Twilight drinking game

Twilight Drinking Game

So you've seen all the Twilight movies and you're looking for a way to make them even more enjoyable? The Twilight drinking game is a simple but fun way to enjoy the Twilight saga with your friends. So put on your favorite Bella Swan sweater, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to play the ultimate Twilight drinking game.

In case you haven't seen the movies or read the books Twilight is a young adult vampire romance story following the life of Bella Swan, a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. It was very popular over 10 years ago and this game is a great way to relive the saga.


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What You'll Need

To play the Twilight drinking game, you'll need a copy of the Twilight movies, some alcoholic beverages, and some friends. If you're playing with a group of people who haven't seen the movie, you may want to provide a brief summary of the plot before starting the game.

What to Drink?

The choice of alcoholic beverage is up to you, but we recommend something light like beer or wine. Just be sure not to overdo it – we don't want anyone getting too drunk.

Remember, the goal of this game is to have fun with your friends (and maybe make fun of Twilight a little bit). So relax, crack open a cold one, and enjoy!

Twilight Movie Characters

The Twilight Drinking Game Rules

The rules of this game are simple. Just decide on a list of things that happen in the movie and whenever you see these onscreen you will need to take a drink.  Here are some Twilight Movie drinking cues. Pick your favorites and remember to pace yourself as some of these things happen very often throughout the movie!

Take a sip whenever

  • Bella looks longingly off into the distance
  • Someone mentions how pale someone else is
  • Someone says "vampire"
  • Bella trips (bonus points if she trips over her own feet)
  • Jacob takes his shirt off (double bonus points if he does it for no reason)
  • Someone sparkles in the sun
  • Bella says something stupid
  • You want to fast forward through a scene
  • The werewolves transform
  • When someone mentions werewolves
  • Every time Bella says "Edward" take a sip. This happens alot so pace yourself!
  • Whenever Bella does something stupid - like trip, or not look both ways before crossing the street - take a drink.

Down your drink whenever

  • Edward and Jacob fight over Bella
  • Someone is unexpectedly killed
  • Bella makes a terrible decision
  • Someone refers to Edward as a "monster"
  • Finish your drink whenever someone mentions the Volturi

Take another drink whenever

  • Edward or Bella exhibit stalkerish behavior
  • Bella displays more interest in Edward's ability to provide material possessions than actual human connection
  • Every time Bella swoons over Edward's beauty
  • Every time Alice uses her precognitive abilities to save the day
  • Every time Rosalie looks judgmentally at Bella
  • Every time Emmett tells a joke

So there you have it—the ultimate Twilight drinking game. If you're a fan of the Twilight movies and looking for a fun way to make them even more enjoyable, be sure to try out this Twilight drinking game. This simple but entertaining game is perfect for movie nights with friends. Who knows - maybe you'll end up getting drunk enough that you can actually enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 2!

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