Wedding Shoe Game Questions

128 Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Wedding receptions are all about celebrating the newly married couple and giving their guests a night to remember.

Do you want to keep your wedding guests entertained? Do you want to make sure that everyone has a good time? If so, then you should consider playing the wedding shoe game! This is a fun, engaging, and entertaining game that will have your guests laughing and smiling all night long.

It's also a great icebreaker and a way to get everyone talking about you and your relationship. In this blog post, we will provide you with 128 different questions that you can use for the game. You can use some or all but remember the game should probably last no longer than 20 minutes.

Wedding Shoes


Wedding Shoe Game Instructions

The wedding shoe game is a fun way to liven up any wedding reception. To play, the bride and groom each take off one of their shoes and trade them with each other.

Then you will need to set up 2 chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor so all the guests can see them. The bride and groom will be seated on them.

You will then need an MC, someone who can read out the questions in a loud voice for everyone to hear. This could be one of your Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, guest or even the DJ.

Wedding Shoe Game Couple Sitting back to back playing game

The questions can be anything that you want, we have provided a list of 128 wedding shoe game questions as examples below. Once the bride and groom are seated and have shoes in their hands (1 of their own and 1 of their partners) the game can begin!

The person who is holding the microphone will start by asking the first question. After each question is asked, the bride and groom will raise either the bride’s shoe or the groom’s shoe depending on which answer they think is correct. For example, if the question is “Who is funnier?” and the answer is “the bride,” then they both should raise the bride's shoe in the air. BUT they both might think they are funnier, so this is where the games gets some laughs, see who thinks what of their partner.

To start you can ask the simple questions then once they get the hang of the game you can start asking the more difficult, personal ones. You can keep score if you want or just let everyone have fun with it.

The most important part is that the newlyweds have a good time and so do their guests!

Wedding Reception Shoe Game

Some things to keep in mind when playing the wedding shoe game:

  • Make sure that everyone can see the shoes!
  • Keep the questions PG-13 as some quests might be offended by certain types of questions.
  • Don't make the questions too personal or embarrassing as you want everyone to enjoy the game.
  • Don't make the game too long, 20 minutes should be plenty of time.
  • Have fun with it and enjoy!

Now that you know how to play, it's time to get started! Below is a list of 128 questions that you can use for the game. Have fun! (remember you just use the ones that suit the couple)

Wedding Shoe Game Questions
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128 Wedding Shoe Game Questions:

  1. Who can't live without their coffee in the morning?
  2. Who likes Hip Hop?
  3. Who like 70’s Music
  4. Who likes Country Music?
  5. Who is the neat freak of the relationship?
  6. Who is always on social media?
  7. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
  8. Who is more likely to forget to put gas in the car?
  9. Who always forgets people's names?
  10. Who never forgets important dates like anniversaries and birthdays?
  11. Who snores louder?
  12. Who likes the beach more?
  13. Who likes bushwalking the most?
  14. Who likes mountain bike riding the most?
  15. Who cleans up after dinner most nights of the week?
  16. Who plans the best date nights?
  17. Who generally picks up the check at restaurants?
  18. Who is a night owl?
  19. Who cooks dinner most nights of the week?
  20. Who hates doing laundry?
  21. Who is more likely to make the bedroom floor their laundry basket?
  22. Who makes the better breakfast?
  23. Who loves going out on dates?
  24. Who is more honest?
  25. Who is always talking?
  26. Who cried during the proposal?
  27. Who proposed first?
  28. Who has the best taste in music?
  29. Who is more romantic?
  30. Who is better at keeping a secret?
  31. Who is more likely to be late for work?
  32. Who is more likely to stay late at work?
  33. Who works out more often?
  34. Who is the cheapest?
  35. Who is more likely to get lost?
  36. Who is always on their phone?
  37. Who is better at keeping plants alive?
  38. Who is the better cook?
  39. Who always wants to have the last word?
  40. Who is always right?
  41. Who takes the longest showers?
  42. Who is always running late?
  43. Who hogs the covers at night?
  44. Who always checks the mailbox?
  45. Who is always on time?
  46. Who leaves their dirty socks on the floor?
  47. Who is funnier?
  48. Who works more?
  49. Who is the cleanest?
  50. Whose car is cleaner on the inside?
  51. Who makes all the plans?
  52. Who likes to plan everything out ahead of time?
  53. Who walks the dog more often?
  54. Who makes more money?
  55. Who is more of an extrovert?
  56. Who eats more junk food?
  57. Who is the more stubborn one?
  58. Who sleeps more?
  59. Who watches more TV?
  60. Who is the better kisser?
  61. Who said “I Love You” first?
  62. Who has more clothes in their closet?
  63. Who takes out the trash more often?
  64. Who has more shoes in their closet?
  65. Who is the better driver?
  66. Who can sing in tune?
  67. Who is the smarter one?
  68. Who is messier?
  69. Who procrastinates more often?
  70. Who does all the grocery shopping?
  71. Who talks the loudest?
  72. Who hates surprises?
  73. Who tells the best jokes?
  74. Who has the better sense of humor?
  75. Who has a sweetest tooth?
  76. Who spends the longest in the bathroom?
  77. Who is the quickest to get ready?
  78. Who is the adrenaline junkie?
  79. Who spends more money?
  80. Who loves taking risks?
  81. Who looks in the mirror more?
  82. Who is more likely to accidentally let a secret slip?
  83. Who loves Ice Cream more?
  84. Who loves romantic movies more?
  85. Who loves action movies more?
  86. Who is more likely to get sick?
  87. Who has the better hair?
  88. Who goes to bed first?
  89. Who makes the bed?
  90. Who is the first to apologize?
  91. Who replaces the toilet paper roll?
  92. Who is afraid of heights?
  93. Who is the pickier eater?
  94. Whose laugh is louder?
  95. Who loses their keys the most?
  96. Who is the better dancer?
  97. Who's more likely to leave dishes in the sink?
  98. Who is more of a dog person?
  99. Who would rather be outdoors?
  100. Who's more of a party animal?
  101. Who is grumpier in the morning?
  102. Who's more likely to fall asleep in front of the TV?
  103. Who is more likely to get sunburnt?
  104. Who is more likely to get injured?
  105. Who wakes up earliest in the morning?
  106. Who sleeps in on weekends?
  107. Who has more energy during the day?
  108. Who leaves dirty dishes in the sink?
  109. Who is better at directions?
  110. Who is more social and outgoing?
  111. Who is more shy and introverted?
  112. Who is more spontaneous and impulsive?
  113. Whose family lives closer by?
  114. Who shops more?
  115. Who has more nieces and nephews?
  116. Who has more siblings?
  117. Who has more cousins?
  118. Whose family is bigger?
  119. Who is an only child?
  120. Who grew up in a small town?
  121. Who grew up in a big city?
  122. Who went to college?
  123. Who didn’t go to college?
  124. Who graduated from college?
  125. Who is the clumsiest?
  126. Who controls the remote in your house?
  127. Who does more chores around the house?
  128. Who is taller?

Asking these types of questions will not only get your guests laughing, but it will also get them thinking about you and your relationship. It is a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking. So, if you are looking for a fun, unique, and entertaining way to keep your guests entertained, at you wedding reception then consider playing the wedding shoe game!

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