St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

Get ready to make St. Patrick’s Day a memorable one with this fun and interactive treasure hunt! It’s the perfect way for kids and adults alike to get into the spirit of the holiday. With a few simple supplies, you can have your whole family or group of friends chasing after Irish-themed treasures in no time!

How to Create a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

St Patrick's Day is an exciting time of year, and a great way to make it even more festive is to organize a treasure hunt! Invite friends and family and hide clues around the house or yard.

As each person solves the clues, they will be getting closer and closer to the surprise treasure at the end! It is sure to bring plenty of laughter and good times - all while celebrating the luck of St Patrick's Day.

Here are some tips of how to create a fun St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt.


Gather Your Supplies

The first step is to gather all your supplies. You will need some sort of chest or box that can hold the final prizes. You can opt for a small pirate style chest, a shoe box or even a plastic pot of gold pot - whatever works best for your theme!

Additionally, you'll want some type of “loot” to fill it with - think gold coins, green bead necklace, candy, and other various trinkets that you can find at any craft store around this time of year. Once you've gathered up your supplies, it's time to plan out how you want the treasure hunt to go.

Create Clues

Creating clues is where the real fun begins! Get creative with your rhymes and riddles so that they are both challenging and fun. If you are stuck when creating your clues remember each one does not have to rhyme. For example, if you are hiding something on a windowsill, write down something like "Where the sun shines through glass, that's where I'll be found."

Once all your clues have been written out, hide them around the house or outside in nature (if weather permits). Make sure each clue leads them closer and closer to their treasure until finally reaching it!

Start Searching!

Once all your clues have been placed, let the searching begin! Working in a group, give one person a clue so the team can start their journey towards finding their loot.

Depending on how many people are participating in the hunt, you may want to split into two teams or stagger when they start so there isn't an overload at one station (especially if they are doing this inside).

Additionally, try not to give them too much help if they get stuck - part of the fun is figuring out what each clue means on their own!

How To Do a Treasure Hunt

Once you have created your clue cards you will keep the first one aside and hide the remaining clues. So begin by hiding clue number 2 in the place that the first clue will lead your players to. Then continue hiding the clue cards, finishing by placing the final 'congratulations' card with the final treasure or prize.

When you start your treasure hunt you will hand the first clue to the players. If you have younger children playing you can also place a small St Patrick's Day themed object such as a shamrock with each paper clue to make it easier for them to spot.

If you are short of time you can print out an already made Printable St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt or even try a St Patrick's Scavenger Hunt

St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt Clue Ideas

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some fun clue ideas to use in your St Patrick’s Day treasure hunt:

  • Go to the land of luck and joy, The next clue is hiding by your favorite toy
  • To find the next clue look high and low, it is near where the water will flow
  • Congratulations! You’ve reached the end, Hope you have had fun my friend
  • You were lucky enough to find this surprise, Happy St Patrick's Day! Enjoy your prize.
  • Four leaf clovers are so lucky, go to where you might find a rubber ducky

St Patrick's Day doesn't have to be a boring affair - liven up your celebration with this easy and fun treasure hunt! All it takes is some preparation ahead of time and soon enough everyone will be enjoying themselves as they search for their luck o' the Irish goodies.

Have everyone dress up in green attire for extra spirit - after all, what would St Patrick’s Day be without some festive attire? With these tips in hand, get ready for an unforgettable day full of laughter and adventure as everyone hunts down their pot o' gold at the end of rainbow!

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