Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games for the Whole Family

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games for the Whole Family

Looking for something fun and free to do outdoors with your family? Try out some of these classic sidewalk chalk games. Not only are they a great way to get out of the house, but they’re also perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, you can get creative with the rules and customize them to fit your family’s needs. So grab some chalk, head outside, and have some fun!


What Games Can You Play With Chalk?

Chalk games are a great way to get kids outside and having fun without spending much money. The variety of games you can create with a few pieces of sidewalk chalk is endless, from tic-tac-toe to hopscotch to mazes and beyond.

Those looking for something more competitive might try creating a version of foursquare, or even recreate their favorite boardgame on the pavement. You can easily explain the rules, draw the playing fields quickly, and get the game going quickly with chalk games - making these games perfect for filling an extra bit of free time outdoors.

Who knows? Maybe your chalk designs will inspire a street-wide game that gets everyone involved!

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Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games

Here are some of our favorite outdoor chalk games.


One of the most classic sidewalk chalk games is hopscotch. All you need is a piece of chalk and an open surface like a driveway or sidewalk.

To start, use the chalk to draw a hopscotch board on your surface. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want, just be sure that each box has enough room for someone to stand in it without stepping over any lines.

Sidewalk Hopscotch

Once your board is drawn up, take turns hopping through it one foot at a time while trying not to step on any lines. The first person who makes it all the way through wins. If this is too easy, try to play the game blindfolded or hopping backwards!

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Four Square

This game is perfect for groups of four players or more. Start by using one color of chalk to draw four squares side by side in an open area like a driveway or playground court.

Then assign each square a number from 1-4 (or more if you have more than four people playing). Each player stands in one square while taking turns bouncing the ball into another player's square (in order) until someone misses or gets sent back down to number 1 after not returning the ball within three bounces.

The last person standing wins! Or create your own unique version by drawing different shapes or numbers on the pavement and challenging players to follow the rules.

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Maze Challenge

For this game, you’ll need two colors of chalk, one color for drawing the maze and another color for marking where each player starts and finishes.

First, draw a maze on your driveway or sidewalk with one color of chalk. Then designate two spots where each player will start and finish their maze run.

Once everything is set up, give each person their own color of chalk and have them trace out their path while trying to find their way to their finish spot as quickly as possible. The winner is whoever makes it through in the fastest time!

Chalk Maze

Obstacle Course

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, try drawing an obstacle course with chalk and challenge each other to complete it in record time. Create different obstacles like hopscotch grids, tightropes, bridge crossings, and more.

You can even draw curved lines and have players follow them without stepping outside of the lines. This game is perfect for groups of all sizes and ages. It’s also a great way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition!

Snakes and Ladders

This is a classic board game and it’s easy to recreate on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk. Start by drawing a large grid with equal-sized squares and number them from 1 - 100 (or however many you feel like).

Then draw snakes and ladders using the same color of chalk (or two different colors if you want to be really creative). Finally, assign each player a color of chalk and have them take turns rolling the dice, marking their moves with their own color as they go. The first person to reach the finish line wins!


This is a great game for small or large groups. Start by drawing a round bullseye target on your driveway or sidewalk and assign each player a color of chalk. Then have everyone stand back from the target and take turns throwing (or rolling) an object like a bean bag at the center of the bullseye, trying to get as close as possible.

Don't worry if you do not have any bean bags, you can use things like rolled up socks, small rock or even a stick. The person with the closest throw wins.

Chalk Target


Sidewalk chalk is a great way to play tag in an open space like a driveway or field. Start by drawing two different colored squares on the ground—one for each team’s base. Then assign each player a color of chalk and have them stand in the center of their respective base.

When you yell “Go,” the two teams take off running and chasing each other around the bases while trying to tag as many players from the opposite team as possible. The last person standing wins!

Chalk Twister

Another classic game that’s easy to recreate on your driveway or sidewalk is Chalk Twister. Start by drawing at least eight colored spots around it (or more if you feel like getting creative).

Then assign one person to call out which color each player should place their hand or foot. Play the game as you would normal twister or you can assign funny sounds to each color and when someone has to place their hand or foot on that color, they must also make that sound. Such as a mooing cow or gobbling turkey. 

Chalk Games

These are just some of the ideas for some fun outdoor activities that you can do with your entire family! So grab those pieces of sidewalk chalk and head outside - there’s no limit when it comes to having fun with sidewalk games!

Don’t forget that you can always adjust these games however you want so that everyone can join in on the fun no matter what age they are—so get creative and enjoy spending quality time together outdoors! Enjoy!

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