Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Easter is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than by testing your knowledge with some fun trivia questions? Playing trivia games at Easter adds an extra layer of fun to the already festive holiday! It can be enjoyable for individuals participating solo or as part of a group, with questions ranging from easy to tough.

Everyone in the group has the opportunity to show off what they know, whether it’s knowledge about Christianity or facts about popular culture. Depending on how serious the game is being taken and how many people are playing, prizes may also be awarded for correctly answering questions. What better way to learn new information during Easter than by testing your skills with a friendly competition?

Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Below, you’ll find a list of Easter trivia questions and answers that will not only help you brush up on your facts but also provide an opportunity for some friendly competition among family and friends.

What animal is traditionally associated with Easter?

Answer: A bunny or a hare. The tradition of using a bunny to symbolize Easter dates back to the pre-Christian era. In ancient societies, the hare was seen as a symbol of fertility and rebirth due to its ability to reproduce quickly.

Easter Bunny

How many eggs are traditionally hidden during an Easter egg hunt?

Answer: The number varies depending on the size of the group participating in the hunt, but it’s usually around 10-20 eggs per person.

What kind of flower is typically used to decorate Easter baskets?

Answer: Lilies are the most popular type of flower used to decorate Easter baskets. The white lily is thought to represent purity and new life, making it an appropriate symbol for this religious holiday.

When is it thought that Jesus rose from the dead?

Answer: According to Christian belief, Jesus rose from the dead three days after his crucifixion on Good Friday. This event is celebrated each year on Easter Sunday, which falls on the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring equinox in March or April.

How many Chocolate Bunnies are made each year in USA?

Answer: An estimated 700 million chocolate bunnies are made each year in the United States alone. This number is steadily increasing as Easter becomes an ever more popular holiday to celebrate.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Where is the most popular Easter Parade held?

Answer: The most popular Easter Parade is held in New York City. This annual event has been a long-standing tradition since the late 1800s and attracts people from all over the world to take part in it.

What does the word “Easter” mean?

Answer: The word Easter has its roots in a pagan goddess who was worshipped around the spring equinox in Northern Europe. The goddess’ name is Eostre, from which the modern term “Easter” derives.

What color were the first Easter Eggs?

Answer: The first Easter Eggs were colored red with natural dyes such as onion skins and beetroot juice. These colors were thought to represent new life and rebirth, which is why they became associated with the Christian holiday of Easter.

How many jellybeans do Americans eat each Easter?

Answer: An estimated 16 billion jellybeans are consumed by Americans each Easter. This amounts to 1.5 billion pounds of jelly beans, making it the most popular type of candy for the holiday.

In the United States, what traditional Easter meat do people eat?

Answer: The traditional Easter meat served in the United States is usually either ham or lamb. Ham is traditionally served because it symbolizes abundance and prosperity, while lamb represents Jesus’ role as the “Lamb of God” in Christian scripture.

 Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

Answer: The Tale of Peter Rabbit was written by British author Beatrix Potter in 1902. It has since become one of the most beloved children’s stories and a popular Easter read.

 What is the official name for the Saturday before Easter Sunday?

Answer: The Saturday before Easter Sunday is known as Holy Saturday or Easter Eve. It is the day that marks Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and his triumphant return to heaven.

 In Switzerland, what creature traditionally brings Easter eggs for children?

Answer: In Switzerland, children are traditionally visited by the the Easter Cuckoo bird. The Cuckoo is the country's symbol of growth and rebirth.

Which country is Easter Island a part of?

Answer: Easter Island is part of Chile. It is an isolated volcanic island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and home to hundreds of mysterious statues, thought to date back to 800 CE.

Easter Island

What part of a chocolate bunny is typically eaten first?

Answer: Most people eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first. It is one of the most iconic Easter treats and a classic way to celebrate the holiday.

What game do children often play during Easter festivities?

Answer: Egg rolling is a popular game among children on Easter Sunday. The goal of this game is to roll an egg down a hill using only one’s hand. The team or individual with the farthest rolling egg is declared the winner.

Printable Easter Trivia Games

It's Easter time! Get ready for a fun-filled celebration with a printable Easter trivia game. Enjoying quality time with friends and family is the key to creating memorable moments. This interactive game will get everyone laughing and learning something new about the holiday.

We hope these Easter trivia questions and answers have been both fun and educational! Whether you’re playing a trivia game or just brushing up on your Easter knowledge, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this beloved holiday! Enjoy the chocolate bunnies and jellybeans during your Easter celebrations! Happy Easter!

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