Ready, Set, Play Simon Says!

Ready, Set, Play Simon Says!

Simon says is a game that has been around for generations and is still as fun today as it was back then. It’s simple to learn but takes a lot of skill to master - making it the perfect way to keep kids entertained while also teaching them important skills like spatial awareness, quick thinking and decision-making. But before you can start playing, here is a refresher on how to play.

Rules of Simon Says and How to play

In order to play Simon Says, you will need at least two players. The first player is known as “Simon” and will be giving out commands or movements for the other players to follow. The other players are known as “followers” and must do exactly what Simon says - but only if he begins his command with “Simon Says!” If he does not say this phrase before issuing a command, the followers must not follow that command. If they do, they are eliminated from the game.

The game ends when all of the followers have been eliminated by following a command without being prefaced by “Simon Says!” The last follower standing wins the round!

What are the Benefits of playing Simon Says?

Playing Simon Says is an excellent way to have fun and bond with your friends, family members, or even coworkers. It’s like stepping into a time machine of childhood nostalgia, as the classic game has been around since the 70s and still brings joy to people of all ages.

Not only is it enjoyable in a social setting, but it is also incredibly beneficial for cognitive and mental development. Studies have found that playing Simon Says can

  • Increase attention span
  • Help with coordination
  • Works to tone short-term memory muscles
  • Promotes strategy formation
  • Simulates and improves problem solving skills.

So why not break out the snacks and get ready for a good old game of Simon Says? Chances are you won’t be disappointed!

Simon Says Commands

If you are stuck for ideas, here is a list of fun commands can be used during Simon Says. You can say 'Simon Says' before these commands or try to trick your players by not saying 'Simon Says' to see if anyone does these actions.

Jump in the Air

  • Jump in the air
  • Touch your toes
  • Clap your hands
  • Stand on one leg
  • Hop on one foot
  • Spin in a circle
  • Wave your arms
  • Reach for the sky
  • Squat down
  • Close your eyes
  • Take three steps forward
  • Touch your nose
  • Shake your head
  • Stick out your tongue
  • Blink your eyes
  • Wiggle your ears
  • Touch the ground
  • Put your hands on your head
  • Touch your nose
  • Make a funny face

Funny Simon Says Commands

Here is a list of funny commands that you can use during Simon Says:

  • Pretend to surf on an invisible wave
  • Act like a gorilla
  • Do the chicken dance
  • Say something in a silly voice
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Open and close your mouth like a fish
  • Moo like a cow
  • Bark like a dog
  • Meow like a cat
  • Pretend to swim
  • Hop like a bunny rabbit
  • Act like an elephant
  • Walk on your hands
  • Wiggle like a worm
  • Strike a pose

Simon Says Game

Adult Simon Says Commands

If you’re looking for a more grown up game of Simon Says, here are some funny commands that have been known to make older players chuckle.

  • Pretend you’re an aeroplane
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Do the robot
  • Act out your favorite movie scene
  • Do the Macarena
  • Make up a funny dance move
  • Do the moonwalk.
  • Jump like a kangaroo
  • Act out your favorite TV show scene
  • Pretend you’re an ice skater
  • Do the twist
  • Pretend you’re a pirate
  • Do your best impression of a celebrity
  • Make up an imaginary language and speak it for five seconds
  • Do 5 pushups
  • Try to lick your elbow
  • Pretend to be a ballet dancer
  • Do the conga line around the room

Conga Line

How to make Simon Says easier for Younger Kids

Simon Says is a classic game that has been enjoyed by kids for generations, but it might be a bit tricky for the youngest of players.

To make Simon Says easier for younger kids, try slowing down the calls and instructions and playing with fewer commands. For example, instead of "Simon says move three steps to the left," say something like, "Simon says take one step forward".

You should also keep the commands fairly simple so they can understand them without having to think too hard. Try to avoid commands that involve counting or complex movements and opt for those such as clapping hands, jumping, wiggling your fingers, etc.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! The main purpose of Simon Says is to have fun and create a connection with those around you. So don’t worry too much about winning or losing – just enjoy the moment and have some good laughs with your friends and family!

kids simon says game

It’s time to get creative, have fun and enjoy playing Simon Says! Use these commands as inspiration and come up with your own unique ideas. Who knows, maybe you’ll create the next classic version of this beloved game. Get ready to play and most importantly, don’t forget to say “Simon Says"

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