Bunco Party

Bunco Party

Welcome to the world of Bunco party fun! If you're looking for exciting ways to host a memorable Bunco gathering with your friends and family, you're in the right place.

Bunco parties are a fantastic way to bring family and friends together for a night of fun and friendly competition. If you have never played Bunco before, then read on for some Bunco rules and game ideas.

What is Bunco?

Bunco is a game that's all about rolling dice, having fun, and spending time with friends and family. It's not a game that's too tricky or hard to learn, so don't worry! It's like a friendly dice party.

Imagine a big group of people sitting around tables, laughing, and trying to roll certain numbers on the dice. These special numbers change with each round, so it keeps the game exciting.

When someone rolls those special numbers, they earn points. The goal is to collect as many points as you can by rolling those lucky numbers.

Bunco Party


How to Host a Bunco Party

Here is a step by step guide on how to host a memorable Bunco gathering that everyone will enjoy.

Step 1: Plan the Date and Guest List

  1. Select a Date: Choose a date that works for you and your potential guests. Bunco parties are often held in the evening, making weekends or weekday evenings ideal choices.
  2. Create a Guest List: Invite friends, family members, or neighbors who would enjoy a night of dice-rolling fun. Aim for at least 12 players, as Bunco is best played with multiple tables of four.

Step 2: Gather the Essentials

To host a successful Bunco party, you'll need the following essentials:

  • Dice: Ensure you have enough sets of three standard dice for each table.
  • Bunco Scorecards: Print or purchase Printable Bunco scorecards for all your guests. You can make your own or dowload some.

  • Pencils: Provide pencils for each player to mark their scorecards.
  • Tables and Chairs: Set up tables and chairs to accommodate your guests, with four players per table.
  • Prizes: Decide on prizes for various Bunco categories or achievements.

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    Printable Bunco Information

    As well as a Bunco score card, it is helpful to number the tables. If you have new players, you can also give them a copy of the bunco rules. Our Bunco pack comes with game instructions/rules, table signs and a score sheet.

    Step 3: Decorate and Set the Mood

    Enhance the Bunco experience by decorating your space according to a theme or color scheme. Here are a few ideas:

    • Bunco Night Theme: Use dice, playing cards, and Bunco-themed decorations to create a lively atmosphere.
    • Seasonal Themes: Tailor your decorations to match the current season or holiday.
    • Casual Elegance: Keep it simple with classic table settings and elegant touches.
    • Color Party Themes: Choose one color and decorate your room and table settings with that color.

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    Step 4: Prepare Snacks and Refreshments

    Bunco is all about having a good time, so make sure you have plenty of delicious snacks and drinks to keep your guests energized. Consider these options:

    1. Finger Foods: Serve an assortment of finger foods like mini sandwiches, cheese platters, and vegetable trays.
    2. Desserts: Offer a variety of desserts, such as cookies, brownies, or a Dice-themed cake.
    3. Beverages: Provide a selection of beverages, including water, soda, and perhaps a signature cocktail for the adults.

    Step 5: Explain the Rules

    Before you start rolling the dice, take a few minutes to explain the rules of Bunco to your guests. Read on for a clear and simple explanation of the game rules.

    Step 6: Play Bunco

    Divide your guests into tables of four and start rolling the dice. Rotate players between tables after each round to ensure everyone gets a chance to interact with different guests.

    Step 7: Award Prizes

    At the end of the game, tally the scores and award prizes or even a trophy to winners in various categories. This is a fun way to recognize your guests' achievements and add excitement to the evening.


    Bunco Rules

    There are a few rules for Bunco that you will need to know before playing the game. But there are not many Bunco Rules so even if you are a beginner you will be able to play the game in no time!

    This game is played in groups of four so split your players into group and have four people at each table.

    Nominate one of the tables to be the 'head table'. Play starts when a player at the head table rings the bell. The round will end when the head table scores 21. When this happens they will ring the bell again to signify the round is over

    The players at each table take turns rolling the three dice and will mark their score on the score card. 

    You will receive ONE POINT every time you roll the same number as the round you are on. 

