Fun Games for Valentine's Day in the Classroom

Fun Games for Valentine's Day in the Classroom

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for children of all ages, but it can be especially memorable for kids who are celebrating it in the classroom. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fun party ideas or a parent helping to plan your child’s class celebration, these activities and games will make this Valentine’s Day extra special for everyone!

Valentine's Day is a special opportunity for classmates to spread love and appreciation for one another. There are lots of fun activities that can be done in the classroom that allow students to show their creativity, make memories and deepen friendships.

Valentine's Day BINGO

A classic game modified with a festive twist! This is sure to be a hit with your students. To play, create bingo boards with Valentine's day-related items such as candy hearts, love letters, teddy bears and other items related to the holiday. You can even give out small prizes such as stickers or bookmarks when someone gets bingo!

Valentine Art Project

This is a great activity for all ages. Have your students create Valentine’s Day cards with their own personal message to someone special or just have them decorate a Valentine's Day Coloring Card. Or you could provide supplies and have them make collages using various items such as colored construction paper, glitter and even candy!

Valentine’s Day Charades

This is a fun game for any age. Have your students act out various Valentine’s day related items like roses, chocolates, heart or cupid. You can give out small prizes to the students who guess correctly!

Valentine's Day Find Someone Who

This fun human bingo game is great for large groups. You can play this individually or in small teams. Give each person or team a copy of the bingo sheet and have them find someone in the room who matches each description in the box and write their name into the box. Whoever fills out their sheet first wins!

Heart Bean Bag Toss

This is a great game to play in the classroom on Valentine's Day. Have your students line up and take turns tossing bean bags into the heart shaped targets. You can give out small prizes to the student who gets it in the most targets!

Valentine's Day Bean Bag Toss GameValentine's Day Bean Bag Toss GameValentine's Day Bean Bag Toss GameValentines Day Bean Bag Toss GameValentines Day Bean Bag Toss GameValentines Day Bean Bag Toss Game


Who am I?

Write some Valentine's Day inspired words onto post it notes and stick one on each student's back. The idea of the game is to try to guess what the word is on your back by asking other people questions about it. You can only ask each person one question and the first person to guess their word correctly wins. Some ideas for words could be heart, candy, flower, pink, gift, card.

Heart Hunt

Have your students draw and cut out some heart shapes and put them into a pile. Then have half your students leave the room and the other half will hide the hearts around the classroom. Then invite the other children back into the room to see how many hearts they can find in the time allowed. Then swap over and have them hide the hearts for the other group to find.

Kids Valentines Day

Don't Smile!

For this game, have everyone sit in a large circle and everyone must not smile. Choose one person to be 'it' and they will start the game. To start 'It' begins smiling and looking around the circle at everyone trying to get someone to laugh. They will then pretend to wipe their smile off their face and throw it at someone else in the circle.

That person must pretend to catch and 'put on' the smile and will start smiling at everyone else. If you are not 'it' and you smile or laugh you are out of the game. The game continues until there is only one person left.

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

Gather up some Valentine-themed items like candy hearts, cards and stuffed animals. Place them all on a table or tray and let the kids take turns looking at it for 30 seconds before covering it back up. Each student takes turns trying to remember all of the items that were on display. The student who can recall the most items wins!

Candy Count

Fill up a jar with Valentine's themed candy and have your students guess how many pieces of candy the jar holds. The student closest to the exact number wins!

HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk ChocolateHERSHEY'S KISSES Milk ChocolateHERSHEY'S KISSES Milk ChocolateSwedish Fish Valentine Candy HeartsSwedish Fish Valentine Candy HeartsSwedish Fish Valentine Candy HeartsConversation Heart CandyConversation Heart CandyConversation Heart Candy


Valentine’s Day Story Time

Choose a few Valentine's themed books and have each student take turns reading one page of the book until you get to the end. This is a great way to encourage reading among your students on Valentine's Day!

Valentines Minute to Win It Games

Get your students in the Valentine's Day spirit by playing Minute to Win It games in the classroom! These fun and festive games involve completing a task within a specified time to win. There are numerous ways to customize these challenge games based on the materials available, from using everyday supplies such as post-it notes and paper clips, to creating a scavenger hunt for locker decorations.

Minute to win it games are perfect to play in the classroom. Try setting up some fun Valentine’s day themed games like stacking candy hearts, blowing a kissing sound with paper or straws, or balancing wrapped chocolate hearts on your head!

Valentine's day is an exciting time for kids in school and there are lots of fun activities that you can do in the classroom to help make this special day even more memorable. With these games and activities, your students will be having so much fun they won't want their celebrations to end! So gather up some supplies, pull out those pencils and paper and get ready for plenty of smiles on Valentine's day!

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