Kids playing pass the parcel

Pass the Parcel – A Classic Party Game with a Modern Twist

Pass the Parcel is a classic party game that has been around for generations. It's still a favorite of kids and adults alike, but with some modern tweaks it can make for an even more fun and festive experience. Read on to find out how to give it a new twist and be sure to have a blast at your next party!

How to Play Pass the Parcel

Playing Pass the Parcel is a fun game, sure to bring laughter and excitement to any get-together! Traditionally, a parcel is wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper - the more layers the better! Music is then played, with all players taking turns passing it. When the music stops, whoever holds the player gets to unwrap one layer of paper. This continues until all layers are unwrapped and someone has "won" the parcel inside.

But there are so many other fun modern twists to this game to make it more exciting. Read on to find out more

How Many Layers Should Pass the Parcel Have?

Passing the parcel can be great fun for both kids and adults alike! Kids can find it especially thrilling as they eagerly await their turn to unwrap the surprise. With that being said, the number of layers you choose for your pass-the-parcel game can often make or break the experience - too many and it'll take forever, too few and nobody will stay interested!

The best way to gauge such a decision is to work out how many players you will have and go with a layer number based on that. And remember that music makes everything better—so consider creating a playlist of upbeat songs that will keep your guests on their toes throughout the game!

What Should You Put in Pass the Parcel?

When selecting prizes for your pass the parcel experience, consider what type of theme you’d like to create. If you’re hosting an adult birthday party, why not have quirky items such as mini bottles of wine or scented candles? Or if you’re having a children's birthday party, think about age-appropriate items like small toys or chocolates. You can also opt to add a “final prize” which will be revealed when the last layer is unwrapped. Make sure to include plenty of prizes in your parcel so there are many chances to win.

Pass the Parcel Prize Ideas for Kids

Pass the Parcel

Fill each layer of the parcel with some fun treats for all the kids playing. Remember to keep the prizes small otherwise your parcel will be very large and heavy.

  • Cute stationery such as fluffy pens, notebooks, stickers
  • A small figurine toy
  • Snacks
  • Bouncy ball
  • Hair accessories
  • Candy
  • Pop It Toys

Injecting a bit of loving thought into the gifts will create an atmosphere of surprise and joy when the wrapping paper is peeled away.

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Pass the Parcel Ideas for Adults

Hold onto your hats, because the thrill of pass the parcel is coming back to your adult parties! Nothing beats playing a game with friends and family--just make sure you have enough prizes! There are plenty of ways to customize this classic game and make it the centerpiece of any get-together. Whether it's money, candy, or an amusing gag gift that awaits at the end, everyone will have an extra incentive to join in the fun. Get creative with your wrapping paper, too--go wild with different colors and themes. When you're done, all your guests will be laughing and enjoying some quality time spent together!

Pass the Parcel Gift Ideas for Adults

When planning a pass the parcel game for adults, think of gifts that will appeal to them.

  • Chocolates
  • Mini Alcohol bottle
  • Gift card
  • Stationery
  • Beauty products like face masks, bath bombs and lip balms

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Pass the Parcel Dares and Actions

To make the game more exciting, try adding some interactive elements that will get everyone involved. For example, create questions related to the person whose birthday it is and when you unwrap a layer and answer the question correctly you get to keep the prize! This can be especially fun with older groups who might appreciate challenging each other in trivia contests.

Additionally, you could ask each person who unwraps a layer of the parcel to complete an activity such as singing their favorite song or completing an awkward dare.

Pass the Parcel Game Ideas for Adults

If you are looking to spice up your pass the parcel game you can try these fun ideas. From drinking challenges to silly dares, these activities will bring out the competitive side of your friends and family!

  • Drinking Game: Have each person who unwraps a layer complete a drinking challenge such as shot-gunning a beer or doing a shot.
  • Memory Challenge: Ask each participant to remember an item that was wrapped in one of the earlier layers. This will get more difficult as the game goes on and more drinks are drunk!
  • Truth or Dare: Have each person who unwraps a layer complete a “truth or dare” challenge. This will get everyone laughing and excited to see what the next person has to do!
  • Charades and Pictionary: Each layer contains a pictionary or charades card. Whoever unwraps the layer must act or draw the item written on the pictionary or charades card. The other players will try to guess it correctly in under one minute. If they guess correctly, the person who unwrapped the layer can go over to a prize table and choose a prize.

Pass the Parcel Game Ideas for Kids

Saran Wrap Ball Game

Make a traditional pass the parcel more fun by wrapping each layer in saran wrap. This Saran Wrap ball game is great for all ages and keep the fun going much longer. You can also include fun Saran Wrap Challenge Cards

Colored Parcel

Wrap each layer in a different colored paper. and put a small prize in each layer. Start the music and begin passing the parcel around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel must try to guess what color paper the next layer will be. If they guess correctly they win a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game will receive an extra prize.

Printable Pass the Parcel Games

Birthday Pass the Parcel

For a new take on the traditional pass the parcel try this printable game. There are two ways you can play this game. You can either print off the game sheet and read aloud each statement. The group will then follow the instructions. Or you can print off the game sheet and cut each statement. Then wrap each piece of paper along with a small prize into each layer. This is a better way to play the game for older kids.

The game will instruct the players to keep passing the parcel to the person who matches the statement. For example the first line says "The shortest person gets to start this game, now pass to the one with the longest name"

You continue working through all of the statements until you reach the end and that person gets to keep the final prize.

Other Fun Pass the Parcel Games

Passing The Parcel is a great way to bring people together and have some fun at parties! By adding interactive elements and choosing appropriate prizes, you can give this classic game an exciting modern twist sure to get everyone laughing and having a good time. So don't forget to add Pass The Parcel into your next party planning journey and let us know how it goes!

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