Indoor Snow Days Games

Indoor Snow Day Games

As much as children enjoy snow days and the break from school, there are times when the white stuff becomes too much of a good thing. Blizzard conditions, extreme cold, or high winds may conspire to keep you and the kids cooped up in the house. Don't despair, even if the weather outside is frightful,  inside doesn't have to be. You can keep children entertained with creative indoor games that may help ward off cabin fever.

Indoor Snow Days

Printable Winter Games

When the weather is too cold to go outside, these printable games are a perfect indoor activity. From scavenger hunts to trivia games, these games will keep the kids entertained all day.

Printable Winter Games
Indoor Sock Volleyball

This game allows kids to burn off energy without doing any damage to furniture. To set it up, you will need a large inflated balloon and a 10-foot-long piece of string or twine. Attach the string across a 10-foot-wide playing area that is clear of furniture and breakables, at a height of about 1 foot off the floor.

After having the children remove their shoes, split them into two teams and position them on either side of the string. Begin the game with one player tossing the balloon into the air, while another player on the same team kicks it over the string to the opposing team. Teams are only allowed to touch the balloon with their feet, no hands allowed! If one team lets the balloon hit the floor on their side, the other team scores a point and gets to start with the balloon. The first team to score 15 points wins the game.

    Fun Indoor Snow Games:

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    The Camping Game

    Select a child from the group to be the moderator, or "campground director," to play this game. Let the campground director "in" on the trick of the game, out of earshot of the other children. Have the children, each, in turn, declare what they would like to bring on the camping trip; the campground director either approves the selection or forbids it.

    Julia, who would like to bring a tent, is "forbidden" to bring it, but Sam, who wants to bring sleeping bags, and Hannah, who wants to bring hamburgers, are "approved." The trick, of course, is that the item must begin with the first letter of the person's name.

    This game, which promotes logical thinking can provoke some lively discussion, as children try to figure out why their suggestions are banned or approved. Smaller children that appear to be getting frustrated can be privately let in on the secret. A small prize can be offered to the child who finally figures out the trick.

    Camping inside

    Picture Scramble

    Picture Scramble requires a pile of pictures that you don't mind seeing destroyed, such as scanned images, postcards, or magazine photos. Rip each picture into 4 sections. With the children out of the room, scatter the picture pieces about. If older children are playing, you can rip pictures into more than 4 pieces, and put them in harder hiding places such as stashing them under seat cushions or in drawers.

    Make sure to hold back 1 piece from each picture. Give each of the children a piece from a different picture and have them race to find and reassemble the images. The first child to do so wins a prize.
    Picture Scramble Game

    Memory Test

    In a different room from the children, select between 5 and 20 different household objects, such as a pen, coin, button, or spoon and set them on a tray. Carry in the tray, let the children study them for 2 minutes, and take them out again. Give the children pencils and paper, and ask them to write down what they remember seeing.

    If playing with very young children, use fewer objects and simply have them whisper in your ear what they remember. The child who recalls the most objects wins the game. To make it harder, you can remove an object from the tray, and have the participants try to decide which object is missing.

    These games are also great for testing memory and to keep the kids entertained on snow days.

    I Never Forget a Face Memory Matching GameI Never Forget a Face Memory Matching GameI Never Forget a Face Memory Matching GameSimon Handheld Electronic Memory GameSimon Handheld Electronic Memory GameSimon Handheld Electronic Memory Game


    Snowball Fights

    Bringing snow into the house or classroom usually ends up in a huge mess. Use craft materials and creativity to make snowballs and have a fun snowball fight. Younger children can make snowballs from rolled-up socks or white balloons. Older children can create snowballs by simply balling up white tissue paper, toilet paper, or newspapers.

    Once the snowballs are made and the teams have been divided, begin the fight. Create a dividing line between the two teams and set a timer for the battle. The team that has the least amount of snowballs on their side after the timed play is the winner.

    Snowball fight with paper

    Snowman Games

    Many children enjoy using their imagination and creativity to build and decorate snowmen. This fun game can be done without the snow and the snowman they create will never melt. Make 2 teams, and each team has to nominate someone to be the 'snowman'. The idea is to wrap your 'snowman' in toilet paper and add buttons, a hat and any other accessories.

    You will need toilet paper, different-colored construction paper (black, orange, yellow, and red), and scissors. When the game starts, each team must wrap their 'snowman' with toilet paper from head to toe, leaving openings for his eyes and nose. The construction paper is used to create a hat, carrot nose, and other decorations.

    Another snowman game is similar to "pin the tail on the donkey" and is fun for younger kids. Simply draw a snowman outline on a large piece of paper or cardboard box. The kids are blindfolded and given small, orange "carrot" cutouts. Whoever pins the carrot closest to the nose area is the winner.

    Pin The Nose on OlafPin The Nose on OlafPin The Nose on Olaf


    Pass the Ice

    This game is similar to "hot potato" and can provide hours of entertainment for children. Use a piece of ice or fill up a balloon with water and freeze it overnight. The game is played with music and many parents use winter or holiday songs. Instruct the children to pass the ice or frozen balloon around in a circle until the music stops. Whoever is holding the ice when the music stops is out. The last person left is the winner.

    When the weather is bad outside, indoor snow games can help pass the time in a fun way. In fact, actual snow isn't even required to play these types of games. The key is to plan activities that bring out the enjoyable elements of a snowy day, such as snowball fights and snowmen. Most of the games only require simple household materials.

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