Easter Crafts for Seniors

Easter Crafts for Seniors

Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a fun Easter craft for this holiday season, why not try these fun Easter ideas. 

These simple craft projects requires only basic materials and can be customized with colors, patterns or even personalized messages.

Whether you're a senior looking for a fun activity or a caregiver seeking engaging projects we've got you covered!

Let's hop right into it and explore some delightful Easter craft ideas that will surely make this holiday season a memorable one.

Egg-stravagant Egg Decorating:

Who says decorating eggs is just for the kids? Grab those paintbrushes, markers, and stickers, and let your creativity run wild!

Decorate hard-boiled or blown-out eggs in vibrant colors, fun patterns, or even go for a classic vintage look. Get inspired by nature, family memories, or simply let your imagination take the lead. These beautifully crafted eggs will make for a lovely centerpiece or a heartwarming gift to share with loved ones.

Senior Easter Egg


Bunny-tastic Easter Cards:

Everyone loves receiving a heartfelt card, and creating one is an artful way to express your love and affection. Fold some colorful cardstock in half, and let the Easter spirit guide your artistic flair.

Draw adorable bunnies, chicks, spring flowers, or anything that captures the essence of this joyous season. Write a sweet message inside, and you have a personalized card that will bring a smile to anyone's face!

Easter Bunny Card

Bunny Ear Headbands

Who said dressing up is just for kids? Embrace the Easter bunny spirit by making cute bunny ear headbands. Gather some soft, fluffy fabric, and cut out two ear shapes. Attach them to a headband using a glue gun, and voilà – you have a delightful accessory that will surely turn heads at your Easter gathering.

Senior Easter
Bunny Easter Egg Holder

This is a fun and easy Easter craft. This is also a perfect craft for an Easter family party.

Easter Egg Holder

Things Needed To Make a Cup Easter Egg Holder

Easter Egg Craft

How to make the Cup Easter Egg Holder


  • Gather the materials needed to make the cup Easter egg holder
  • Cut out two shapes from plain colored paper to be used as the ears for your bunny, try to make sure they are roughly the same size. Them cut two smaller pieces from a different colored paper for the inner part of the ears.
  • Cut out a small circle for the bunny nose and two larger circles for the face. Then you can cut two white rectangles for the bunny teeth.

Bunny Craft

  • Use the glue or tape to attach the ear shapes to the top of one of the cups, creating a bunny-style shape with the pieces.
  • Glue or tape the circle pieces together and then attach to the front of the cup.

Eater Cup Craft

  • If using decorative eyes, attach them onto the cup as well. If not, you can draw on two eyes instead.
  • Once all these steps are complete, your bunny-shaped cup Easter egg holder is ready for use! Fill it with eggs or other small treats and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Easter Craft

Easter Wreath

This wreath is a fun craft to make and can be customized to suit your favorite colors. Collect artificial flowers, ribbons, and Easter-themed embellishments from your local craft store.

Easter Wreath

Natural Vine Wreath for CraftsNatural Vine Wreath for CraftsNatural Vine Wreath for CraftsEaster Eggs Wreath Front Door GarlandsEaster Eggs Wreath Front Door GarlandsEaster Eggs Wreath Front Door GarlandsEaster Bunny Spring Wreath for Front DoorEaster Bunny Spring Wreath for Front DoorEaster Bunny Spring Wreath for Front Door


With a foam or wire wreath base, start arranging and gluing these elements into place. Feel free to add some painted eggs or small bunnies for an extra dose of cuteness. Hang it on your door, and let your Easter spirit shine for all your neighbors to see!

Paper Bag Easter Egg Holder

This craft looks super cute and takes only minutes to make.

Easter Paper Craft

Things Needed to Make a Paper Bag Easter Egg Holder

How to Make the Paper Bag Easter Egg Holder

1.Lay the paper bag flat and draw two ear shapes at the open end of the bag and cut out.

2. Using glue dots or double sided tape, attach a pompom to the bag to resemble the bunny’s tail.

3. Put a few small Easter eggs into the paper bag and use twine to tie the top of the bag together. Make sure it is secure so the eggs do not fall out.

4. You can then leave it as is or decorate the other side of the bag with eyes or add a personalized message to the holder using a permanent marker.

Easter Paper Bag Craft

Easter Box Craft

This Easter craft takes a little bit longer as you need to first construct the box, but it is still an easy craft to do.

Easter Box craft

Things Needed to Make the Box Easter Egg Holder

  • Thick colored paper or cardboard
  • Glue or tape
  • Colored pens
  • Small Easter Eggs or Easter Candy

How to Make the Box Easter Egg Holder

  • Draw and cut out a simple box template then fold along the inside lines.
  • Cut out some ear shapes from contrasting colored paper and attach to one of the flat ends of the box. Cut a semi circle from the same colored paper and attach at the bottom of the same side of the box.
  • Draw on a face and attach two small circles for cheeks
  • Glue or tape the side flaps of the box together to make the box shape. Fill will small Easter Eggs and enjoy!

You will have a blast making these simple paper Easter egg holders and will be proud to show them off or gift them this holiday season. It’s a great way to get creative and make something special. And don’t forget to snap some photos of your crafty creation for the perfect Easter memory. Enjoy!

You can finish off your Easter Craft Day with these fun printable Easter games that are perfect for sharing quality time with family and friends.

This games pack has all the favorites including games such as Easter Trivia, Easter Word Search, a game to find out your special Easter Bunny Name and much more!