    ROUND ONE - 1 point for every ‘1’ rolled

    ROUND TWO - 1 point for every ‘2’ rolled

    ROUND THREE - 1 point for every ‘3’ rolled

    ROUND FOUR - 1 point for every ‘4’ rolled

    ROUND FIVE - 1 point for every ‘5’ rolled

    ROUND SIX - 1 point for every ‘6’ rolled. 

    For example in round one, if you rolled a 1, 4, and 1, you would score TWO points since the number ‘1’ was rolled twice 


    If you roll three of a kind of the same number as the round you are on you have BUNCO. You must yell out BUNCO. This will earn you 21 POINTS 

    For example if you are on round two and you roll a 2, 2, and 2, you have earned BUNCO 

    If you roll three of a kind that are not the same number of the round you are on, you will earn 5 POINTS. 

    For example if you are on round five and you roll a 3, 3 and 3. 


    You continue to roll the three dice until you get no points for that roll. Then your turn is over and the dice goes to the next player.

    Bunco Prize Ideas

    In Bunco, prizes are typically awarded to players or teams for various achievements and categories, adding an element of fun and competition to the game.

    Prize Medals

    Bunco Prize Categories

    Here are some common categories for which you can award prizes in Bunco:

    • Most Bunco Wins: The player or team that rolls the most Bunco wins during the game can receive a prize. A Bunco win is when a player rolls three of the target number in a single round.
    • Most Wins in a Round: Recognize the player or team that wins the most rounds throughout the game. They may receive a prize for their consistent performance.
    • Highest Total Score: Award a prize to the player or team with the highest total score at the end of all the rounds. This prize acknowledges overall achievement in the game.
    • Lowest Total Score: Create a "booby prize" for the player or team with the lowest total score. It adds a lighthearted element to the game and encourages friendly competition.
    • Most Creative Scorecard: Encourage players to get creative with their scorecards by offering a prize for the most artistic or entertaining scorecard.
    • Lucky Roll: Choose a specific round and award a prize to the player or team that gets the most points in that round. It adds an element of chance and excitement.
    • Best Dressed: If your Bunco night has a theme or costume element, award a prize to the player or team with the most creative or best-themed outfits.
    • Sportsmanship: Recognize good sportsmanship by awarding a prize to the player or team that displays exceptional manners and courtesy throughout the game.
    • Random Drawing: Hold a raffle or random drawing for all players, giving everyone a chance to win a prize, regardless of their Bunco performance.
    • Mystery Prize: Have a mystery prize that's revealed at the end of the game. This element of surprise can add excitement to the event.
    • Best Bunco Battle Cry: Encourage players to come up with a memorable Bunco battle cry or cheer. Award a prize to the most enthusiastic or creative one.

    Bunco Prizes

    Prizes can add an extra element of excitement to your Bunco game nights. Here are some fun and budget-friendly prize ideas that can add to the enjoyment of the game:

    • Bunco Trophy: Designate a rotating trophy or medal that the winning player or team gets to keep until the next Bunco night. They can proudly display it as a symbol of their victory.
    • Gift Cards: Small denomination gift cards to popular coffee shops, restaurants, or online retailers are always a hit.
    • Candles: Candles and Scentsy wax melts make for lovely and versatile prizes.
    • Board Games: Award popular board games or card games as prizes. They can provide entertainment for the winners on future game nights.
    • Gourmet Snacks: Offer gourmet snacks like chocolates, popcorn, or fancy nuts.
    • Plants or Flowers: Potted plants or a bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten up a winner's day.
    • Kitchen Gadgets: Small kitchen gadgets or utensils like unique cookie cutters, cute mugs, or novelty oven mitts can be great prizes.
    • Books: Gift winners a popular book, a bestseller, or a genre they enjoy.
    • Spa or Self-Care Items: Pamper the winners with spa or self-care items like scented bath salts, face masks, or relaxing essential oils.

    Hosting a Bunco party is a wonderful way to bring people together for a night of entertainment and bonding. With careful planning and attention to detail, your Bunco gathering is sure to be a hit, leaving everyone eagerly looking forward to the next one. Roll the dice, enjoy the game, and make lasting memories with your loved ones!