Teens Spending Time with Family

Teens Spending Time with Family

It can be tough getting teens to spend time with family. They’re at the age where they want to be independent and hanging out with parents or siblings can seem uncool. However, it’s important to make time for family even as a teen. Here are some tips on how to get teens to spend time with family.

Teen with Family

Plan Fun Activities That Everyone Can Enjoy

Teens can be notoriously difficult to please, but if you can find an activity that everyone enjoys, it will be worth it in the end. Think about what everyone likes to do and try to find a middle ground.

For example, if your teen likes going out with friends and you like spending time at home, maybe you can meet in the middle and go out to eat as a family.

Try things like getting a ping pong table and have competitions and play video games as a family. See a family movie, go bowling, go for a bike ride, grab a quick bite to eat at a trendy cafe. All of these activities will make sure that your family time is enjoyable.

Plan a regular family games night and choose some card games, board games and family printable games to keep everyone having fun.

Make Quality Time a Priority

Spending time with family doesn’t have to be a big production. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Make an effort to have dinner together as a family at least once a week or set aside some time each day to talk to your teen about their day. Just making quality time a priority will go a long way in getting your teen to spend more time with family.

Teen with Family on Beach

Teens Love Food

Have good snacks and food in your house, and your teens and their friends will want to spend more time at your house, which will lead to more time with the family, even if their friends are there too. As silly as it sounds, good food is a great drawcard, so make your teen want to be home more with good food and a set dinner time. You can also get your teen to choose a recipe and help to make a family meal.

Don’t Force It

If your teen is really resistant to spending time with family, don’t force them. It’s important to respect their wishes and give them some space. They may come around eventually on their own accord. In the meantime, focus on spending time with the rest of your family and doing things that make you happy.

Teen with Family Talking

Respect Their Privacy

Sometimes teens want to spend more time with their friends because they don’t have to tell them things they don’t want to. They can relax and be themselves without judgement. As a parent, you should try to respect your teen’s privacy and give them the space they need to grow. If you can do this your teen will become more comfortable spending time with family.

Value Their Opinions

If you respect your teens and value their opinions, they will recognize that and they will be more interested in being around you and the family. Most teenagers prefer being with their friends because they are treated as equals and their thoughts, feelings, and opinions are respected. So, while maintaining parent child status, try giving your teens more respect, show them that you value their thoughts and opinions, and that their feelings matter to you. This will help them be more interested in family, and more likely to spend time at home.

Give Them Space

Try to give your teenagers room and space to be themselves. Enforce your house rules, but also let them live their own life. Do not try to always micromanage everything they do. The more space you give them, the less they will want (up to a point) and the more likely they will be to enjoy being with you and family.


Take family vacations. This is a great way to make memories, and help your teenager see that spending time with family can be fun. Get your teen involved with the planning of the holiday and allow them to choose a couple of the family activities while you are away.

Teen Family Vacation

It can be tough getting teens to spend time with family but it’s important to make an effort. Try planning fun activities that everyone can enjoy, making quality time a priority, and respecting your teen’s wishes if they don’t want to spend time with the family. With some patience and understanding, you may be able to get your teen to come around and appreciate spending time with the people who love them most.