Breakfast Ideas for Picky Teens

Breakfast Ideas for Picky Teens

It can be hard to get some teenagers out of bed in the morning, let alone to sit down and eat a nutritious breakfast. It’s no secret that teenagers lead busy lives. Between juggling school, social commitments, and extracurricular activities, it can seem impossible to squeeze in breakfast when they are running late in the morning.

However, skipping this first meal of the day will only serve to rob teenagers of essential energy and nutrients. It can also lead to other unhealthy behaviors like snacking on junk food during the day.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways for teens to get a healthy breakfast even when they are short on time. Quick options like breakfast sandwiches or toast with nut butter offer a good balance of protein, carbs, and fiber—the perfect way to give their bodies an energy boost. 

teen eating breakfast

For those who really don’t have time for a traditional meal, smoothies made with fruit and yogurt are easy to make in advance or grab on the go without sacrificing nutrition or flavor.

No matter what busy schedule your teen has, there’s no excuse not to make room for breakfast, it’s an essential way to start the day off right!

If you’re struggling to get your teenager to start their day off right, we’ve got some breakfast ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. 

Pancakes Or Waffles With Fruit Syrup

This is a classic breakfast that can be easily made to fit any dietary need or preference. For a healthier option, use whole-wheat flour and unsweetened syrup. Or, for a more indulgent choice, opt for pancakes or waffles with your favorite flavored syrup.

Top it all off with some fresh fruit, and you’ve got a delicious and balanced breakfast. This is a great option if your teen gets out of bed on time! 

A Bowl Of Cereal With Milk And Fruit

This one is quick, easy, and customizable. Just pick your teenager’s favorite cereal (or let them choose from a few options) and add their desired amount of milk. Top it off with some fresh fruit or berries, and they’re good to go. Perfect for a quick and easy breakfast before rushing out the door. 

Bowls of cereal

Overnight Oats Or Chia Pudding

If your teenager is always on the go, overnight oats or chia pudding are perfect grab-and-go breakfast options. Just remember to make them the night before and store them in the fridge so they’re ready to eat in the morning.

Both options can be made with dairy or nondairy milk, and are easily customized with different fruits, nuts, and seeds. 

Granola Cups

When you want something a little fancy but still easy to make for breakfast, these berry granola cups are just the thing. Your teen wont be able to resist the bright colors and delicious taste. Plus they are filled with healthy stuff to kickstart their day.

Granola Cups

A Breakfast Burrito or Sandwich.

These are perfect for teens who need something hearty to tide them over until lunchtime. For a burrito, simply fill a whole-wheat tortilla with scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, diced veggies, and/or beans (try black beans or lentils for extra protein).

For a sandwich, use whole-wheat bread (or toast), add your desired toppings ( avocado is always a good choice), and enjoy! 

Breakfast burrito

Smoothie Bowl or Yogurt Parfait.

If your teenager is really not into solid foods first thing in the morning, no worries, a smoothie bowl or yogurt parfait will give them all the nutrients they need to start their day off right.

As an added bonus these looks so pretty they are very instagram worthy. So this fact might entice your teen to make time for breakfast in the morning and snap a few pics for social media.

Smoothie bowl

For a smoothie bowl, start with their favorite yogurt then add fresh or frozen fruits, nuts or seeds, and/or granola for some extra crunch. If they prefer something on the sweeter side, try adding honey or agave nectar as well.

For a yogurt parfait, layer yogurt with fresh fruit and granola (or cereals) in a jar or cup, simple as that! 

Mini Quiche

This is one of the easiest and most delicious breakfasts to make in advance. Just mix together your desired fillings (eggs, cheese, diced veggies, etc.), pour into a muffin tin and bake for about 20 minutes.

Once cooled, wrap each serving individually so your teen can just grab-and-go in the morning. 

Mini quiche

Fruit Salad

If your teen wants something light and tasty in the morning ,a fruit salad is the way to go. Just chop up your favorite fruits and mix them together in a bowl.

Add honey or agave nectar for some extra sweetness, and you have a yummy breakfast that can be enjoyed in minutes.

Fruit in Mason Jars

Make a yoghurt dip with some low-fat yoghurt, honey, and a pinch of cinnamon if you want to make it extra special. You can even pack this into a jar for your teen to eat on the way to school if they slept in! 


There are so many options when it comes to muffins, so let your teen choose their favorite! You can make ones that are packed with veggies and protein, or those that are packed with chocolate chips and other sweet treats.

All you need is some basic ingredients like flour, eggs, oil, and sugar (or a substitute). Of course, if you don’t have time to bake from scratch, store-bought muffins work too. 


You can’t go past good, old fashioned toast as a quick breakfast. Try wholewheat bread or rye bread as a healthier option, and top it with peanut butter, banana slices and honey, or avocado and egg or whatever your teen’s heart desires.

Toast is an easy way to pack some nutrients into their morning meal and fill them up until lunchtime. 

Toast with different fruits


For a quick grab and go option, try a smoothie. Start with your teen’s favorite fruits, yogurt, and/or nut butter and blend until smooth. Add some chia seeds for an extra boost of protein or some honey for added sweetness. You can also use frozen fruit to make the smoothie cool and refreshing on hot summer days. 

3 Fruit smoothies

Whether it’s muffins, toast, a smoothie, or something else entirely, make sure your teen’s breakfast is packed with nutritious ingredients to fuel them up for the day ahead.

Just be sure to stock up on the ingredients needed for these recipes so you can easily whip up a delicious and nutritious breakfast for your teen in no time.

So try out one of these delicious breakfast ideas next time you’re struggling to get your teenager out of bed in the morning (and actually get them to eat something!) and see which ones they like best.