Fall Party Names

Fall Party Names

Are you gearing up to throw the ultimate fall bash but stuck on what to call it? No worries, we’ve got you covered with some seriously fun and festive party name ideas that are perfect for the season.

From Halloween haunts to Thanksgiving gatherings, here are some names that will make your Fall party invites impossible to resist.

Fun Fall Party Names

Fall Party Sign
1. Pumpkin Spice Soirée

Nothing screams fall more than pumpkin spice! Invite your guests to a party filled with all things cozy and spiced. Think pumpkin-flavored everything, from drinks to desserts, and maybe even some pumpkin carving!

2. Autumn Harvest 

Celebrate the bounty of the season with an Autumn Harvest Fest. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the rich colors and flavors of fall. Decorate with hay bales, cornstalks, and plenty of autumnal wreaths. Don’t forget a menu featuring apples, squash, and corn!

3. Flannel Fling

Ask everyone to dig out their best flannel shirts for a laid-back flannel-themed party. It's a fantastic way to enjoy the cooler weather. Pair it with a bonfire and some acoustic music for that extra rustic touch.

4. Hocus Pocus Halloween Bash

For those who love a good spook, a Hocus Pocus Halloween Bash is perfect. Encourage guests to come in their most enchanting costumes and prepare some bewitching snacks and spooky decorations.

5. Thanksgiving Eve Feast

Kick off the holiday season with a bang! A Thanksgiving Eve Feast is a great way to gather friends and family before the big day. It’s all about gratitude, so why not have a potluck where everyone brings a dish they’re thankful for?

6. Boots and Sweaters Bonanza

Celebrate the sweater weather with a Boots and Sweaters Bonanza. It’s a chic yet cozy party theme that invites everyone to flaunt their favorite fall fashion while sipping on hot cider or cocoa.

7. Oktoberfest Ovation

Why not bring a bit of Germany to your backyard with an Oktoberfest Party? Serve up some bratwurst, pretzels, and, of course, plenty of beer. Lederhosen and dirndls are highly encouraged for this festive affair!

8. Haunted Housewarming

If you’ve recently moved into a new place, a Haunted Housewarming is a fabulous two-in-one celebration. It gives a spooky twist to the traditional housewarming party and guarantees an unforgettable night for your guests.

9. Cider Sipping Celebration

Host a Cider Sipping Celebration where the star of the show is apple cider in all its forms, hot, cold, spiced, or even hard cider for the grown-ups. It’s a sweet way to toast to the season.

10. ‘Fall’ in Love 

For those looking to stir up some romance, a ‘Fall’ in Love Mixer offers a wonderful setting. Decorate with romantic fall hues like deep reds and warm oranges, and set up cozy seating areas for mingling.

Cute Fall Party Names

These cute and sweet party names will be perfect for your Autumn party.

  1. Pumpkin Parade Party
  2. Cuddles & Cocoa Night
  3. Pumpkin Kisses & Harvest Wishes
  4. Maple & Marshmallows Mixer
  5. Fuzzy Socks & Hot Chocolate
  6. Golden Leaves Gathering
  7. Woodland Whispers
  8. Jumper Jubilee
  9. Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please
  10. Cozy Campfire Gatherings
  11. Little Pumpkins Day Out
  12. Sweet As Apple Pie Party
  13. Falling in Love With Fall Fest

Fall Kid’s Party Names

If you are throwing a party for the little ones, why not include a fun and festive party name to get everyone into the spirit of the party. Here are some of our favorites;

