Candy Games for Parties

Candy Games for Parties: The Best Fun and Easy Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and easy candy games for your next party? Look no further! Here we will show you a variety of games that are perfect for any occasion and age group. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, a baby shower, or just want some ideas to keep the kids entertained, we have you covered. 

Fun party games involving candy are always a hit with kids, teens and adults alike. And what’s more, they are usually very easy to set up and require minimal materials. Here are some of our favorite candy games that are sure to be a hit at your next party!

Candy Game

Guess the Number 

One simple but always fun game is the classic “guess the number of candy in the jar” game. This is a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities and can be easily tailored to any age group.

All you need is a jar or container of some sort, and fill it with your favorite candy. Then, have each party guest write down their guess on a piece of paper. The person who comes closest to the actual number wins a prize or the jar of candy.

Candy in a Jar


Candy  Jar with LidCandy Jar with LidCandy  Jar with LidJelly BeansJelly BeansJelly BeansPlastic Jars with LidsPlastic Jars with LidsPlastic Jars with Lids


Candy Relay

Another fun game that can be played with candy is “candy relay”. This is a great team-building activity and can be a lot of fun for all ages. All you need is two teams, a starting line, and an finish line. Then, place a bowl of candy at the finish line.

The object of the game is to see which team can relay the candy from the finish line back to the starting line the fastest. To do this, each team member must take one piece of candy at a time and run it back to the starting line before passing it off to the next team member. The first team to get all of their candy back to the starting line wins!

Candy Dice Game

This game is perfect for a large group. You will need a dice and some small wrapped candies. Players take turns rolling the dice and collecting that many pieces of candy. The player with the most candy at the end wins!

Candy Dice Game

Candy Toss

This classic game is always a hit with kids and adults alike. All you need is a bag of candy, some bowls, and someone to keep score. The object of the game is to stand a distance away from your bowl and try to throw the candy into your bowl.  The person with the most candy in their bowl in 1 minute is the winner.

Roll A Rainbow

This game is perfect for kids! You will need different color candies, a dice, and each a Roll a Rainbow printable sheet. Players take turns rolling the dice and placing the colored candies on the rainbow. The player to fill their Rainbow first wins.

Roll A Rainbow Candy Game

Bubble Gum Game

This is a fun game especially for the teens, give everyone 1 piece of bubble gum and when you say go, they can start chewing. The first person to blow a bubble wins.

Bubblegum Game

Candy Scavenger Hunt:

This is a great game for kids of all ages. Hide small pieces of candy around the party area, and give each child a list of things to find. The one who finds the most candy wins.


A pinata is a classic candy party game and probably the first that comes to mind when planning a candy party. To play, simply fill the pinata with different candy (wrapped candy works best) and hang it up. Then one at a time, blindfold the kids, spin them around 3 times and then let them hit the pinata trying to break it open. There are also many other fun pinata party games.

Pinata Candy Grab

Pin the Candy

For a new spin on this classic game, you can draw a jar on a large piece of paper and pin it up. Then attach double sided tape to some candies and stick onto the jar. Taking turns, blindfold each child and they can then try to remove their favorite piece of candy from the jar.

Multicolor Eye Mask CoverMulticolor Eye Mask CoverMulticolor Eye Mask CoverMilk Chocolate Assortment CandyMilk Chocolate Assortment CandyMilk Chocolate Assortment Candy


Chocolate Unwrapping Race

The object of this game is to unwrap your chocolate bar without using your hands. To make it more challenging you can put a time limit on it or see how many chocolate bars each person can unwrap in a minute.

Candy Memory Game

Place a selection of candies onto a tray. Give each person a minute to look at the tray and then remove it. Using only their memory, they have to write down as many of the candies as possible. The person with the most correct wins!

Chopstick Challenge

This game is easy to play and lots of fun. Players will need to see how many candies they can pick up and put into their bowl in 1 minute using only chopsticks. The player with the most candy at the end is the winner!

Chopstick Candy Game

Candy Tasting Game

This is a great game for kids and adults alike. Blindfold everyone and set out a variety of candies. Everyone must taste each one and guess what it is. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

Candy Race

Give each player a straw and plastic cup. Then set down a tray filled with M & M's or Skittles. When the timer starts the players have to use their straws to suck up the candy and then transfer it into their cup. The player with the most candy in their cup at the end wins!

Find the Candy

Make sure you have your camera ready for this game as it can get messy! Each person gets a small plate filled with whipped cream or Cool whip. There is a candy hidden somewhere in the whipped cream. The players have to find the candy using only their mouths. The first person to find the candy wins!

 Whipped Cream Candy Game

Most kids love candy so these fun and easy games involving candy will be a hit! With a little creativity, you're sure to come up with even more great ideas. So get started planning your next party, these party games with sweets will sure be a favorite for kids, teens and adults  And if you’re looking for more party game ideas, be sure to check out our other blog posts. We have a variety of games that are perfect for any occasion!

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