Graduation Stoles and Cords

Graduation Stoles and Cords

Graduation is an exciting time in a student’s life! That’s why it’s important to find graduation accessories that you can wear proudly on the big day.

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, you can show your pride and accomplishments with graduation stoles & cords.

Let’s take a look at what these accessories are, why they’re important, and how to choose the right ones.

Teenage girl with graduation stole and cords

What Are Graduation Stoles & Graduation Cords?

Graduation stoles are long strips of fabric worn around the neck and shoulders during graduation ceremonies. They usually have decorative embroidery or other accents that represent each individual student’s achievements.

Graduation cords are similar to stoles but are made of twisted cords instead of fabric. Both stoles and cords come in various colors each color representing a different accomplishment or honor society that a student may be part of.

What Is The Difference Between A Graduation Stole And A Graduation Cord?

Graduation stoles and cords are two popular ways of recognizing students for their accomplishments at a graduation ceremony. Stoles are usually made from fabric and feature an array of colors denoting the individual’s degree level or other specific achievements.

Cords, on the other hand, can come in any color, although they typically feature just one solid-colored cord, often adorned with tassels or other decorations.

The cord itself symbolizes the student’s various academic honors and achievements, whether it be for overall excellence, a special distinction in their field of study, or simply completing the required coursework for a degree.

With graduation cords and stoles, students have the chance to showcase their hard work and dedication once they walk across that stage and proudly receive their diploma.

Teenage girl with graduation stole and cords

Why Should I Wear Stoles & Cords?

Stoles & cords make great visual representations of your hard work and accomplishments during your time in school.

Wearing them during your graduation ceremony shows your peers, teachers, family, and friends that you have worked hard to achieve success in academics, extracurricular activities, scholarships, leadership positions, awards, etc. It also serves as a recognition for all their support throughout your academic journey.

How Do I Choose the Right Ones?

When selecting graduation stoles & cords for your ceremony, it’s important to make sure that they accurately reflect all of your accomplishments and honors earned throughout your time in school.

Think about any awards you may have won, organizations you participated in (like honor societies or fraternities/sororities), any special scholarships you earned anything like this could be represented in some way through either a stole or cord.

Once you have narrowed down which ones will accurately reflect all of your hard work over the years, then it is simply up to personal preference which color combinations you want to go with.

Do Graduation Cords Go Under The Stole?

No, graduation cords are usually worn over the stole in a cross-like pattern. This allows the cords to show prominently and be easily recognized.

Graduation stoles & cords make great additions to any student’s special day as they serve as visual representations of all the hard work that was put into achieving success in academics.

Graduation Stole Color Meanings

Graduation stoles are an important part of traditional graduation ceremonies, and they come in a variety of colors. Each color of the stole has its own special meaning, reflecting the achievements and accomplishments of graduating students.

It’s important to note that the meaning of stole colors can vary by school or organization, so it’s a good idea to check with your school or the organization you are a member of to find out their specific guidelines.

  • White – Humanities, Arts, English
  • Beige – Business
  • Green – Medicine, Pharmacy and Physical Education
  • Orange – Engineering
  • Brown – Fine Arts and Architecture
  • Gray – Husbandry and Veterinarian Science
  • Light Blue – Education
  • Pink – Music
  • Purple – Law
  • Yellow – Science and Mathematics
  • Dark Blue – Philosophy and Political Science
  • Gold – Membership or leadership positions in any academic group

Teenage girl with graduation stole and cords

Graduation is an exciting time when students get to show off their successes and celebrate their hard work over the years. Showing your accomplishments through wearing graduation stoles & cords is one way to do just that.

From selecting colors based on specific honors received during college/high school to choosing embroidery designs that represent who you are the options for customizing these accessories are virtually endless so there will definitely be something out there for everyone!

Now all that’s left is finding the perfect stole/cord combination for YOUR special day! Congratulations Graduates and Happy Graduation!

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