Kids Fall Party
  1. Harvest Hoopla
  2. Pumpkin Patch Party
  3. Autumn Adventure
  4. Leafy Lollapalooza
  5. Gourds Galore
  6. Acorn Antics
  7. Sweater Weather 
  8. Scarecrow Spectacular
  9. Fall Fun Frenzy
  10. Autumn Extravaganza
  11. Candy Corn Carnival
  12. Witches and Wizards
  13. Harvest Moon Magic 
  14. Trick or Treat Trailblazers
  15. Ghostly Gathering
  16. Boo-tiful Bash 
  17. Leafy Laughter
  18. Hayride Happenings
  19. Apple Antics 
  20. Spooky Soiree
  21. Costume Carnival 
  22. Candy Corn Celebration
  23. S’mores & Stories
  24. Fall Fun
  25. Candy Apple Cuties
  26. Pumpkin Painting party
  27. Tiny Tricksters’ Day
  28. Witchy Wonder
  29. Apple Bobbing Bonanza
  30. Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt
  31. Little Pumpkin’s Bash
  32. Happy Harvest 
  33. Tiny Harvest Heroes 
  34. Funny Fall Fest
  35. Autumn Adventurers 
  36. Cool Kids Corn Maze
  37. Magic Pumpkin Patch Party

Fall Girls Party Names

  1. Girls’ Autumn Tea Party
  2. Witches’ Night Out
  3. Leaves & Lattes Get-Together
  4. Gals & Gourds Gala
  5. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
  6. Autumn Tea Time
  7. Pumpkin Spice Party
  8. Witches' Brew Brunch
  9. Leaves & Lattes 
  10. Harvest Moon Hangout
  11. Cider Sipping Sisters
  12. Golden Gourd Gathering
  13. Cozy Sweaters & Cocoa
  14. Maple Leaf Mixer
  15. Pumpkin Carving Party
  16. Apple Picking Picnic
  17. Fall Fashion Fête
  18. Flannel Friends Fest
  19. Mystical Meetup

Festive Fall Party Names

Pumpkin Parade Party
  1. Autumn Jubilee
  2. Harvest Moon Festivity
  3. Pumpkin Parade
  4. Golden Harvest Gathering
  5. Cider Sipping Celebration
  6. Maple Leaf Mixer
  7. Octoberfest Outing
  8. Harvest Hoopla
  9. Fall Festival
  10. Apple Orchard Outing
  11. Spooky Spirits Night
  12. Corn Maze Adventure
  13. Fireside Feast
  14. Fall Frolic
  15. Cozy Autumn Affair
  16. Apple Harvest Happening
  17. Chilly Nights Chill
  18. Pumpkin Carving Corner

Funny Fall Party Names

Here are some amusing Fall party names that are sure to bring a smile!

  1. Oh My Gourdness, It’s Fall!
  2. Let's Get Smashed – Pumpkin Style
  3. Here for the Boos Halloween Fest
  4. Trick or Treat Yo' Self Party
  5. Sweater Weather and Better Together
  6. Chilly Nights & City Lights
  7. Falling for Fun
  8. Boots and Lutes Hootenanny
  9. A-Maize-ing Autumn
  10. Flannels & Flapjacks Fling
  11. Hay There! Hoedown
  12. Chill Out Chili Night
  13. Squash Goals Gathering
  14. Gourd-geous Gala
  15. Leaf Your Worries Behind
  16. Pie & Chai Pie-esta
  17. Pumpkin to Talk About
  18. Sweater Weather Sweaterfest
  19. Trick or Treat Yo’self
  20. 'Tis the Season to Be Fall-y

Creative Fall Party Names

  1. Moonlight & Mazes
  2. Flannels & Flames 
  3. Twilight’s Fall Fantasy
  4. Harvest Under the Stars
  5. Autumn Equinox 
  6. The Pumpkin Ball
  7. Maple Leaf Masquerade
  8. Fall-o-ween Festivities
  9. Autumnal Extravaganza
  10. Pumpkin Carve Craze
  11. Harvest Hooray
  12. Bountiful Harvest
  13. Nuts About Fall Party
  14. Enchanted Autumn Evening

Picking the right name sets the tone for any party, and with these catchy and festive options, you’re all set to host a memorable Fall celebration. So send out those invites and get ready for a season full of fun and festivities.