Party Games for Seniors

The Best Party Games for Seniors

One of the best things about party games is that they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, senior citizens often have the most fun, as they are not afraid to let loose and have a good time. Here are some of our favorites that are sure to get everyone laughing and having a great time

Senior Citizens Birthday Party


Charades - One of our favorite party games for seniors is charades. This classic game requires no special equipment, and it is sure to get everyone laughing. For this game, players are divided into teams and take turns acting out popular phrases, movies or songs

Pictionary - Another great option is Pictionary, which is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge. For those who prefer something a little more relaxed, we recommend playing cards or chess.

Guess the Price - In this printable game, you must try to match up the items with that you thought they cost years ago. You will be surprised at some of the answers!

Ring Toss – This is a classic game that can be played with rings or even small balls. Set up bottles or other objects to serve as targets and see who can get the most rings around them.
Bean Bag Toss – Another classic carnival game that can be easily adapted for seniors. Hang a target from a door frame or ceiling and have players take turns trying to toss bean bags through the hole. Whoever gets the most in wins!
Memory Game – This is a great game for seniors who want to test their memory skills. Write down a list of items on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Players must take turns drawing a slip of paper and then trying to remember where they saw the item. The player with the most correct guesses wins! 

Toilet Paper Toss - And for a game that's sure to produce some belly laughs, try toilet paper toss. In this game, players take turns trying to toss a roll of toilet paper into a trash can from various distances.

Name That Tune - This is played similar to charades, but with music instead You can either play instrumental tunes or famous songs with easily recognizable lyrics. To make things more challenging, you can also add in a trivia element by quizzing players on the artist or the year the song was released. Such a wonderful game for oldies to reminisce the old songs

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Senior Balloon Games

Senior citizens can have a lot of fun playing party games. Here are some of our favorite Balloon games that are sure to get everyone laughing and having a great time! Such fun party games for senior citizens that everyone will love and get involved in.

Balloon Pop – Have each player blow up a balloon and then tie it around their waist. The object of the game is to be the first to pop the balloon of the person in front of you. When someone's balloon pops, they are out of the game.
Balloon Darts – Hang balloons from the ceiling or a door frame and give each player three darts. The object of the game is to see who can pop the most balloons.

Balloon relay – Divide players into teams and give each team a balloon. The object of the game is to see which team can keep their balloon afloat the longest. Players must pass the balloon to the next player on their team without using their hands. If the balloon touches the ground, they are out!
Balloon Animals – This is a great game for seniors who are creative. Give each player a bunch of balloon and see who can create the best animal sculpture. The sky is the limit!
Balloon Pop Quiz – This is a fun game for seniors who love trivia. Make up a list of questions about pop culture, history, or anything else you can think of. Players must answer the question correctly before they can take their turn trying to pop the other player's balloon. The first person to pop all of the balloons wins! 

Balloon Fishing – This is a fun game for seniors who love to fish. Hang a string with fishing line and hooks from a door frame or ceiling. Give each player a rod and reel and see who can catch the most fish. The player with the most catches wins!

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senior citizen lady holding balloons for a Senior Citizens Party Games

Milestone Birthday Games

Having a milestone birthday is a definitely something worth celebrating and there are plenty of fun ways to do it.  Whether you want to have a big party or just do something special with family and friends, our printable party games will keep everyone entertained. Fun party games for seniors that will really get the party started

60th Birthday Games

60th Birthday


You only turn 60 once, so celebrate in style. Gather your family and friends, have some fun and play some games. At a 60th birthday party, the best game to play is probably a game where everyone can have fun and a good laugh. 

Quiz or Trivia Games are always a hit. Below are some fun quiz party games for a 60th birthday celebration: 

how well do you know the 60 year old


  • TV game shows such as Family Feud or Jeopardy
  • A photo scavenger hunt featuring photos from the person's life
  • A trivia game about the person's hobbies or interests
  • A "this or that" quiz where you must choose if you think the 60 year old would do this or that
  • A fill-in-the-blank game featuring quotes from the person's friends and family
  • A word scramble featuring words from the person's life
  • 60th Birthday Party Printable Games

70th Birthday Games

70th Birthday

There are lots of printable party games that can be played at a 70th birthday party. These games are usually enjoyed by older adults and can be a lot of fun. Some popular choices include bingo, crosswords, and word searches. There are also many trivia games that are fun to play

Another idea is to have a photo or selfie scavenger hunt. This can be a lot of fun for guests and will give them something to do during the party. Give everyone a list of things to find and take photos of, then have a prize for the first person to complete the list. This is a great way to get people moving and interacting with each other. 

If you want to add an element of competition to the party, you can set up a game of darts or table tennis. These games can be played by teams or individually. They are great for getting people moving and having fun.  

This 70th Birthday Games Bundle has 3 fun printable games. 

  • How well do you know the 70 year old? Try to answer these questions all about the guest of honor. Can you remember what their first job was or where they were born?
  • Older or Younger - Guess if these items are older or younger than the guest of honor. Are they older or younger than TV Dinners or Cable TV?
  • Guess the Price - Can you match up the items with how much they cost 70 years ago? How much was a movie ticket or a dozen eggs 70 years ago?

These are just a few ideas for games that can be played at a 70th birthday party. There are many other options out there, so be sure to look around and find something that will be perfect for your event. With a little planning, you can make sure that your party is a success.

80th, 90th and 100th Birthday Party Games

When planning a party for senior citizens, it is important to consider the age of the guests. For those who are 80 years old or 90 years old, there are many different games that can be played. Even though these games will not really include a lot of physical activity, they will still be a lot of fun.

80th Birthday Decorations80th Birthday Wishes and Decorations80th Birthday Decorations90 Party Balloon90 Birthday Wishes and Party Balloon90 Party Balloon100th Birthday decorations100th Birthday Wishes and Decorations100th Birthday decorations


One game that can be played is bingo. This game is perfect for those who are not really into physical activity. All that is needed is a bingo daubers and paper for each person. The object of the game is to mark off numbers or objects as they are called out. The first person to mark off all of their numbers/objects wins the game.

Another option is trivia questions. These can be about anything, including movies, music, history, or even current events. Players can work in teams or individually to answer the questions. The team or person with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins.

Who Knows the 80 year old the best is a great game to play with family.

Other games that do not include being physical are card games and board games. These are perfect for those who want to sit down and relax while still having fun. Uno, Go Fish, and checkers are all examples of games that can be played. Board games like Monopoly or Life are also great options.

Classic UNO Card GameClassic UNO Card GameClassic UNO Card GameCheckers Classic GameCheckers Classic GameCheckers Classic GameWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing Cards


It is important to remember that not all senior citizens are the same. Some may be more active than others. It is important to find games that everyone will enjoy. With a little bit of planning, any party can be a success

 Fun Party Games for Seniors

No matter what game you choose, party games are a great way to connect with friends and family members of all ages. They provide an opportunity for everyone to have fun and let loose. So gather your friends and family together for some good old-fashioned fun with these party games for seniors! 

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