Christmas Food Trivia

Christmas Food Trivia

Winter is here, and the smell of pine fills the air which can mean only one thing - that Christmas has arrived!

Besides the presents, decorations, and happy feelings, people also look forward to the delicious food during this season. From big meals to yummy desserts, Christmas food is loved by many around the world.

Test your Christmas food knowledge with these fun trivia questions that all highlight the special culinary traditions linked to this wonderful holiday season.

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Christmas Food Quiz

See how many of these questions you can answer correctly.

What popular Christmas beverage is also known as "milk punch"?

What Italian dish is traditionally served on Christmas Eve and consists of seven different types of fish and seafood?
Feast of the Seven Fishes (Festa dei Sette Pesci)

In Germany, what sweet treat is believed to have originated as a way to keep children quiet during long Christmas services?
Candy Canes

What spice is commonly used in gingerbread cookies and many other holiday treats?

Christmas Cookies

What is the main ingredient in traditional mince pies?
Dried fruits (e.g., raisins, currants, sultanas)

What popular Christmas dessert is made from layers of sponge cake, custard, and whipped cream, often topped with fruit and nuts?

In China, what food is traditionally given on Christmas Eve?

What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas Pudding?
A silver coin (sixpence)

In the movie 'Elf' what is referred to as the 4 main food groups?
Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn and Syrup

What beverage is often referred to as the "Christmas Ale" in many parts of the world?
Mulled Wine

What hot drink is usually topped with whipped cream and marshmallows and is popular at Christmas time?
Hot Cocoa

Christmas Hot Chocolate

What food items are 'Pigs in Blankets'?
Sausage wrapped in bacon

In the song "The 12 Days of Christmas," what fruit tree did the partridge sit in?

Pear Tree

In Germany, what roasted meat is common to eat at Christmas?

What savory dish made from ground meat, potatoes, and vegetables is a traditional Christmas meal in some countries?
Shepherd's Pie

What vegetable is commonly used to make a snowman's nose?


What type of pie is typically served during Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Pumpkin Pie

In the movie "Elf," what breakfast cereal does Buddy put on his spaghetti?
M&Ms and Syrup

In Germany, what type of bread is commonly enjoyed during the Christmas season?

What do children commonly leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Milk and cookies

What nut is often roasted and enjoyed during the holiday season?

Which country is Figgy Pudding a popular thing to eat during the festive season?

What roast meat is traditionally served on Christmas day in USA?
Roast Turkey

What is the name of the French pastry made from choux dough and often filled with cream or custard?

In Japan, what is a popular food choice for Christmas dinner?
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

When is National Egg Nog Day?
24th December

What is the Italian sweet bread, usually filled with candied fruits and nuts, that is traditionally eaten during the holiday season?

Christmas Food True or False Questions and Answers

Are these statements true or false?

  1. Candy Canes were originally created as a way to keep children quiet during Christmas services. 
  2. In the United States, it is traditional to eat turkey on Christmas Day. 
  3. Mincemeat pies are a popular Christmas dessert in America, typically filled with minced meat and dried fruits. 
  4. Pecan Pie is a classic Christmas dessert in the Southern United States.
  5. Peppermint Bark is a candy made by layering melted chocolate with crushed peppermint candy pieces. 
  6. Gingerbread houses are a popular Christmas tradition in Japan. 
  7. Mistletoe is a traditional Christmas decoration that is often edible. 
  8. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows is a traditional side dish served during American Christmas dinners. 
  9. Shortbread originated from Scotland. 
  10. For good luck you should stir your Christmas pudding mixture anti-clockwise.
  11. 13 ingredients are traditionally used to make a Plum Christmas pudding
  12. The berries of a mistletoe plant are red.

Christmas Candy Cane

Christmas Food True or False Answers 

  1. TRUE
  2. TRUE
  3. FALSE (no meat in these pies!)
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE
  6. FALSE 
  7. FALSE (mistletoe is actually poisonous)
  8. TRUE
  9. TRUE
  10. FALSE (should stir clockwise)
  11. TRUE
  12. FALSE (they are white)

Christmas Food Trivia - Did you Know?

Here are some fun facts about common Christmas Foods

The Yule Log (Bûche de Noël)

Originating in Europe during the medieval era, the Yule Log, also known as Bûche de Noël, is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

Traditionally, a large log was burned in the hearth throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas, releasing fragrant aromas that filled the home. Over time, this tradition evolved into a delectable dessert - a sponge cake rolled and frosted to resemble a log, often decorated with marzipan holly leaves or meringue mushrooms.

Candy Canes: The Sweet Shepherd's Crook

Candy canes, with their red and white stripes, have become synonymous with Christmas. These sugary treats are believed to have originated in Germany in the 17th century.

The story goes that a choirmaster wanted to keep children quiet during long Christmas services and, inspired by the shepherd's crook, he created these peppermint-flavored delights.

Today, candy canes are enjoyed by both young and old, adorning Christmas trees and serving as sweet stocking stuffers.

Gingerbread Houses: A Tasty Architectural Marvel

The tradition of gingerbread houses traces back to Germany in the 16th century when bakers began crafting elaborate gingerbread creations to display at Christmas markets.

These edible wonders were initially inspired by the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. Over time, the custom spread across Europe and beyond, captivating the imagination of people of all ages who now enjoy building and decorating these delightful treats during the holiday season.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

In Italy and many Italian-American households, Christmas Eve is celebrated with the Feast of the Seven Fishes (Festa dei Sette Pesci). This long-standing tradition involves serving a grand feast featuring seven different types of fish and seafood dishes, symbolizing the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church.

The meal typically includes dishes like baccalà (salted cod), calamari, shrimp, and more, each prepared in various delectable ways.

Mince Pies: A Royal Treat

Mince pies have a long history in Britain, dating back to the 13th century. Originally, they were filled with a mix of minced meat, suet, fruits, and spices, reflecting the medieval taste for sweet and savory combinations.

Over time, the meat was replaced with a more modern, sweet filling consisting of dried fruits, spices, and brandy. Mince pies have been a staple on British Christmas tables for centuries, and legend has it that eating a mince pie on each of the Twelve Days of Christmas brings good luck for the year ahead.

Christmas Dinner

I hope you had fun answering these Christmas food trivia questions. Did you manage to guess many of them correctly?

Whether you aced the quiz or learned something new about Christmas food traditions, I hope this trivia adds an extra sprinkle of joy to your holiday season.

Remember, Christmas is not just about the gifts and decorations; it's also about the delicious food that brings friends and family together.

So, as you indulge in your favorite festive treats, may your heart be filled with warmth and the spirit of Christmas. Happy holidays and enjoy the delicious delights of this special time of year!