Play the Halloween Body Parts Game for a Spook-tacular Time!

Play the Halloween Body Parts Game for a Spook-tacular Time!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween? Look no further than the Halloween Body Parts Game! This game is a lot of fun and will get you in the spirit of Halloween.

This game is also known as Dead Man's Body or Withered Corpse Game. It is a spooky, yet fun activity that older kids and teens will love. They get to use their imagination while passing around covered bowls containing different 'body parts' while trying to guess what is inside. This makes it perfect as an addition during Halloween! It can be tricky, but it's a lot of fun! Ready to give it a try?

Halloween Body Parts Game

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How to play the Halloween Body Parts game

You'll need:

 - A list of body parts and poem (you can find one here or make your own)

- Food items which will become the body parts

- Bowls to hold the items and something to cover them

- Blindfolds for each player (optional)

- Pen and paper for each player

- Paper towels


The goal of the game is to identify as many body parts as possible. 

Before the party you will need to write a list of body parts or use a printable Halloween Body Parts list along with which food items you will using.

Here are some body part suggestions: 

  • Eyes - peeled grapes or olives
  • Brains - cooked cauliflower
  • Ears - dried apricots or sundried tomatoes
  • Nose - chicken bone
  • Skin - orange rind
  • Heart - fresh or canned tomatoes
  • Teeth - popcorn kernels
  • Fingers - string cheese sticks
  • Intestines - cooked spaghetti noodles
  • Tongue - cooked lasagne pasta
  • Hair - yarn
  • Toes - prunes

Place each item you are using into a covered bowl.

Halloween Skeletons and Body Parts on BBQ

How to play the game

Have the party guests sit in a circle and darken the room or give each person a blindfold (make sure they can not peek!)  It is also a good idea to give each person a paper towel to wipe their hands as some things can be messy.

You can use a printable rhyming poem or just make up your own story to go along with the game. Start by reading the poem or you can write your own story about finding a body buried in the ground and you have brought back his body parts. Obviously make up your story to suit the age of your party guests, as you don't want to give anyone nightmares!

As you read out the poem or tell your story, pass around each bowl and have everyone reach in and feel what is inside. 

At the end of the poem, hide the bowls containing the 'body parts' and turn on the lights or ask your guests to take off their blindfolds. 

Pass out paper and pens and ask each person to write down what they thought they felt for each body part. It is a good idea to re-read the poem/story again to remind them which order the bowls were in. 

When they have finished writing, you can bring back the bowls to show everyone what was inside and see who guessed correctly.

Kids and teens will love this game but it is best with older kids, tweens and teens. It is probably best not to play this with kids under about 9 or so as some of the body parts can be a bit icky and may cause nightmares!

My favorite part about this activity is that it can be done with items you probably already have around the house. So if you're looking for a fun and easy Halloween activity, give this one a try and see how many you get right. I think you'll have a spook-tacular time!

Halloween Body Parts Game

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