Thanksgiving Party Names

Thanksgiving Party Names

The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving Party Names

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and fabulous feasting! As you prepare for this year's celebration, one of the best ways to set the tone is by giving your Thanksgiving party a creative and memorable name. Whether you're hosting a cozy family dinner, a festive Friendsgiving, or a lively neighborhood bash, a fun party name can add an extra layer of excitement to your event. Here we'll explore a variety of Thanksgiving party names that will surely make your gathering unforgettable.

Family Thanksgiving Dinner

Classic Thanksgiving Party Names

Turkey Time Extravaganza

A traditional name that emphasizes the star of the Thanksgiving meal, the turkey! Perfect for a classic, family-oriented celebration.

Harvest Homecoming

This name evokes the warm, nostalgic feeling of coming home for the holidays. It's ideal for a cozy, intimate gathering with loved ones.

Pilgrim's Feast

A nod to the historical roots of Thanksgiving, this name is great for a party that incorporates traditional elements and decor.

Autumn Abundance

Celebrate the bounty of the harvest season with this elegant and inviting name.

Grateful Gathering

A heartwarming name that focuses on the core theme of Thanksgiving: gratitude.

Friendsgiving Party Names

Feast with Friends

Simple and straightforward, this name emphasizes the camaraderie and shared joy of a Friendsgiving celebration.

Buddy Banquet

A playful and inviting name that highlights the fun and friendly atmosphere of your gathering.

Pal's Potluck

Perfect for a potluck-style Friendsgiving where everyone brings a dish to share.

Friends & Feasting

This name combines the essence of friendship and the delicious food that brings everyone together.

Thankful for Friends

A heartfelt name that expresses gratitude for the special people in your life.

Family Thanksgiving Party Names

Family Feast Fest

A fun and festive name that captures the joy of a family Thanksgiving celebration.

Kinfolk Feast

A charming, old-fashioned name that highlights the importance of family bonds.

Thankful Family Gathering

A straightforward name that emphasizes the theme of gratitude and family togetherness.

Generations of Gratitude

This name is perfect for a multi-generational family gathering, celebrating the continuity of family traditions.

Family Harvest Celebration

An elegant and inviting name that captures the spirit of the season and the joy of family.

Family Thanksgiving Photo

Themed Thanksgiving Party Names

Pumpkin Spice Soiree

Perfect for a trendy, fall-themed party with lots of pumpkin spice treats and decorations.

Autumn Leaves & Laughter

A lovely name that evokes the beauty of fall and the joy of laughter shared with loved ones.

Pilgrim Party

A fun, historical-themed party name that encourages guests to dress up as pilgrims or Native Americans.

Harvest Hoedown

Great for a rustic, country-style Thanksgiving party with lots of dancing and hearty food.

Cranberry Craze

Perfect for a party that features cranberries in various dishes and drinks.

Creative and Punny Thanksgiving Party Names

Gobble 'Til You Wobble

A playful and humorous name that promises a feast so good, you'll be wobbling home.

Talk Turkey To Me

A fun, conversational name that's perfect for a lively and interactive party.

Stuffed with Thanks

A clever name that plays on the idea of being "stuffed" with food and gratitude.

Turkey Trottin' Time

Great for a party that includes a fun run or walk before the feast.

Mash It Up!

A playful name that highlights everyone's favorite side dish: mashed potatoes.

Kids-Friendly Thanksgiving Party Names

Tiny Tots Turkey Time

A cute and catchy name for a Thanksgiving party focused on young children and families.

Little Pilgrims' Feast

Perfect for a party that includes educational activities about the history of Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble Gathering

A fun and easy-to-remember name that kids will love.

Mini Harvest Festival

Great for a party that includes games, crafts, and activities for children.

Pumpkin Patch Party

Perfect for a Thanksgiving party that incorporates a pumpkin patch visit or pumpkin-themed activities.

Kids thanksgiving

Sophisticated Thanksgiving Party Names

Autumn Elegance

An elegant and refined name for a sophisticated Thanksgiving dinner.

Harvest Gold Gala

Perfect for a formal event with luxurious decor and a gourmet menu.

Bountiful Blessings

A name that emphasizes gratitude and abundance in a sophisticated manner.

Thankful Hearts Dinner

An intimate and elegant name for a dinner party focused on gratitude.

Golden Harvest Soiree

Great for a glamorous and upscale Thanksgiving celebration.

Modern and Trendy Thanksgiving Party Names

Friendsgiving Fiesta

A modern twist on Friendsgiving, with a fun and festive vibe.

Harvest Hipster Hangout

Perfect for a trendy, laid-back Thanksgiving gathering with a hipster twist.

Gratitude Gathering

A chic and modern name that emphasizes the theme of gratitude.

Modern Harvest Mixer

Great for a contemporary, cocktail-style Thanksgiving party.

Trendy Turkey Bash

A fun and fashionable name for a stylish Thanksgiving celebration.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Party Names

Backyard Harvest Bash

Perfect for an outdoor, casual Thanksgiving celebration.

Picnic in the Pumpkin Patch

Great for a Thanksgiving picnic with a pumpkin patch setting.

Autumn Adventure Feast

Ideal for a Thanksgiving celebration that includes outdoor activities like hiking or apple picking.

Nature's Bounty Picnic

A name that highlights the natural beauty of the fall season and the abundance of the harvest.

Outdoor Friendsgiving Fest

Perfect for a Friendsgiving party held in a park or backyard.

Choosing the right name for your Thanksgiving party can set the tone for your celebration and make it even more memorable. Whether you prefer a classic, sophisticated, trendy, or fun name, there's something on this list to inspire you. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones as you celebrate the season of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!