Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager

Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager

Gifting cash can be tricky, especially when it’s for someone special like a teen. It’s important to be mindful of how the money could be used, and how your gift may come across.

A great way to make the presentation meaningful is to add in some thoughtful elements. For instance, you could add a card with inspiring words to encourage financial literacy, or decorate an envelope with glittery accents that remind the recipient of their worth. Making the money more fun and exciting can create an experience they won’t soon forget.

Creative ways to give money as gifts

List of Creative Ways To Give Money To a Teen

Giving a teenager money for anything from special events to everyday activities can be an enjoyable and creative experience. One of the best and most original ways to gift money is to tie it onto a helium balloon with a personalized note attached.

Money Wreath

The money wreath is a creative way to give a thoughtful and meaningful gift that really stands out from the crowd. It starts with a simple wreath form – basically any type of greenery will work – and then you get to adorn it in currency! Not only does it look gorgeous, but the person receiving this eye-catching gift can have a blast deciding what to do with all the extra cash.

Whether they choose to use it for a special dinner out, some much-needed home repairs, or simply just banking it away towards their future – making this affordable yet delightful gift more than just paper. Or you can roll up notes and tape, pin to a foam wreath add any decorations you like that match the theme, like mini graduations caps, 18th Birthday cut outs.

Money Necklace

Instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive gift, you can get creative and make your own. A popular way to give someone money is by making a necklace out of it. You’ll need paper bills, string, scissors and tape. Cut the string to size and tie two ends together to form a circle. Tape the bill together at both sides, one in the middle and then tie the string around the bills. Make sure all the knots are tight and secure!

Money leis are fabulous gift ideas and also popular graduation gifts too. This necklace is a great way to give a gift that can be kept for years to come. Fold the notes into flowers and add to the cord, string such a pretty idea.

Money necklace

In a Clear Christmas Ornament

Another creative way to give money is by placing it inside a clear Christmas ornament. This could be a glass or acrylic ornament that can easily be filled with cash and sealed shut. This simple but effective gift will surely surprise the recipient when they hang the ornament on their tree! The best part is, once the holidays are over they can open the ornament and take out the money.

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Play Dough

Grab a play doh, container, add coins or notes and close the lid. You can make a label and change the word ‘doh’ to ‘dough’. This is probably the easiest idea we have come up with, so if you are in a rush, or for a last minute idea.

Peppermint Candy Coin Rolls

This is the perfect gift for a teen at college and needs coins for the laundry mat, roll up coins in some paper like stripes red and white just like a peppermint. Roll some clear cellophane around it and tie the ends with ribbon just like a bon bon or candy. To add a little extra, you can attach a note that reads “Treat Yo Self!”

In a Saran Wrap Ball

An interesting and unique way to give money is by making a Saran Wrap Ball. This involves taking several bills, wrapping them in plastic wrap, and then rolling them into a ball. You can add other goodies like candies or stickers for extra fun! The person receiving this gift will be delighted when they unwrap the ball and find all the money inside.

Money French Fries

Money French Fries are a great way to give money in a fun and creative way. Simply take some bills, roll them into the shape of French fries, long and thin and place them into a paper container! You can buy these at craft stores or make your own out of card stock. You can even draw condiments like ketchup or mustard on the wrapper for an extra touch of whimsy. This is a perfect gift for the teen who loves fast food and has a sense of humor!

In a Money box

A money box is a great way to give someone cash as a gift. This could be a decorative box in the shape of their favorite animal, or one with a printed quote on it. You can fill the box up with bills and give it to them as a sign of your appreciation. This not only looks great but its practical too – they can use the box to store their extra money. You can buy cute and funny money boxes online.

Decorative Cash Envelopes

Another creative way to give money is by using decorative cash envelopes. You can find cute and unique designs online or make your own from card stock. These are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more. Just fill the envelope with money and tie it closed with ribbon for a memorable gift that will bring a smile to their face.

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Money Flower Bouquets

Money flower bouquets are an easy way to give cash as a gift. All you need is some paper, scissors and glue to create the flowers. Cut out petals from colorful pieces of paper, glue them onto green stems made of wire or wooden skewers, and then attach real or fake leaves. Finally, add a few bills to each flower for a beautiful money bouquet that the recipient can keep and admire.

Teenager holding cash

Money Confetti Poppers

Money Confetti Poppers are a fun and creative way to give money as a gift. Place some folded bills into the popper along with some colorful confetti, and then simply hand it over! They will be surprised when they pull the string and the confetti and money fly out. This is a great idea for any milestone event like a birthday or graduation.

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Buried in Yarn of Wool

If your teen is into crochet or knitting then why not bury it in a skein of yarn or wool. All you need to do is wrap the money tightly in a small piece of paper, and tuck it inside the skein of yarn. You can pick out any color that would match their style and decor, as well as add some extra decorations – like a bow or ribbon – for an added touch. The teen receiving this gift will be pleasantly surprised when they start unraveling the yarn and discover the hidden money!

Happy Box

These happy boxes became very popular from tik tok, and can be a great way to give money as a gift. If you have a cricut machine they can be made relatively easily, or you can buy them online.

Simply fill the box with money or other small items like jewelry, candy or trinkets, and then make sure to write a heartwarming message on the inside of the lid. The recipient will be overjoyed when they open up the happy box and find their surprise!

teenager holding money as a gift

For something longer lasting, include the monetary amount printed on the picture of the item that they are going to purchase at their event – whether it be tickets or souvenirs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving money as a gift to teenagers; just don’t forget how exciting getting money for any occasion can be!

No matter how you choose to give money as a gift, your recipient will be thrilled with the surprise! Get creative and have fun with it – after all, giving is just as fun as receiving! With these ideas for gifting cash, you can make someone’s special occasion even more

A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to be thoughtful and creative! With these creative ways of gifting money, you’re sure to give a memorable and meaningful present that will make any teen smile. Plus, they get to choose what they want to do with their extra cash – and that’s always a plus.

So go ahead, get creative – and don’t forget to give the gift of money!