Get Ready for a Fun Tea Trivia Game

Get Ready for a Fun Tea Trivia Game

Whether you’re an avid tea-lover or just looking for something fun to do with friends and family, this tea trivia game is sure to be a hit. From herbal teas to black teas, this game will help you test your knowledge and learn new facts about the beloved beverage. So, get your teapot ready, it’s time to play some tea trivia!

How It Works

This game consists of three rounds. For each round, you can either give each person a game sheet, or one person could be the host or “question master” who reads out the questions. The host then reveals the correct answers at the end of each round. 

Types of Tea

Round 1: True or False?

In this round, the question master will read out 10 true and false statements about different types of tea and its history. Players must guess whether each statement is true or false. Or pass out True or False Game sheets and tally up the correct answers at the end of the round.

Tea True or False Questions

  1. Green tea originated in China - True
  2. Rooibos is caffeine-free - True
  3. Tea was first discovered in India - False
  4. The Earl Grey blend of tea is named after Charles Grey - True
  5. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the British government - True
  6. Oolong tea originated in Japan - False
  7. Chai tea is made with black tea and spices - True
  8. English Breakfast tea originated in England - False
  9. Jasmine tea is made with green tea leaves - True
  10. Tea Bags were invented in India - False

Tea party

Round 2: Tea Multiple Choice

In this round, players must choose from three possible answers for 10 multiple choice questions about tea culture and traditions around the world.

Tea Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The Art of reading tea leaves is called A. Tasseography B. Teaology C. Teascript
  2. Tea should be stores in A. The fridge B. The freezer C. An airtight container
  3. Which country did bubble tea originate? A China B. Taiwan C. Japan
  4. Karkade is a common Tea in Egypt. It is made from which flowers? A. Jasmine B. Daisy C. Hibiscus
  5. Formal afternoon tea is also known as what? A. Low tea B. High Tea C. Late Tea
  6. Rooibos Tea is also known as what? A. Redbush B. Bluebush C. Greenbush
  7. Chai Tea originated in which country? A. Japan B. India C. China
  8. Matcha is a powdered form of which tea? A. White Tea B. Oolong Tea C. Green Tea
  9. Monkey Tea is a type of what? A. Black Tea B. Herbal Tea C. Fruit Tea
  10. How many varieties of tea are there? A. Under 1,000 B. 1,000 - 2,000 C. Over 3,000

Tea Multiple Choice Answers

  1. A. Tasseography
  2. C. An airtight container
  3. B. Taiwan
  4. C. Hibiscus
  5. A. Low tea
  6. A. Redbush
  7. B. India
  8. C. Green Tea
  9. A. Black Tea
  10. C. Over 3,000

Afternoon Tea

Round 3: Tea A-Z

In this round, players must come up with words that are related to tea for each letter of the alphabet. The question master can have everyone sit in a circle and starting with A, players must go through the alphabet stating tea related words. This fun Tea A-Z game will get everything thinking!

Examples are;

A - Afternoon Tea

B - Brew

C - Chai

Tea Party Printable Games

If you are having an afternoon tea party then these printable Tea Party Games would be perfect. 

Tea Party Scattergories

Tea Party Scattergories is the perfect game for any social gathering. Whether you're planning a virtual get-together or an in-person event, this game is sure to add some fun and laughter to your afternoon.


The goals of Tea Party Scattergories are simple: come up with words that match specific categories before time runs out. Players receive one point for every unique answer they provide within the allotted time frame. The player who accumulates the highest number of points by round’s end wins!

Tea Party Word Scramble

Tea Party Word Scramble, the fun new way to entertain your guests at your next tea party! This lively game provides a unique approach to entertainment as it combines classic word games with the tradition of afternoon tea. Embark on an adventure as you unscramble words while enjoying delicious snacks and drinks with friends.

Each round of Tea Party Word Scramble starts off with a jumble of letters that must be rearranged into real words or phrases. Players can work together in teams or individually against each other for a chance to win points.

Tea Party Scavenger Hunt

This is a creative twist on the traditional scavenger hunt is perfect for tea parties, birthdays, bridal showers, or an afternoon of friends.

Guests can do this tea party scavenger hunt individually or they can divide into teams. Players will need to snap a selfie with the items listed on their sheet. The first person or team to complete their scavenger hunt sheet wins.

Are you ready to test your knowledge on all things tea? Grab your teacups—it's time to have some fun! This trivia game is sure to be entertaining for both seasoned experts and curious novices alike; plus it's an excellent way to learn more about different kinds of teas from around the world! So go ahead—put on your thinking caps and get ready for some fun!

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