Fun Oktoberfest Games to Play at Home

Fun Oktoberfest Games to Play at Home

The traditional Oktoberfest celebration takes place in Munich, Germany every Autumn bringing people together to eat, drink, and be merry. Here are some classic Oktoberfest games to bring the fun into your own home that you can play with friends or family. Get ready for some good old-fashioned Bavarian fun!

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is an annual event held in Munich, Germany that celebrates German food, beer and culture. It began as a celebration of the 1810 marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese, but now it is one of the world’s largest festivals for adults. Each year millions of people arrive to take part in the festivities, which start at the end of September and continue until early October.

The event features traditional German music, dancing and costumes, along with rides and Carnival games from carnivals throughout Bavaria. Food vendors prepare everything from potato pancakes to lamb roasts, while beverage stands serve up the iconic Oktoberfest beer. Whether you go to join in on the revelry or simply to get a taste of Bavarian culture and traditional hospitality, this festival is sure to be an experience you'll never forget!

Oktoberfest Games

Guess the Beer

Blindfold your guests and have them taste different German beers, trying to guess the brand or style. Provide scorecards for rating each beer, and the person with the most correct guesses wins a prize. It's a fun way to explore new brews and test your taste buds.

Beer Pong

This classic beer pong drinking game is perfect for any Oktoberfest gathering. All you need is two teams, 10 cups filled with beer (or whatever beverage you prefer), and a ping pong ball. Set up the cups in a triangle formation on each side of a table and take turns trying to get the ball into an opponent’s cup. If you make it in, they have to drink their beer and move on to the next round. The team that finishes all their beers first wins!

Printable Party Games

Here is a collection of 15 fun games you can print out and use at your Oktoberfest Party.

Printable Oktoberfest Games Bundle

This games pack includes the following games

1-- Oktoberfest A-Z
2-- Oktoberfest This or That
3-- Oktoberfest True or False Trivia (with answer sheet)
4-- Oktoberfest Find Someone BINGO
5-- Oktoberfest Word Scramble (with answer sheet)
6-- Oktoberfest Word Search (with answer sheet)
7-- Oktoberfest Word Match (with answer sheet)
8-- Oktoberfest Selfie Scavenger Hunt
9-- Oktoberfest Most Likely To ...
10-- Oktoberfest Finish the Phrase
11-- Oktoberfest Drunk Dice
12-- Oktoberfest Drink Up
13-- Oktoberfest Beer Matchup (with answer sheet)
14-- Oktoberfest Think Quick
15-- Beer Tasting Sheet

There are also 5 party signs included.


Oktoberfest Trivia

Test your knowledge of Oktoberfest with a trivia game. Prepare a list of questions about the festival's history, traditions, and famous beers. Make it even more challenging by having a penalty of taking a shot (of non-alcoholic beverage for the responsible folks) for each wrong answer.

Brat Relay

No Oktoberfest celebration would be complete without sausages! To host your own sausage eating contest at home, all you need is a few packages of bratwursts and buns as well as some condiments like mustard or ketchup.

Split your guests into two teams. One person from each team must run to the end of the room, make a brat sandwich, eat it and run back to tag the next person in their team. That person will then have to run down, make their sandwich, eat it and tag the next person and so on. The game continues until everyone in the team has had a turn. Whichever team finishes first wins! Make sure you provide plenty of napkins — this game can get messy!

Pretzel Toss

The aim of this game is to try to toss as many pretzels into a glass as you can in under one minute. Sounds easy enough, right? All you need is a glass (or two) and several pretzels. Split everyone into teams of two and give each team a glass. Then have them stand behind the designated line and take turns throwing pretzels at the glass. The one with the most pretzels in the end wins!

Pretzel Necklace-Making Contest

Get creative with a pretzel necklace-making contest. Provide plenty of pretzels and string to make edible accessories. The person with the most unique and delicious-looking pretzel necklace wins a prize. It's a tasty and fun way to channel your inner Bavarian fashionista.

Super Strong

This game sounds easy but it is much harder than it looks. Fill up some beer steins with water and have each player hold one with their arm outstretched in front of them. Start a timer and see who can hold their stein for the longest time.

Keg Rolling Race

Keg rolling is one of the most popular activities at Oktoberfest. To play it at home, simply fill a plastic barrel or container with water or sand and get ready to roll! Split everyone into teams and have each team race to see who can roll their 'keg' down the course fastest. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins!

Polka Dance-Off

Clear some space in your living room and get ready to dance the night away with a good old-fashioned Polka dance-off. Play some lively polka music and challenge your friends to show off their best dance moves. Don't forget to dress the part with lederhosen and dirndls!

The Chicken Dance

Not really a game but this one is so much fun, even more fun after a few drinks! No Oktoberfest would be complete without the iconic Chicken Dance. Put on a classic polka song and get your guests to form a line or circle. Then, follow the lead of the person at the front as they show you how to move your arms and legs in time with the music. Keep going until everyone has mastered it!

Dress Up Competition

Encourage your guests to dress up in traditional Bavarian outfits for a chance to win the dress-up competition. Lederhosen breeches and dirndls dresses are always winners! You can even make it a competition between couples or teams.

Oktoberfest Costume

Medallion Hunt

Traditionally a medallion hunt is done in the lead up to Oktoberfest. One clue is announced each day leading players to the end prize. You could set up your own medallion hunt by hiding some medallions or coins around the room and see who can find them all. You can make this game more interesting by giving clues to help players locate where you’ve hidden the treasure. The one with the most medallions at the end wins!

Oktoberfest is all about celebrating, having fun and enjoying yourself. There are so many games and activities you can do to make your own Oktoberfest gathering special and this is just a small selection of fun activities and games you can play. Whichever activities you choose, Oktoberfest is sure to be an unforgettable event filled with laughter and good times!

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