Western Day Spirit Week

Western Day Spirit Week

Cowgirls and Cowboys Unite! Western Day Spirit Week Ideas for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers

Yeehaw! It's time to saddle up and ride into Western Day Spirit Week for our middle and high schoolers. This spirit week idea is all about embracing the wild west and celebrating with cowboy hats, boots, and all things country.

It's a fun way for students to get involved and show off their creativity, and can really bring some excitement to the school week. So, get ready to giddy up and read on for some fun ideas to make your Western Day Spirit Week one for the books!

Western Day Spirit week Costumes


Dress Up Day - The first and most crucial step to Western Day Spirit Week is the dress-up day. Encourage students to dress up in their finest cowboy and cowgirl attire, including boots, hats, jeans, and Western-themed shirts. To make it even more exciting, host a contest for the best-dressed in each grade, and give out prizes such as gift cards, candy, or even a cowboy hat.

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Here are 10 Western Day spirit day outfit idea

  1. Cowboy/Cowgirl: Wear a plaid or denim shirt, jeans, and a cowboy hat. Accessorize with a bandana, boots, and a belt with a big buckle.
  2. Rodeo Star: Dress up like a rodeo performer with a fringed vest, cowboy boots, and a straw hat. Add a lasso or a toy horse for extra fun.
  3. Saloon Dancer: Put on a flouncy skirt, a corset or bodice, and a pair of lace-up boots. Complete the look with a feathered hairpiece and some bold makeup.
  4. Outlaw: Dress in all black with a long duster coat, a wide-brimmed hat, and a bandit-style mask. Carry a toy pistol or a bag of loot for added effect.
  5. Rancher: Wear a plaid or checkered shirt, a denim or leather jacket, and sturdy work boots. Add a cowboy hat and some rancher tools, such as a rope or a pitchfork.
  6. Native American: Show respect for Indigenous culture by wearing a traditional Native American outfit, such as a fringed dress or a ribbon shirt, with moccasins and beadwork accessories.
  7. Sheriff: Put on a brown or black vest, a badge, and a star-shaped sheriff's hat. Carry a toy sheriff's badge and a pair of handcuffs for authenticity.
  8. Pioneer: Wear a bonnet, a long skirt, and a blouse with puffy sleeves. Add an apron and carry a basket of "freshly baked" goods for a classic pioneer look.
  9. Wrangler: Dress in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a denim jacket. Add a bandana, a cowboy hat, and a pair of boots. Carry a toy lasso or a branding iron for extra flair.
  10. Barrel Racer: Dress in tight-fitting jeans, a colorful rodeo shirt, and a cowgirl hat. Add some rodeo-inspired jewelry, such as a horseshoe necklace or a rodeo belt buckle.
western day cowgirls

Games - No Western Day Spirit Week would be complete without some good old fashion rodeo games. Riding on a mechanical bull, roping and lassoing, horseshoes, and a boot throwing contest are just some of the fun activities you can offer students. You could also host an arm wrestling tournament or a horse racing game with moving horses to really get everyone in the spirit. You could also incorporate a wild west tug of war, where teams compete to see who can pull the rope the hardest.

Rodeo Inflatable Bouncy AnimalsRodeo Inflatable Bouncy AnimalsRodeo Inflatable Bouncy Animals


Western Movie Marathon - Break up the day by watching classic western movies such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Tombstone. Host a movie night for students to watch their favorite Westerns, complete with popcorn and candy. You could even make it a trivia game by asking questions about the movie in between showings!

Western Music - To add some entertainment to your Western Day Spirit Week, play some tunes from classic country artists like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson. Get everyone singing and boot scooting, line dancing along to the classic outlaw music for a good time!

Line Dancing - Music is often an essential piece of Western Day Spirit Week. A line dancing class or competition could be a fun and energetic way to get students up and moving. A line dance could be showcased in the gym or even outside to really get the boot scootin' going. Some schools might even bring in local dance groups to help teach the moves and advance their skills. 

Western-Themed Meals - Add some extra flavor to Western Day Spirit Week by making meals that fit the theme. Serve up some barbecue brisket, baked beans, and cornbread for lunch, and even offer cowboy hats and bandanas to add to the atmosphere. Some schools even go all out by hosting their own chili cook-off, complete with judges and prizes for the winner

Chalk Art - Chalk art is a great way to promote creativity within the school. Students could decorate the school grounds or sidewalks with Western-themed art, such as cowboy boots, hats or horses. Encourage other students to participate by having a Western-themed art contest on the last day of Western Day Spirit Week, with prizes rewarded to the top artists.

Western Day Spirit Week can be a fun and exciting way to bring a little country flair to your school! Whether it's engaging in rodeo games, participating in Western themed meals, or even creating chalk art, there are endless possibilities for this lively theme. By promoting creativity, community, and fun, Western Day Spirit Week can be a time to remember for both middle and high schoolers. So what are you waiting for? Yeehaw and get ready to saddle up for a week of wild and wonderful Western celebration!