The Best Emoji Party Ideas for Kids

The Best Emoji Party Ideas For Kids

If you're looking for some fun and unique birthday party ideas, look no further than emoji parties! Emoji parties are all the rage right now, and for good reason - they are a blast!  Here are some tips on how to throw an emoji birthday party that your guests will love.

Emoji Birthday Party



Send out invitations that feature your favorite emoji.

Emoji Party InvitationsEmoji Party InvitationsEmoji Party InvitationsPoop Emoji Party InvitationsPoop Emoji Party InvitationsPoop Emoji Party Invitations



Decorate your party space with emoji balloons, streamers, and banners.

Emoji Birthday Party SuppliesEmoji Birthday Party SuppliesEmoji Birthday Party SuppliesSmiley Face Expression BalloonsSmiley Face Expression BalloonsSmiley Face Expression Balloons



Serve up some delicious emoji-shaped snacks and drinks.

How cute are these emoji cupcakes? So easy to make with chocolate buttercream icing and a piping bag, add candy eyes and candy mouth and there you have a emoji poop cupcake

Emoji cupcakes

These emoji sugar cookies will be a hit at your party and are quite easy to make. 

Emoji Sugar Cookies
To make these Emoji Sugar Cookies you will need;
  • Yellow fondant
  • Black icing gel
  • Blue icing gel
  • Red icing gel
  • White icing gel
  • Store bought or homemade sugar cookies. Or you could use cupcakes
          1. Cut out circles just a little smaller than your cookie from the yellow fondant using a cookie cutter
          2. Use black icing gel to add eyes and mouths to the emoji faces.
          3. Use white, blue and red icing gel to add details such as tongues, teeth, and cheeks.

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          Emoji Cakes and Cupcakes

          Move over cake pops, there's a new trend in town - emoji cakes and cupcakes! These adorable treats are perfect for your emoji party. So get ready to decorate your desserts with all your favorite emojis! 😃🎂👩‍❤️‍👨 Emoji Candles and emoji icing decorations certainly add that extra wow factor

          Emoji Cakes and Cupcakes for Kids Party

          Emoji Party Games and Activities

          Kids love emoji, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a party themed around everyone's favorite smiley faces and icons? Here are some fun games and activities for an emoji party:

          Photo Booth - Set up a photo booth station where guests can take fun emoji-themed photos. Make sure to have a selection of emoji props

          Pin the ... - There are so many options for this game. You could pin the eye or tongue on the emoji. Of how about pin the nose on the poop emoji.

          Emoji scavenger hunt - Print, cut out and hide emoji around the house or party area, and then let the kids go on a hunt to find them all. 

          Emoji Match - Everyone is given a card with an emoji sticker on it. They must find someone else with the same emoji sticker. Sounds easy but the catch is they can not speak and must act out their emoji. 

          Guessing Game - One person thinks of an object and the other players must guess what it is by only asking questions that can be answered with yes or no. To answer the question, the person will show the smiley emoji for yes or the sad emoji for no

          Hot Potato - Draw an emoji face onto a small yellow ball. Turn on the music and have everyone gently throw the ball to each other. When the music stops the person with the ball is out. Keep playing until there is only one person left

          Frisbee Throw - Give everyone a yellow paper plate and a marker pen. Have them draw their favorite emoji and write their name on the back. Then everyone tosses their plate like a frisbee. Prize for the person who throws the longest distance.

          Emoji Pictionary. Similar to the classic game of Pictionary, but with emoji instead of words. Try to work out the word or phrase the fastest

          Balloon Games - There are lots of fun balloon games to play. To make this emoji themed, draw emoji faces onto your balloons before starting the games.

          Emoji Piñata - You can't go wrong with a piñata! They are always a hit at parties. Fill your piñata with emoji stickers, erasers, toys and of course candy.

          Smiley Face PinataSmiley Face PinataSmiley Face PinataPoop Emoji PinataPoop Emoji PinataPoop Emoji Pinata


          With these games, everyone is sure to have a smile on their face at an emoji birthday party!

          Emoji Pinata

          Party Favors

          One of the best ways to show your guests that you appreciate them coming is by giving out favor bags at kids birthday parties. These small tokens can include anything from candy and stickers to toys and miniature games.

          Not only do they make your guests happy, but they also give them a little something to take home with them as a reminder of the good time.

          Emoji Party Favors - Prizes for KidsEmoji Party Favors - Prizes for KidsEmoji Party Favors - Prizes for KidsEmoticon Mini Plush Key Ring for favorsEmoticon Mini Plush Key Ring for favorsEmoticon Mini Plush Key Ring for favors


          Your guests are sure to have a blast at an emoji birthday party! With these tips, you'll be throwing the ultimate emoji bash in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get started planning your ultimate emoji birthday bash today!