The 5 Gift Rule for Christmas

The 5 Gift Rule for Christmas

Shopping for gifts during the holiday season can be stressful, especially when it comes to kids, teens and tweens. With their ever-changing list of likes and interests, it can be hard to figure out what they really want.

This five gift Christmas rule will make it a much easier task. This is a great way to make sure everyone gets something they love this holiday season.

5 Gift Christmas Rule


What is the Christmas 5 Gift Rule?

The Christmas 5 Gift Rule is an age-old rule that helps everyone when it come to holiday gift giving. Based on the concept of ‘less is more’, it encourages families to focus on small, meaningful gifts instead of getting carried away with the consumer culture.

By setting a limit of five gifts for each recipient, family members can think creatively about what they can give. The thoughtfulness behind these gifts often says more than any number of presents ever could. 

The 5 Gifts for Christmas

If you want to try this Christmas gift rule, here are the gift categories. 

Something They Want

The first gift should be something they want (but don’t need). This one is all about fun! Think about what they’re into right now – are they into fashion? Maybe get them some new trendy shoes or fashion accessories. Are they into music? Get them tickets to an upcoming concert or a subscription to their favorite streaming service. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that will spark joy in their life! 

Somethings They Need

The second gift should focus on something this person needs. This could be a new Winter coat, a laptop for school work, headphones or even a new phone if theirs is getting outdated and not working properly. Maybe they need new equipment for when they play sports such as a new ball, hockey stick or sports shoes. Pick something that will make their life easier and more convenient – they’ll appreciate it! 

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Something to Wear

The third gift should be something to wear. Again, think about what your child is into right now; chances are there’s a clothing item that fits that description perfectly. It could be anything from a pair of sneakers to an oversized hoodie – whatever you pick will show them how much you care about their interests and hobbies.

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Something to Read

The fourth gift should be something to read. Most people these days are spending more time on screens than ever before, so why not give them something that encourages reading instead? A book series or magazine subscription would do the trick just nicely. Books are also known for sparking imagination and creativity – perfect gifts for any age!

Surprise Them

The fifth and final gift should surprise them in some way. This could mean anything from tickets for a family outing or double pass to the latest movie or event. Anything goes here as long as it brings joy and laughter! 

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How to Stick to the 5 Gifts for Christmas Rule

The holidays are here and with them comes the inevitable list of gifts that need to be bought. If you’re anything like us, you want to spoil your loved ones but don’t know when to stop. The 5 Gifts for Christmas rule is so helpful. It helps keep a lid on the spending while still leaving room for some fun surprises. Read on to find out how to stick to the 5 Gifts for Christmas rule. 

Set Your Budget 

Before you start shopping, set a budget and decide how much you are willing to spend in total on gifts (and not just for each individual). This will help you stay within your limits as well as keeping track of how much money has been spent so far.

You can also use this budget to decide which gifts will go where – for example, if someone is high-priority on your list, allocate a larger amount of the budget towards their gift and vice versa.  

Make A List 

Once you have determined your overall budget, it’s time to make a list! Write down who you need to buy gifts for and what type of gift might work best – don’t forget about stocking stuffers too!

This is also a great time to brainstorm creative ideas that could save money while still being meaningful (like making something special yourself!). Having a plan before heading out shopping makes it easier to stick with the 5 Gifts for Christmas rule.  

Prioritize & Track Spending

Now that you have an idea of who is getting what and how much money needs to be spent overall, it’s time prioritize who gets what first. Start with those at the top of your list – usually family members or close friends – then move down from there by allocating smaller amounts of money towards those lower on your list.

Finally, track your progress throughout the holiday season so that you know exactly where things stand with regards to spending – this can help prevent any last-minute splurges!  

Shop Early

Finally, shop early! If you start your holiday shopping in the fall (or even sooner!), you can spread out the costs and make sure that everything is bought with plenty of time to spare. Plus, there are usually great deals available if you’re willing to look around! 

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Variations to the 5 Gifts for Christmas Rule

There are variations that you can make to the 5 gifts for Christmas rule. Just find what will work best for your family. The important thing is that it works for everyone and ensures a stress-free holiday season. 

7 Gifts for Christmas Rule

In addition to the 5 gifts rule, you can add an additional 2 gifts bringing the total to 7.

These gift categories are;

  1. Something they want (electronics, a toy, or something you know they really want)
  2. Something they need (a laptop for school, new sports equipment or anything else they really need)
  3. Something to wear (jewelry, shoes, clothes, hair accessories)
  4. Something to read (a book, comic or magazine)
  5. Something to surprise them (try to surprise them with something they want but are not sure they will get!)
  6. Something to do (this could tickets or a voucher for something your teen or tween wants to do such as bowling, movies or pottery class)
  7. Something for Family (this could be a family board game, a dinner out at a restaurant, family day out somewhere like roller skating)

10 Gifts for Christmas Rule

As well as the 7 gifts mentioned above, the 10 Gift Rule for Christmas includes an extra 3 gift categories. These are

  • Something to be played (Card games and board games are a perfect option)
  • Something to make (craft kits are perfect for this category. Things like robot kits, art kits or baking accessories)
  • An adventure to take (this could be a fun experience gift, a family weekend break away, tickets for an escape room or a road trip)

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No matter what variation of the rule you decide to go with, remember to always stick within your budget. By following these simple steps, you can give gifts that will be meaningful and special, while still being mindful of both your budget and time.

Shopping for Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult! All you have to do is follow the five gift Christmas rule: something they need, something they want, something to read, something to wear, and something that surprises them!

By following this rule you’ll ensure that everyone has an awesome holiday season filled with presents they’ll love!