Uno Drinking Game

Uno Drinking Game

If you're looking for a fun way to spice up your next game night, look no further than this Uno Drinking Game. Taking your favorite card game and adding an alcoholic twist is sure to make for a night you won't soon forget. Just make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand, because things are about to get crazy!

Uno Game


How to Play Classic Uno

I am sure you have all played UNO before but here is a quick refresher on how to play the game.

To begin, give each player seven cards from a regular UNO deck. Then, flip over the top card from the deck (the draw pile) to create a discard pile.

The player on the dealer's left begins the game by matching either color or number from their hand to the card in the discard pile. If they don't have any valid cards in their hand, they must draw one from the draw pile instead. Turns move around in a clockwise direction until someone has just one card left in their hand. At this point, they must yell "UNO" before anyone else notices! When someone has no cards left, they are declared the winner of that round.

For added complexity and excitement, special cards such as Wilds, DrawTwo, Draw Four, Skip and Reverse are included too.

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How to Turn UNO into a Drinking Game

Now that you know how to play UNO, turning it into a drinking game is easy and a great way to have tons of fun with your friends.

Uno Drinking Game

Deal out the cards and begin playing just like regular UNO with these extra drinking rules;

Take One Drink

  • If you forget the rules or ask a question during the game
  • If you play a card the same color as the player before you
  • If you can not play a card on your turn and have to pick up from the pile.
  • You play a skip card
  • If you make a mistake and play the wrong card (which is bound to happen once you have been playing and drinking for a while!)

Take Two Drinks

  • If you play a Draw 2 card (or someone plays one against you)
  • If you play a Draw 4 card (or someone plays one against you)
  • If you get skipped and miss your turn
  • Someone plays a reverse and you miss your turn

Finish your Drink

  • If another player catches you not saying "UNO"
  • If you play a reverse card, you can choose someone who must finish their drink

Everyone Drinks

  • When a Wild card is played
  • When someone wins the round, everyone else must count up how many cards are left in their hand and must drink once for each remaining card
  • Everyone drinks whenever you hear the word UNO

Whatever rules you decide on, be sure to enjoy responsibly and have lots of laughs while playing this classic game with an adult twist. Turning UNO into a drinking game is sure bring some extra joy and entertainment right into your living room!

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