because "G" offers a plethora of great and sometimes goofy costume ideas that can make you the center of attention or at least draw a few good-hearted laughs. Here are some imaginative "G" costume ideas that you can put together.


The Go-To Classic: Ghost

Nothing shouts "Halloween" more than the traditional ghost costume. But don't just think old white sheet with two holes; get creative! Use different fabrics, materials, or even LED lights to bring your spooky spirit to life. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can fashion a ghost from your favorite iconic ghostly character, such as Casper or the ghosts from Pac-Man.

ghost costume

Glamorous and Green: Garden Fairy

Unleash the ethereal creature within by transforming yourself into a garden fairy. Think glittery wings, a wand, flower crowns, and plenty of greens and florals. This costume can be as simple or elaborate as you like - the more detailed, the more magical the effect.

Get Grooving: Grease Character

Grease is the word, and dressing as Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsson, or any member of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies will definitely get you into the swing of the '50s. With the right leather jacket, poodle skirt, or red heels, you'll be the one that everyone wants!

Greaser Costume WomenGreaser Costume WomenGreaser Costume WomenMens Grease, T-birds JacketMens Grease, T-birds JacketMens Grease, T-birds JacketPink Ladies Jacket GreasePink Ladies Jacket GreasePink Ladies Jacket Grease


Grand and Regal: Greek God or Goddess

Exude elegance and grandeur in a Greek God or Goddess costume. Channel Zeus, Athena, or Aphrodite with togas, gold accessories, and laurel wreaths. This is not only a sophisticated pick but also relatively comfortable and can be quite flattering!

Gleeful and Goofy: Gnome

Gnomes are not just for gardens anymore. With a colorful tunic, a bushy beard (which can be hilarious on anyone), and a pointed hat, you'll quickly transform into a gnome that could brighten even the dullest of parties.

Women's Ms. Gnome CostumeWomen's Ms. Gnome CostumeWomen's Ms. Gnome CostumeMen's Papa Gnome CostumeMen's Papa Gnome CostumeMen's Papa Gnome CostumeGarden Gnome Boy CostumeGarden Gnome Boy CostumeGarden Gnome Boy Costume


Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel characters are always a hit, and "Guardians of the Galaxy" offers some out-of-this-world G-themed ones. Whether you favor the roguish charm of Star-Lord, the mystery of Gamora, or the uniqueness of Groot, there's a character for every type of fan.

The Good Guys: Superheroes and Villains

Good guys and bad guys starting with "G" abound in the comic universe. Dress up as The Green Lantern, Green Arrow, or for a villainous twist, The Green Goblin. Each one offers a distinct look that will stand out amongst a sea of costumes.

Green Lantern CostumesGreen Lantern CostumesGreen Lantern CostumesOliver Queen Green Arrow CostumeOliver Queen Green Arrow CostumeOliver Queen Green Arrow CostumeGreen goblin costumeGreen goblin costumeGreen goblin costume


Go Wild: Gorilla

For a truly bold choice, nothing says "party animal" quite like striding in dressed as a gorilla! Sure, it might get a little warm inside all that fur, but the reactions will be priceless.

Gorilla Costume

Gleefully Literary: Gatsby

If you're a lover of literature or you simply want to ooze style and sophistication, channel your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan. Take a step back into the roaring '20s with flapper dresses and dapper suits, perfect for any swanky shindig.

Flapper Dress Gatsby costume

Game On: Video Game Characters

There's a host of video game characters that begin with "G". Think about going as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, a ghost from the Mario series, or anyone from the Gears of War franchise.

Globetrotting Mystique: Gypsy

Capture the essence of a romantic and mysterious traveler with a Gypsy costume. Layer colorful skirts, scarves, and gold jewelry to channel a look that's as enchanting as it is nomadic. Don't forget to add a touch of fortune-teller flair with a crystal ball or tarot cards for effect.

Towering Tall: Giraffe

Stand head and shoulders above the crowd by dressing up as a giraffe. This costume not only offers a unique and fun way to join the festivities but also gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative skills in replicating those iconic spots and long neck.

Giraffe Costume

Grimly Telling: Grim Reaper

Nothing quite brings a chill to the room like the sight of the Grim Reaper. Donning the hooded cloak and carrying a scythe, this costume is a classic choice for those wanting to venture on the darker side of costume themes. A grim reminder of the macabre, it's sure to be a hit.

Gallant and Grand: Gladiator

Step into the shoes of a warrior from ancient Rome with a Gladiator costume. Whether you opt for armor, a helmet, and a sword, or choose a more modest tunic and sandals, you'll evoke the spirit of the Colosseum at any event you attend. Prepare for battle, or at least for the admiration of fellow party-goers.

Gladiator costume

Magical and Mysterious: Genie

Transform into the life of the party with a Genie costume. This magical and mysterious option allows you to embody the whimsical spirit of these iconic characters from tales and movies. With vibrant silk pants, a shimmering vest, and perhaps a lamp or two, you can grant wishes all night long or just enjoy the festivities with a sparkle.

Genie costume

Ghostly Guardians: Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This classic choice not only pays homage to the beloved franchise but also gives you the freedom to hunt ghosts in style. Donning the signature jumpsuit and a proton pack, either homemade or bought, will surely make you a hit at any gathering. It's the perfect blend of nostalgia and fun, ideal for those looking to make a supernatural entrance.

No matter which "G" costume idea you choose, what's most important is that you have fun with it. A costume party is a perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and your ability to think outside the box or, in this case, outside the alphabet. Whatever you decide, go forth with gusto and, most importantly, have a great time!

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